The GT7 Livery Editor Competition #24 (Karting) - CLOSED

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Here we go again!

After my entry in the GT Sport LEC #65 I wanted to do others Wipeout liveries for the karting... but never did them!

So I thought this was the perfect moment to do a new one, so here it is.

I could have just changed a few decals but I wanted to do something really new, 99% of the decals are different, I just kept the placement of some of the "hidden" decals "inside" the front wing and replaced them with the new ones.

I'm quite happy how it turned out, I hope you'll like it too. :)

Have fun everyone! ✌️



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Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari era Kart
PS5 Raytrace

First was going for Mika Häkkinen but the look of the Mclaren Kart felt a little dull. Tried Kimi's Nascar remake but hi's Ferrari career offered more possibilities to make the livery to fit, so went with it and got a better result.
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PS5 Ray Tracing
S_Company East__1.jpeg

S_Company East_.jpeg

Ameya Street_.jpg
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A mid-nineties british championship kart from the cadet/junior class, when it was just about affordable for an average family to compete for a season. It's influenced by wee Lewis Hamilton's karts with a bit of Button and Nikki Richardson (who's family lost their house trying to support his kart racing :()

Jenson's dad ran the Rocket motorsports company, having started tuning his son's carts. Their engines won British Championships from 91 to 95 including 1 by Lewis