The Ferrari F50 Is a Prancing Horse Surrounded by Controversy and Unjust Ire

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    Its one of the most buatiful and overwhelming car ever made, and nuch more sexy then F40. Its a pity it was underestimated
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    If you ever have a couple free hours, browse the Halo Supercar section of FChat and search for some of the F50 threads. There are some owner threads that really detail the comparisons of it & the F40. One of the main points is the chassis and how you feel absolutely everything the car is doing. There was an owner who mentioned how much of Ferrari's Formula 1 technology can be felt if one has the privilege of driving a Ferrari F1 from the era.
    That's around the current market now. $3 million is still considered on the high end as a 1 of 2 US Nero example auctioned for a record $3.135 million last year. What's surprising these days is the F50 roughly as much as an Enzo & F40s are under $2 million.

    In the Euro market, a F50 is right around $2.3-$2.5 million with the Enzo right around $2.4-$2.7 million. In the US, the F50 market is around $2.6-$3 million, which is where the Enzo market is at. Both these examples are roughly only $600-700,000 behind a LaFerrari & there's a strong chance the F50 being the most limited of the bunch will push it further forward.
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    I love the F50 but for me the last proper Henry Smith car, the F40, was the last truly blood-and-guts Ferrari supercar.
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    Yea, I think the F50 is aging a little better and it's more limited. If I had maybe $10M-15M net worth I might consider picking up an F50.