The 3 Series Throne (BMW 330i vs Infiniti G35, Legacy B4, Volvo S60)

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    Waiting for GT5. Then switching.

    I had three articles on the backburner when I stopped. Didn't have the time to do the epic amounts of photoshop and editing needed to keep it up.

    Here's a sample of what was not finished:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    From the Infineon section of this particular shoot-out:
    I was going to remove the fins from the picture to make it look more like the real Saleen, but I liked them, so they stayed for this pic, though I have a more authentic version.

    Here's the optimal photo edit for the article bullshot:
    (yes, that is a Saleen badge, shrunk to fit on the front quarter panel...)

    The car is built up with upgrades to match the actual Saleen S281, including anti-roll bars... based on specs given in a Mustang magazine article, and the bodykit was copied from the same article. I had fun doing it. Shame I never finished the photowork for this article, as the article itself is done.
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