The Crew 2 Blazing Shots Update Adds Gran Turismo's Citroen GT Concept Car

You live under a rock if you dont have internet connection.
Lucky you if you've never experienced an internet outage or servers being unavailable for an online-dependent game. Or an online game you've played eventually going defunct.

I live in a part of the U.S. where broadband internet access is not to be taken for granted, and people aren't living under rocks. Or didn't you know that people can live in places with most of the perks of civilization, but not high-speed/reliable internet? If not, then one might say... :P
We've confirmed with Citroen that there was an exclusivity clause in the licence between PSA Group and Sony (yes, Sony, not PD) that has now expired, allowing the car to appear in other platforms.
Hopefully Horizon soon :)
If the online support for the game ceased down, you're left with gigabytes of useless data in your hard drive/Blu-ray, that's the real issue.

If what you say is true, then why but the game now... Even with a disc? There is no off line mode?

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