Tactile for the Playseat-- My Solution

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The only downside of such "Subwoofer" type amps is that if you obtain a decent AV Reciever (preferrably 4 or 6 ohm support) you can get much more features for your money and easily 5 or 7 channels of amplification. Of course you would still need a sub amp for the LFE.

Stereo tactile is fine and these sub amplifers are cheap and easy to purchase then add more tactile. However for some using an AV Reciever is a better route with more features. If not then I recommend to look at getting some form of 5.1 decoder which can then output the seperate decoded channels.

Left Surround
Right Surround
LFE (low frequency effects)

The LFE does not always output the same effects as stereo.
Additionally stereo L/R do not always output effects that the LFE only gets.
This is all to do with how the music/game/movie has been encoded in the studio or mixed toghther.

Look for one that has Pro Logic IIx or Dolby Digital with outputs for each channel in RCA or 3.5mm. If you get one of these you then just hook up an RCA type cable for whatever channel you want to amplify or use with tactile. Mono tactile is nothing compared to what can be achieved.

I would recommend the OP to upgrade and get two more of these amps.
1x for Centre effects and use on pedals (engine revs and exhausts become felt)
1x for LFE to use with the stereo ouput.

Do consider however a "Buttkicker Mini LFE" shaker as it works better than the Aura Pro for LFE duties. Might be a little more expensive but works better with the low end effects and supports higher wattage.
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Oh, okay. So, transducers for left and right channels (with maybe a 50hz crossover) and a transducer for LFE...? This way you'll hear the engine noise and such from the LFE and rumble strips and such from the left/right?
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Yeah, I was looking at the SA100, too. Will that allow me to use two Aura Pro Bass Shakers in stereo? How did you wire it up? Also, what's the red/black wires coming out the back?


The SA100 is a mono amplifier, if you want stereo you must use two SA100 amplifiers and two Aura Pro Bass Shakers.

The red/black wires coming out of the back are the output wires and are connected to the Aura Shakers. The front panel is strictly imput connections.
The Buttkicker is exactly the same setup. You attach the Buttkicker amplifier to the output of the multi jack on the PS3. If you want stereo tactile you buy two. The advantage of the Aura's is that you can go stereo for just a little than a Buttkicker mono system.

Do you think I could get this setup to work through my PC using my 5.1 sound card and the two amps/two Aura shakers?