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We've been so, so hard at work. Just haven't had the time to be keeping all the socials updated.

All the videos are on the YouTube, so feel free to flick through and see the story so far:

The basic day 1 recap:

The Rookie car broke in practice. After all those weeks of work. Absolutely gutted. Fortunately, we had a contingency plan in the form of our more recognized red Lucino, so it did most of the driving duties today, which was only 5hrs of racing so compared to the coming days, very little.

The Rookie drivers however have had a blast, started 46th and are currently sitting around the 22nd mark. Still a LOT of mileage to come.
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Day 2 recap:
We've fixed a wide range of leaks, seals, bits and pieces, and the cars are finally chugging along nicely, it seems!

We tried a fix job on the Rookie car, but it didn't work. So the #731 Lucino and the Sentra are our work horses for the rest of the event. We're continuing to gain ground, reaching as high as 14th today!

8 more hours of racing to go tomorrow, fingers crossed it's a great end to a pretty epic event!
The gender reveal made it onto Speedcafe for being a bit of a not very well thought out brain dead activity.
The weird part about all that is that we've found footage of numerous similar occurrences happening at HD in recent years, and there was no outcry then.

Ah well, one for the higher ups to debate over.


Apologies for the lack of a conclusion post. Just before the finish, we started packing up the pits (tables, spares, catering etc) and somebody locked the van keys in the van. So that turned into a debacle spanning many, many hours post race. :boggled:

Provisionally, we have 13th place! We did break into the top 10 for a brief while, but 13th out of the 54 or so who started is still absolutely phenomenal, and we'll take it!


Screenshot_20240512_192449_Video Player.jpg

Given the ups and downs we faced all weekend, it's no small feat, and a worthy result for the drivers who all managed to keep out of trouble across the weekend!

Hooncorp's starting to feel more and more like a pro race team now, who knows what's in store for the next one! 😎👌🏁

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