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Every day Honda Jazz drivers (Fit in other parts of the world) are intimidated on UK roads. Margaret Unhinged is a film following a victim of these acts. Margaret Sponge, or Margaret Victoria Sponge to be exact, is a 68 year old widow from the quiet English countryside. She enjoys going to the bingo, woman’s institute meetings and driving her little Jazz to the supermarket. Margaret was having a bad day, she’d had a torrid time at the bingo the night before and Morrisons had ran out of self raising flour. On her way home from shopping a BMW M2 tailgates her for 2 miles before passing, cutting her up and giving her the finger. Although normally used to this sort of behaviour this perfect storm of events caused Margaret to crack.

Once at home she booked the Jazz in for a custom paint job, some new rims, and a stage 3 modification. She went on the dark Web and ordered a Glock pistol and a machete. She then goes on a murderous rampage praying on young hoodlums in Fiestas and Corsas to middle aged men in German saloon cars. Gerald, a gardener with a Hyundai i10 was on the road at the same time. He followed Margaret home and shared his dashcam footage. He knew the BMW driver as the arrogant sales rep Dick Ryder from the golf club. Gerald who has suffered in the same way as Margaret team up and a steamy romance develops while the bloodshed continues.

It all builds to an epic car chase with Margaret and Gerald going after Dick in the Jazz before the blood curdling finale is played out.

Certificate 18. Extreme violence and scenes of torture. Foul language. Scenes of a sexually explicit nature.
This sounds epic! Though I think I’d fast forward through the scenes of a sexually explicit nature between Margaret and Gerald 😂


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“Come on Barbie let’s go surfing’!” I can hear Ryan Gosling (Ken) calling Margot Robbie (Barbie) in a scene of the upcoming first live-action film adaptation of “Barbie”.
It’s still time to cast some vehicles as suitable rides for the prominent couple – so why not consider a classic Willys Jeep as a beach car?
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The movie is called Double Dragon and this is the green dragon . The story about the movie to come !!!! When I got the time to type it out later!

PS5 Raytracing

So Double Dragon is set over 3 decades in Japan it starts in the late 70’s with a young kid named Freddie Wong. who he and is his sick mother live in a small apartment Freddie never really remembers his father because his father left him and his mother when he was 3 or 4 to try and make it big in the international business world, and tries to bring back enough money to help Freddie mom but never returned, every night Freddie’s mother and him would watch the evening news and sometimes they would hear about the infamous dragon crew, the dragon crew where the biggest heist crew going around Japan but soon stars to get international when they where linked to jobs possibly in USA, Europe And Canada, but they have never gotten caught, some say they only stole from the rich and or corrupt and mob. The dragon crew would strike fast and then disappear as fast as they came, Now Freddie was so in love with there adventures and they always had these cool cars, The one that Freddie loved and remembered the most was the green dragon he had pictures and drawing of it all over his room his mother didn’t like it so much, she would tell him “ Never turn out like them, become the man that catches bad guy, and rip down his pictures but Freddie would keep find more and draw them more. Now Freddie one night when he’s now a teen remembers the last heist of the dragon crew it was a job that went south and ended up at the harbour front docks. where the crew in the green and red dragon cars where encircled by the cops the red crew tried to get the cops to follow them to allow the green crew to get away, the red car is seen heading into one of the warehouses when all of a sudden a fire ball rips through the roof by the time cops got there the red crew was up in flames, the green crew now had only one way out try to jump the green car onto a shipping container ship off the loading dock ramp but as they gunned the car down the dock to hit the ramp the police chopper blinded the driver and the car missed its mark slipping off the back of the ship and into the harbour only one person was found and he never ratted his crew out and when to jail for a long time…. Freddie now a young adult took his mothers advice and became a cop days before Freddie would pass his detectives exam he losses his mother to her sicknesses when the doctor had to end it. Down but now busy being a young up and coming detective his boss gives him a new assignment a theft of robbery where Freddie starts to find little clues that maybe the dragon hasn’t left, also one cold night he gets a knock on his apartment door to find his long lost father johnny Wong who is now a big shot international banker that made it big but need his sons help…… this movie has it all great car chases huge twists and great heists. In the end will Freddie stay the way his mother wanted the good man chasing and catching the bad guys or does someone tell him something that change his life forever and doesn’t know what is good and evil anymore …..

Heist, bad guy good guy , mystery, mind bending, revenge, suspense, family style movie with a bit of comedy

Freddie - Simu Liu
Johnny- Hiroyuki Sanada
Jailed memeber- Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
Young sick mother- Andrea bang or Tina Jung
Sick mother-Jean Yoon
Lee-Jimmy O. Yang
Interpol agent- donnie yen
Freddie’s boss- Kazunori Yanauchi
The Last Heures

Based on a (not at all) true story.
After a huge crash in qualifying the team need to beg, borrow and steal used and worn parts to put their car back together in time for the start of the 24 heures of Le Mans.

With one hour to go after borrowing parts from 3 different teams the car is to be inspected by the stewards but can they get it through in time?

I rushed this through at the end as i ran out of time and dont have time to type anymore up today sorry!!

hope it all follows the rules
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An over the top zombie apocalypse slasher

Rex “DemoGod” Calhoun’s (Steven Ogg) legendary career in demolition racing has long since ended. Suffering from complications of multiple concussions spanning over decades, Rex has barricaded himself from the world mentally and physically in the sticks of Lynchburg, Tennessee (Home of Jack Daniels). Becoming more paranoid and unstable by the day, his worst nightmare became a reality when the first undead wandered on his land. Armed with an extensive arsenal of homemade weapons, explosives and traps, Rex tries to bring the world back to order. After restoring his old ’70 Camaro “DemoGod” back to its former glory, Rex rips though the undead on his weekly supply hunts and renames his killing machine in his victims blood, the Zombie Slayer.
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Deadline Auto Theft 2: The Tokyo Grift

After being chased out of America by the LAPD, renowned car thief Maindrian Pace relocates to Japan to lay low in Tokyo with an old associate, Johnny Yoshida.

It’s not long before Maindrian and Johnny are back in old habits, and gaining a reputation for being ‘the’ go to thieves for obtaining the best examples of high-end exotics and otherwise hard to find cars.

When an order for 32 specific cars comes in from an unusual source, the guys put together a crew and set to work… something doesn’t seem right but the pay cheque is too big to question.

… as the team work through the list, obtaining the cars and bringing them back to their warehouse in central Tokyo, some strange becomes obvious, none of the cars are being reported as stolen, and the police aren’t looking for them.

When Yoshida is gunned down stealing the penultimate car on the list, Maindrian starts to realise why the cops aren’t after them… each and every car on the list belongs to one of four major gangs in the city…

… it’s now a race against time to get out of the city and find out who set them up, before the gangs catch up with them.

Maindrian sets off in the final car to settle the score, resulting in a 54 minute long chase across Tokyo’s 850 square miles, from the docks in the east, to the mountains in the west… the car, a Kenmeri Skyline, tuned by none other than Yoshikazu Tomita and Kikuo Kaira…

… or something, I dunno, I’m making this up as I go. If you’re not aware of the original Deadline Auto Theft, and the work of Toby Halicki… get on google!
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Jack Price inherits a tenement house in 1970's New York, with a tenant Charlie Stan on a protected rent agreement. Ex-biker Charlie dresses like a budget Keef, and declares himself a disciple of the devil. He drives an old black Ford with red scallops, having added a pentagram on the hood, vanity plates and a 'Pagans' logo on the back. He earns money from the gullible as an occultist, specialising in 'sex magik', advertising in underground magazines. One day Charlie's car is broken into, so he consults one of his occult books, finds an ancient Egyptian curse with which to scare off the locals, and scrawls it on the board blocking the broken window. After a while symbols start to appear scratched on the car and red 'rust' patches, while the paintwork is regularly damaged. Charlie suspects Jack, as they are at war by now.

Jack is determined to evict Charlie; he is not the culprit, but he decides to play on Charlie's growing paranoia. Delving into the world of the occult, he enters a pact with Gen Ewing, the unsettling owner of a book shop whose customers Charlie solicits. Jack will take his wife and father on a holiday, Gen will 'get rid' of Charlie, while Jack will sneak back and get rid of the car, making it look like Charlie left while he was away.

Cue the blood-letting, madness, retribution etc.

Cut to the present day, and the Ford has been restored to it's pristine, if dark, black and red scalloped prime. It is driven by an ostentatious preacher Robin Goodfellow, who uses it to publicise his local blood transfusion charity. He tells passengers that the original owner had been murdered in a satanic ritual, and that subsequently the car fell into the hands of his landlord, who committed suicide after murdering his invalid father. He says the landlord's widow begged him to get rid of the car, claiming it kept appearing back at the tenement building. Goodfellow recalls how he realised that the Coptic curse in the window read 'pay in blood', but that the incompetent Charlie had cursed occupants rather than intruders. He'd look meaningfully at his passengers, who would nervously laugh and agree to donate at the transfusion charity. After driving a passenger to the collection unit, he drives home, pulling in to the drive of an opulent Victorian mansion outside NY, tended to by gardeners and many domestic staff. Parking in a spacious pristine garage, he opens the trunk, takes out a blood pack and carefully fills the tank.
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Slightly gutted I didn't get motivated enough and have a go at this one. I had envisaged a Fast & Furious parody movie: Not Fast, Not Furious, in which a down and out cop Connor O'Brien falls in with a group of petrolheads whose lives revolve around modified cars... although Connor only has his old beaten up Mini Cooper to enter the War Races with... It would be set in the UK, just to make it even more of a ridiculous juxtaposition of the original.

I mean, you already know the gist of it, I was just going to modify it as best I could! There would be some scene about him being interrogated about being Irish, which he profusely denies of course even though he's played by Colin Farrell with his blatant Irish accent .. Etc. Etc. Etc.
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