The best car for brands hatch indy circuit. rules are 330bhp and 500pp

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  1. Ally Tee

    Ally Tee


    Whats the best car and tune for brands hatch indy circuit. rules are no more than 330bhp and 500pp and not lighter than 1250kg.

    Cars have to be in the style of a British Touring Car Championship.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. DaBomm4


    United States
    To start you off I would suggest some of the cars and tunes that were in this event, the cars are close to the specs you request.
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  3. Ally Tee

    Ally Tee

    The cars were in this event were:

    Honda civic type r hatchback and saloon version.
    Ford focus St
    Ford focus rs
    Volvo c30 I think
    Nissan primera 2.0 gt
    Honda integra type r
    Honda accord
    Volkswagen golf gti
    Peugeot 307
    Alfa romeo 145 2.5litre
    Alfa romeo 147 gta
    Mercedes benz 2.5litre 16v
    BMW 135i coupe
    BMW 120d

    and any other car of this type of spec.
    Don't know what tunes they were running, but around the Brands Hatch indy circuit 1.21miles they were ranging between 45 seconds and 48 secs. I couldn't get better than 48 secs in a honda civic tyre r saloon.

    any help with tunes on any of these please?

    tyres can only be racing hard and no nitrous.
    All other mods allowed to the first post.

    Filter by Performance
    PP Limit: 500PP
    Max Power Limit: 330BHP
    Minimum Weight: 1250kg
    Drivetrain: FR/FF
    Tyres: Racing: Hard or less
    Nitrous: Prohibited
    Vehicle Tuning: No Limit


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  4. Ridox2JZGTE


    If you look at the OP ( 1st post ) of the BTCCC thread @DaBomm4 linked, the cars used in that event would be good enough, this is what I built for the Round 1 winner and fastest lap at 49s ( Sports Soft 305HP, 1300kg ). The car has some limitation that can be removed, you can push the ballast rear ward for more rotation, lesser weight and more power. On Racing Hard, it should have no issue to get lower than 48s at Brands Hatch Indy ( same track on Rd 1 of BTCC )

    Here are the video of the races, so you can get an idea how quick the Civic that was used to win all the races :)

    Group 1 - Race 1 Replay - Courtesy of @Lewis_Hamilton_

    Group 1 - Race 2 Replay - Courtesy of @Lewis_Hamilton_

    Group 1 - Race 3 Replay - Courtesy of @Lewis_Hamilton_

    The Civic was tuned with tire wear in mind, and during those races, the tires ( SS ) - mainly the front that has the most loads, were in good condition by the end of each races ( 15 Laps ). This is a tire wear friendly tune, easier to drive and quite competitive ( won all 3 races of Rd 1 at Brands Indy - fastest laps on all 3 - with the lowest on race 3 - 49.387s ). Hope you find it helpful and good luck, God Speed !!
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  5. Ally Tee

    Ally Tee

    Thanks guys