The GT7 Livery Editor Competition #34 (Club 800) - CLOSED

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I have been looking for a reason to turn the ps4 on for a bit, and it seemed a good time to reacquaint myself with the livery editor. It had been a while, so I decided to convert something I had into a compliant livery, DTM in this case. I had made this livery for a redditor that liked the R8’s I made for the Kyalami 9hr.
I loved the idea of bringing a RS5 into the Super GT500, so I decided to go ahead.

Took the 2019 DTM Champion René RAST, brought some locals sponsors on his car and an imaginary livery, for this result.
Hope you will enjoy !

Good luck to everyone 🤘

Edit : 1st bonus picture
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PS5 Raytracing

I hope that I fulfilled the criteria and followed the rules closely. This one's based on the K-Tunes RCF GT3 car from the 2018 season, not a 1/1 remake, but close enough. Almost had this livery corrupt on me, but thankfully I salvaged it. Shoutouts to @TumeK5 , @krisduv and @DS13_supergt for helping ID some decals, your help was more than appreciated!
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The standard for this LEC is insane I've downloaded so many of them already.

DTM JGTC are championships I'm not over familiar with so I went with a one off Oktoberfest inspired livery hopefully including all the relevant DTM decals - thanks to @MatskiMonk for isolating the pattern (had to separate it into 6 parts 😢)
Good Smile Racing stepping things up late in the season to go up against other "Gr.2" but seeing as they're Mercedes Racing Customers, they managed to get hold of a CLK-GTR to use for the remaining 2023 season.

Gold base for the stripes 3 different miku’s and a lot of decals... soo many sponsors...
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Red Bull Mugen Honda NSX GT '16

PS4 Standard
Red Bull Mugen Honda NSX GT '16 - decided to bring through an old GT Sport livery of mine which I love to bits. This was originally a concept by Taylan Gerem for an F1 car livery but I took the bones of that and mashed it into the 2016 Mugen NSX from Super GT and mixed it all into one melting pot of ideas. I personally love the little hints of red in the colourshift base paint colour.
Carbon base, visible from the hood to the rear wing, and on the doors, with 13% opacity HRC logos inserted.

Some small stickers hidden in the bottom rear aero parts, I managed to hide what was needed since they were applied from above the car.
I still wonder why I wanted to try this, I guess it was for the love of the sport! 😅

Quite happy how everything came out, I have a lot of love for this car since GT5, when the Stealth Model of my signature edition was one of my go to cars since the beginning!
Curiously I didn't bought it yet before this LEC, and it allowed me to recreate my beloved Stealth Model first!

Good luck everyone, this LEC seems to have reached new heights, awesome job from everyone!! 🤩😍
No idea how folks will choose only 3. High quality round.
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PS4 Base
The original thought behind this was to play on the crossover element, the gold, red and black of Mugen having allusions to the flag of Germany, and there's also a similarity to the Audi liveries of the 80s/90s which Audi have revived in recent times. So this was going to be a DTM livery, and I changed it to the 2014 DTM number-board to try and get around the question of why a 2008 car would be run in 2022 (the answer being "I just prefer it" :))

It was only late in the day that it hit me that actually DTM only allow FR cars and this is a MR (D'oh!), so I thought I better move it back to SuperGT, but boy did the car itself disagree; many crashes and (a new one on me) 'recovered files' (which may be recovered but are unusable) later, it's done.

Still crashes the PS4 every time a photo is taken in replays :rolleyes:
@Nuschel01 added a 2nd bonus shot
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