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All that animated logo needs is just some really nice music to go behind it! :D 👍 Good Job on making the logo too!
Welcome back to Team Falken's thread! After a REALLY long time for this thread to be inactive due to school work and everything, Team Falken has returned, stronger than EVER! Congratulations to Falken-Lead for winning a tournament hosted by JrDarknes. We now have a Logo, and we're just doing finishing touches onto it. If you haven't seen us around in the Gran Turismo world, be sure to see us soon, as we're slowly climbing up the ladder. Recently, everyone is beginning to notice who we are, and what our mission and goal is: To iNSPiRE those to take the risk of drifting, and have fun with adrenaline and intense scense. As because, theres a reason for everything. And today, Team Falken will ensure that when your done watching us perform in any kind of lobby, you'll become inspired to test your limits, whether in the virtual world, or in REAL life. Currently, Falken-Lead and Falken-iDrift have been studying and learning techniques in drifting in real life. We hope to see you on the track soon, we know we're looking forward to tandem with you.

"Team Falken isn't just another racing team whose goal is to dominate others on the track, Team Falken is more of a team of skilled drivers who are there to teach you the basics. Just a friendly community of people who are there for you when you want to advance in drifting, but don't worry, we're just as competitive as the next person down the line." ~Falken-Lead

See you guys on the track soon!

Team Falken Logo, thanks to SiMPLY AMAZiNG!
One of the first tournaments Team Falken has ever entered!
Another tournament Team Falken entered, with special guest, Star_Drift-DK

Thanks again, to SiMPLY AMAZiNG for creating our logo and JrDarknes for recording and hosting the tournament!