The GT Sport Livery Editor Competition 28 (Let the music play) - CLOSED

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This week, engines will not be the only sounds involved. Last winner @MMX set this theme, let's hear what he has to say :

Music is a big part of a lot of people's lives, and has always been a big part of GT games. I'd like for us to celebrate that. Show us your musical flair anyway you want, as long as it's on a VGT car.


- Vision Gran Tursimo cars only.

- All about the music.

- See above.

- No Restrictions.

- Allowed.



- The only way you can take part is to be a member of the GTPlanet forums. If you haven't created your account yet, click here
- Mark your FINAL ENTRY clearly, with red text.
- Unsure how to? Copy and paste the following:
- One entry per user. It must be your own work, and never previously used in a competition.
- You may change your entry once. Do it clearly; edit out your previous entry, and either post the new one in a new reply, or in place of the original.
- Do not post "Honourable Mentions" or outtakes - just your Final Entry, that's all.
- Absolutely no entries which utilize edited/hacked file saves.

- Winner gets to choose the following Fortnight's theme.
- Winners cannot enter in their own theme!
- The Host may ask for the original image/livery and it must be submitted if so.
- It's recommended to share the original livery online (in-game) to prove it’s your work.
- Winner, second and third places will have to share the links of the liveries for the Hall of Fame thread


- All images shall have preview images which may not exceed 640 pixels in either direction (main and bonus pictures)
- You have to post two main pictures of your entry using the mandatory locations and settings as shown below
- You are allowed to post one bonus picture in a spoiler with free location and settings (unless the unique restrictions of the week’s theme specify something else)
- You have to make one post with ONLY the 3 pictures and the FINAL ENTRY mark. If you want to add precisions/background story/links, you are allowed to double-post under your entry. The best way to do it will be to "reply" to your own post.

- It is recommended you host your image either here on GTPlanet (via the Media section), or on Flickr
- Not sure how to submit your image? Here's a guide for both methods mentioned above.
- A preview image must be representative of the full-size image. Do not add effects to it.
- Please use a clickable-preview to full-size, not a separate text link for it; it makes poll creation much easier!
- No heavy post-game editing, slight enhancing is allowed.


- You have to post a front quarter view and a rear quarter view of your car.
- You can choose between the Shiretoko 03 location or the White Sands 01/09 locations. No other location will be allowed for the main pics.

- If you choose the Shiretoko location, please follow the settings in the spoiler below.
Detailed Settings:
- Key Lights: Off


EV: +0.5

Temperature: 9500 K

Screen Effects 1:
Mask: Background
Individual Colour Tone Correction:
- Saturation: 0
- Brightness: 500
- Contrast: 150 (This is key to controlling how light/dark the under-car shadow will appear)

Car Effects:
Individual Colour Tone Correction:
- Saturation: 125
- Brightness: 125
(Adjust these figures to suit the colour of the car)

- If you choose the White Sands 01/09 location, please follow the settings in the spoiler below.
Zoom: around 90mm at stock position
Aperture: f/32
Exposure Correction: +1.0
Shutter Speed: 1/1
Single AF on the A-pillar/mirror

Temperature: 6500
Color Cast Correction: 0.025

Screen Effect: Background Mask
Individual Correction:
Saturation: 100%
Brightness: 500
Contrast: 250
Highlight: 0

Car Effects:
Brightness 120

Please, ensure you read and understand all requirements for this competition. Failure to follow the rules may result in disqualification. If you have questions, start a convo with me.


April 17, 2019 (23:59, CEST/GMT+1)
So with the cars restricted to VGTs, how about their Group racing variations, @MMX?

Also inb4 someone posts an Idolm@ster/Love Live car to throw people off.
I'd like to keep it VGTs only. The reason being, it was a chance for the manufacturers to be creative, so hoping to continue that creativity into the liveries. Have fun with it.

so like, a Metallica car with their logo and other imagery?
I'm big Metallica fan, so would love to see something centered around them.

You don't have to be restricted to a band or group, though. Anything relating to music. I wanted to leave that open to interpretation. Do what you want livery wise, as long as it's about music in some way shape or form, and on a VGT car.
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I don’t think I’ll have anything for this. Music surrounds my life from every aspect but I just don’t think I can put it down on paper. I’ll have a good think. I’m intrigued though. A slipknot livery with some sick masks etc would be cool to see on a black and grey car. I have in my head how I’d like to see one but no way am I doing that svg :lol:
Subaru VIZIV VGT - "Exai" by Autechre - Livery Link
View media item 49500View media item 49501

Hmmm, I had an idea for this, but I made a start last night and it looked much worse on screen than it did in my head... might have to go back to the drawing board.
Well the Universe is up to it's old tricks again with me.

Just read this thread for the first time having been in a downer all day because I had to sell my Epi Les Paul custom (arctic white) guitar this morning.

I'll have to do an angry music livery to purge the feeling.
Nice work Raphaele, although you may have just ruined my idea :D

First come, first served.


Literally this was my immediate thought. But I skipped as I feared this would happen!

I had some sleepless nights hoping all the time to come up first with the idea. Anyway, there's space enough for more than one instrument. Let the music play!
Very true, I had got half way through a guitar one too but could not make it work, I'll have a think about something else