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    Hey guys new to PCARS. I come from GT6. Looking for some test tracks to practice tuning on. In GT6 I used Deep Forest and Apricot Hill as test tracks. One was good for tight hill stuff. The other fast and flowing. Any suggestions welcome...
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    You should check out Brno for fast flowing and Barcelona, all variations for some tighter turns. Glad to see you have made the jump to pCars. Long and steep learning curve. Here are some links which you may find useful. Look forward to seeing you on the track. (as soon as my wheel is back from repair) this one is for jack spade settings.! You need to LOG IN into this site, go to CARS, then, WHEEL SETTING PAGE, and there are many people who have shared their setting. here are some of the top ones: mopwer, puremalt, ekay jay, watchumacali,

    Read the first post in the thread above and you will be given answers as to what it is and how to use those numbers.

    A list of tunes by others.

    Where do I find the SoP settings on PS4?
    Go to:

    Car Setup
    FFB Setings
    Press R2

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    I would definitely say Catalunya is one of the best tracks for creating base setups. It has a full spectrum of different types of corners, and requires a balanced set up to produce quick lap times.

    It should be noted that in pCARS, there is quite a lot of benefit to be gained by having specialized tunes for each specific track. Catalunya is a good place to start, but you'll probably want to tweak that base setup for each track.

    Snetterton 200 is a perfect track for setting brake pressure, brake balance, and for adjusting your DECEL and preload differential values, as it features two very tricky curved braking zones.

    Other than that, I'd say the main thing is to find a track you are comfortable with and enjoy.

    For bespoke race cars like GT3, LMP, and Formula cars, I like Catalunya. For street cars and lower catagory racecars, I quite like Donnington Park National as a test track.

    Another good resource to check out is @dyr_gl youtube page
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    Road America has to be one of the easiest tracks to learn and drive IMO. No really challenging corners, a couple of high speed straights, a nice flow to it all. It's good to test top speed and fast corners there but I'd say Spa has the better selection of different corner types to help nail the tune of a car.
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    Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona is great in that it has so many corner types but also very challenging in that it doesn't help you at all. Definitely a good test track. The shorter version ins great and in my opinion has a better rhythm. Not the tiniest but the next one, probably called National.
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    Try Laguna seca that's a pretty good track. If you can handle that track ok you should be fine with most of them. But the Monaco track, good luck with that one got to race my Audi R18 round it. How do I get fast laps on this one without smashing it to pieces? can anyone help?