The Crew ~ Photo Thread

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Took inspiration from Star Wars. Here is my ABBarth 800 :)
Thanks @doblocruiser your recent photos inspired me to dust off the game and reload it on to PS4 Pro. Having lost all my PS4 photos/links I am starting fresh now with a new album. I had forgotten how good this photomode and all the settings are. The additions of choosing the time of day +-1 hour, adding dirt/dust/damage, removing driver, other traffic&car from the photo, adjusting the brightness, filters and blur:) No other racing games have these and I had also forgotten how huge the map is (I haven't completed it yet after 2-3 years on/off!)..also the graphics are not too bad considering and look pretty good on the PS4 Pro..:bowdown:👍 I will pick up the Crew2 when it is available with boats and planes it is looking good :D

Also just a reminder to anyone else it is on offer at the moment in the PS+ Store
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Thanks @torque99 :) Photomode options are really nice in this game and I loaded it up because I still hadn't finished the story, hadn't reached level 50, saw TheCrew2 trailer and the map is pretty varied 👍

I bought the Miura because it was one of the few cars I actually like in the game :lol: Saving up for an F40 but I wonder if I will ever get there :banghead:
It is not just me then, this game is hard to build up credits quickly..Looks like I will have to do more missions to get some new cars (level22 and counting!!)