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Rain-X Toyota 86 Gr.4 (Tuerck)

While scrolling Instagram one day I came across an incredible aerial photo of Ryan Tuerck at full lock, millimeters from the wall, smoke billowing out the rear wheels from his GR Yaris in the Formula Drift series.
Not only did I love the photo, I thought the livery looked absolutely phenomenal too! Bright yellow with pops of white, blue and red - so simple but so good!
I just HAD to remake it! I could have gone down the "safe" route and built a GR Yaris with the livery, but I decided instead to utilise the Toyota 86 Gr.4 car as the recipient of this awesome livery!


The Rain-X logo is pretty simple: blue text with some 3D effects, always on a bright yellow background.
That philosophy forms the basis of this livery, evidenced by the bright yellow base colour and the big Rain-X logos on the doors.
Touches of blue and white around the car further build on this simple colour scheme, and the inclusion of red from Ryan Tuerck's logo completes the package perfectly!




The result is a livery which strikes a perfect balance between race and drift, as demonstrated by the 86 Gr.4. It looks like it could be easily modified to fit a race series.



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Duracell Lamborghini Huracan GT3

After seeing plenty of Duracell liveries around, mainly concepts but the odd real car thats taken the plunge and gone for a crazy wrap, I decided to create a fictional Super Trofeo team backed by Duracell for my Huracan GT3.


Instead of the clean cut transition most Duracell liveries use, I wanted a more grunge-style transition, to make it look as if the black is breaking off the front of the car, exposing some of the grey primer coat underneath, leaving the front end in all its bronze glory.
I carried this over onto the bonnet into the vent to continue the effect.




There are lots of little details I wanted to work into this to make it look like a true Super Trofeo race car, as well as all those aspects you see on Duracell batteries (like the positive and negative terminal symbols).
And I definitely had to include TIM as a sponsor, seeing as it was the perfect opportunity to include my name on a car!


A photoshoot in a library wasn't what I envisaged when I first started this set, but it looks amazing with the lighting bringing big contrast between the semi-gloss decals and the liquid metallic front end.


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Puma BMW M3 GT

One night while browsing Instagram for livery inspiration, I came across an account called Blackfish Graphics (@blackfishgraphics) and a concept they had put together for an M4 DTM instantly struck a chord with me. I loved the bold simplicity and the clever use of colour, using the Puma logo to break the front and rear of the car into two of the BMW M-Power colours. So I decided to adapt the livery onto the M3 GT, and this is the end result!


Starting with a gloss black base, I added the red and blue decals over the top to build contrast. The large white Puma logo splits the red front from the blue rear, and the yellow Pirelli logos add a pop of contrast on each corner.




This has been one of my favourite Gr.3 cars in the game for a long time, and this livery just makes it so much more vibrant and exciting! I had to improvise a number of the areas where the M4 DTM bodywork is wildly different (especially on the nose) but in the end it came out really nicely!




If you like it as much as I do, you can add it to your collection here.
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Autobacs Honda NSX DTM (Gr.3)

Another "What if... ?" livery, this time if Super Autobacs decided to back a Honda NSX in the DTM. I got the idea from an Instagram page, @gt_motorsport_art, and adjusted and developed it for the Gr.3 NSX.


Starting with O1 Fluorescent, the livery uses simple colour contrast to create that unmistakable ARTA colour scheme. DTM-specific number boards, rear wing decals, and windscreen banner, coupled with black sponsor logos complete this awesome livery.


For some promo pics, I decided to take it to Death Valley for some running shots.



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Mobil GT-R GT500 '16

For Livery Editor Competition #19 (80s Style), I decided to adorn the 2016 GT-R Super GT car with a mix of nostalgic influences to create something which felt retro but worked harmoniously with the mad aero and thoroughly modern shape of the Nissan GT-R. Unfortunately (for me) @tomoca_1 had a similar thought process and absolutely smashed it with his GT-R Gr.B Rally Car, so my attempt fell into the shadows of that masterpiece!
But it's still become one of my favourite race-ready creations in GT7 which I use almost daily on the Sardegna grind. So here it is, the Mobil GT-R GT500 '16.


My inspiration for this one came from a mix of the IMSA GTO 300ZX, the Nissan R88C and R89C from Le Mans Group C, and the older BRE Datsuns of the 70s.
The basics are: white base layer, with a mix of red and blue parallel stripes, with some diagonals to break from the linear style.




I also wanted to bring in some 80s/90s JTCC/JGTC influence into the mix, by having the main sponsor logos on the doors, rear quarter panels, and the roof, either side.
Race numbers are on a basic white block, and included on the roof, as was the style back then.
The yellow Autometer and Sabelt logos add another dimension to the livery and bring some colour contrast to the mix on each corner.



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Boss SLS AMG GT4 DTM Monochrome

After the simplistic but colourful retro vibes for the Mobil GT-R GT500 for LEC #19, the competition immediately after (and slightly overlapping) was Black & White, with a stipulation on using pure black and pure white, with the only colour allowed to come from the number boards (if any).
My research for the previous competition had put me on a retro 80s/90s vibe, so I drew inspiration for this one from the glory days of the DTM and the iconic Sonax Mercedes 190E.


The obvious link to the Sonax cars is the diagonal white stripe running the length of the car, with the black top and bottom sections.
I decided to keep things simple and didn't add the grid pattern over the top, because I felt it was too overpowering when the only colour choice was a pure white.
If there was a chance to use a mid grey, it might have worked, but in this case the simplistic black/white two tone worked best.




I wanted the livery to come across as period-correct for 2010, so all the sponsors are based on the Mercedes CLK DTM cars of 2010, converted to monochrome versions where applicable (ie. the Deutsche Post decals front and rear).




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Cambridge Audio Aston Martin DBR-9 GT1

I found myself using my Aston Martin DBR-9 GT1 a lot when I started grinding Sardegna for some of the big ticket cars, so I wanted to create a livery for it.
I asked a friend to choose a brand for me which would be relevant and provide a basis for a livery. He chose Cambridge Audio, a British audio brand which focusses on quality sound products and is proudly British.



Cambridge Audio's colour scheme is monochromatic, black and white. Aston Martin love their British Racing Green.
So I decided to combine those by starting with the BRG base, with a bright white border splitting the black sections out and a semi-transparent overlaid Aston Martin emblem over the green adds too the design detail.



Having never designed anything for the International GT Open race series, I decided that this could become a fictional British entry in the GT Open.



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Samsung Hyundai Genesis Gr.B Rally Car

This was an outtake from the LEC #11 "Gradient Change", where we had to create a livery using a gradient as the main feature. I wanted to create something eye-catching and unusual for a rally car, so I felt like simplistic colour gradient would work well on the Genesis Rally Car. And, being Korean, I decided Hyundai and Samsung would be a good match!


So I started by taking Samsung's colour branding, making the base a metallic blue and having a semi-gloss black rear fading across the length of the car. A big Samsung logo runs diagonally across the car, and I wanted to keep it simple but also give it a bit of a drift style, so I aimed for that when choosing sponsors and placing logos.




The plain fade didn't quite hit right with the rally/drift vibe, so I laid a light digital camo pattern over the top with a low opacity to create a texture across the whole car.



If you like the look of this and want to add it to your collection, you can find it here.​
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Rocket Bunny Racing Hakosaka

While browsing through some of Daigo Saito's Instagram posts one day I came across a post where he had snapped a couple of pics of the KPGC110 Skyline owned by Rocket Bunny Racing. It had been given a retro race car / drift livery and looked absolutely mad! I just HAD to make it for my Hakosaka, so I built a drift-spec car on my drift account.




If you fancy having this on your Hakosaka, head over to my drift account (here) and add it to your collection.

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Esso Ultron Lexus LF-LC GT VGT

One of my favourite race cars, and one I still miss from the GT series, is the ill-fated Toyota GT-ONE, specifically with the Marlboro-inspired Esso Ultron livery.
I found the Lexus LF-LC GT VGT to be an insanely driveable and dependable 800 PP grind car, and it needed a suitable livery to reflect its capability.
Then came the amalgamation of these two, resulting in the car you see below!


The livery itself is very simple: a plain red base with a white triangle across the nose. Easy.
But I decided to take the livery and update all the sponsor logos where appropriate, and replace the old TRD and Toyota logos with Gazoo Racing and Lexus logos.
To top it all off, I gave it Super GT GT500 race number boards, as a fictional retro throwback by Lexus trying to make a new car for the 2016 Super GT.


The simplicity of the design is where it stands out. A big white block on a red surface, with pops of white in all the sponsor decals, with some little bits of blue in the mix = perfect!
And the translation onto the complex Lexus surfaces still works perfectly.


If you haven't tried this car, definitely do. It's worth a try! It's become one of my most driven cars, having run countless times at Sardegna to earn me many times its purchase value!


And if you like the look of this livery, you can add it to your collection here.
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Minolta TOM'S Lexus LF-LC GT VGT

With the Lexus LF-LC GT VGT being one of my most-used and favourite fictional cars in the game, I couldn't leave it with only one livery, so I decided to give it another legendary livery - one which also needs to make a come back to the Gran Turismo series!! 1
Before the ill-fated GT-ONE project of the early nineties, Toyota had the 87C-V, 88C-V, 89C-V and 90C-V running in '87 through '90 wearing a blue and white Konica Minolta livery. Unfortunately none of them did all that spectacularly, the best finish being 6th place in 1990.
The 89C-V was arguably the prettiest, and it forms the base for this retro revamp, envisioned as an entry into the 24h Le Mans of 2016 by Lexus partnering with Minolta, TOM's and Gazoo Racing to attempt to dominate the LMGTE-Pro class.




I wanted this one to stay true to the original but appear as close to a professional revamp as possible, so all logos have been modernised to the relevant 2016 version where possible, and the emergence of GR's partnership with Toyota is present.
I gave it the period-correct WEC race number boards to make it look a bite more authentic. The blue might not be a perfect match, but I attempted to colour-match it to the blue in the Minolta logo (before converting it to all white). White wheels complete the look.



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Abt Harlequin Audi RS 5 DTM

My entry for LEC#23 "Two Decals, One Car" is this colourful mash-up, half race car, half art car.
The brief was to build a livery out of circles and squares only (obviously allowing skewing and distorting) so everything you see here - including all the sponsor logos - was built entirely from those decals.
It was incredibly time-consuming tracing over all the sponsor logos, and something I don't really want to have to do again!



My inspiration for this one was the Volkswagen harlequin promo cars of the 80s/90s, but to make things interesting I opted for an off-centre split to switch the colour scheme from one side to the other.
I had to adapt the scheme a bit around the rear three-quarter panels to make it work for the body panels present on the RS 5 (compared to the 5-door Golf and Polo).
Once the colour layout was established I started working on placing the DTM-style number boards (obviously simplified, to reduce decal count) and the windscreen banner.
After those were done, I moved on to the sponsors. DHL worked as an Audi sponsor and with the colour scheme. Dunlop on the four corners was going to take too many decals so I decided to use the smaller logo on the front corners, and actually it works well to create some visual contrast.





I am planning on making a free-scope version where all the race number boards and sponsor logos are normal decals so there will be much more freedom in creating the final livery.
But for now, this is my Abt Harlequin Audi RS 5 DTM, ready for action.

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Hard-Tuned Z Performance

Another drift build on my alt account, this time an adaptation of a livery concept by EDC Graphics.


The original concept is on a 350Z, full drift-spec (missing rear bumper even!) with a huge wing, but I decided it would suit the Z Performance well.
As we can't get quite that creative with the builds in GT 7, I decided to go for a wide body and some of the more subtle aero parts, giving it a street/drift look.


It looks badass sitting there, low as it goes, on those big Work wheels; but does it drift??




The answer is, most definitely: YES! It's one of my most stable drift builds and absolutely monsters all the drift trials.


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Armani Lancia NISMO Delta HF Integrale

A while back I built a NISMO-swapped Lancia Delta for taking on the slippery streets of Tokyo for the WTC600 event. I wanted it to be a sleeper, elegant yet brutal, and something slightly sinister.
Browsing through Livery Magic's old concepts I came across one they made for an Audi A1, which I thought would translate well onto the Delta. And here it is:




Where the original used a dark metallic silver, I used a carbon twill matte base, adding a glossy black decal wrapped over the front half of the car.
From there, I built the rest of the livery as per the original concept, with little hints of Nissan and NISMO where space allowed.
I gave it Finnish plates - because it needed something - BBS LM wheels with their centres painted black finish it off.



The end result is a very subtle livery on an absolute beast of a car, more than capable of raking in many wins at Tokyo and most 600PP events (especially when fuel use comes in to play).


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HKS Hipermax Hyundai Genesis Coupe

I've always weirdly liked the Hyundai Genesis since I discovered it in the game - it's a shame you can't find them in Europe and the UK, otherwise I might have bought one IRL!
I've also always liked the liveries by EDC Graphics (worth a look on Instagram, if you haven't seen them). They're always heavily JDM/drift influenced, and this one came from an FC RX-7.


I've attempted to recreate the core elements of the original concept, switching obvious logos like the Hyundai logo, and invented my own bonnet design to match in with the main livery design.



The livery itself is fairly simple, consisting of an HKS pattern over a black gloss base, with gold wheels. I decided to keep everything in much the same position but changed some of the sponsors to suit my needs.
I gave it a UK plate, because I can! It's unlocked, so feel free to change it if you want.





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tried to put the Bee*R R34 GTR livery on the R35

View attachment 1292113
View attachment 1292115
another one i tried to bring into the interwebs... Stanceworks K-swap Ferrari

View attachment 1292116
View attachment 1292117
J's Racing touge S2000 Maou
View attachment 1292142
View attachment 1292143

View attachment 1292144
View attachment 1292146
Nice liveries! But probably better to post them in the General Livery Discussion Thread, not my personal livery thread - you'll get more appreciation over in that thread. :cheers:
Red Bull Mugen Honda NSX GT '16

This one is actually an import of a GT Sport livery (original post here) but one of my favourite liveries from the old game.
This started as a concept by Taylan Gerem for a Red Bull Honda F1 car for the 2021 season, but I felt like the livery style would transfer nicely over to the Gr.2 car.
So here we have the result: a mash-up of the original concept and the 2016 Mugen Motul NSX GT from Super GT.





If you want this one in your collection, grab it here.
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Kenwood Porsche 911 RSR

After a long hiatus, I'm back!
This one is based on a concept by Blackfish Graphics, which is inspired by vintage Le Man's Group C liveries modernised for the 911 RSR.


Starting with a simple metallic blue base, this livery uses a striking combination of white and black decals to pop against the base layer. The yellow headlights bring a touch of colour to the combo and pop against the vintage Le Man's Group C stickers on the doors.


A few personal touches like the GT Planet decals pull this away from the Blackfish Graphics concept and into the world of GT7.



Download it here.
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Pulse Performance RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7

I came across a livery design by Livery Delivery on Instagram a while back and I really liked the simplicity of the combo, and the colour choices.
That original livery was a Gran Turismo livery, but I decided to switch out the sponsor to Pulse Performance, as well as a bunch of other smaller sponsors.


The livery is built on a W1 chrome base colour on the body, all coloured decals layered over the top, to leave some reflective patches popping out in the right light.
I couldn't get the chrome to work on the bonnet while making a semi-gloss carbon at the same time, so instead I opted to focus on keeping that as semi-gloss carbon and replaced the chrome strip from the original concept with a white stripe - it still works well.




To complete the look, this one ides on Rays Volk Racing wheels in a steel blue finish.


Download it here.

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Leyton House Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evolution

A reinterpretation of the classic Leyton House liveries of the '90s, as envisaged by Davide Verdis, transposed onto the wild little classic Peugeot rally car.



Davide Verdis created this concept on an old rally-spec VW Golf, so I wanted to evoke the same feel of that concept and thought the Peugeot brought the closest vibe match to that little nugget. The red mud flaps help create the perfect match too! (Link at the end of this post).


For the photoshoot I decided to mix up a couple of different locations - the action shots are in downtown Vancouver, and the static shots are various rural locations in Japan.



Download here.

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Nissan GT-R (R35) LB Silhouette Works GT Gr.4

I've always loved the Calsonic livery on any GT-R (and pretty much any Nissan!) and the Liberty Walk show car endowed with this gorgeous Calsonic livery is no exception! Obviously that car has a wild wide body kit and all sorts of mad details, but I wanted something fresh for my GT-R Gr.4 after running a Tomica livery for a long time.


Building off a base of Bayside Blue (my favourite Nissan colour by a mile), I uses semi-gloss decals to create the contrasting black and white details around the car, with some gold NGK and Rays decals either side of the wheels.




To finish off the detail and link back to the gold decals, the headlights have a yellow tint, bringing contrast to the overall colour scheme.


Download it here.
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Hot Wheels VW Scirocco Gr.4

A friend of mine challenged me to design a Hot Wheels sponsored VW Scirocco Gr.4, to "compete" against his Matchbox sponsored Scirocco.
Not one to bow down from a creative challenge, below is the result of that challenge!


I started with a metallic blue base and found inspiration from a Toyota Supra that had a Hot Wheels livery, borrowing the white/orange/black combo and rethinking their layout.
The Hot Wheels logo takes pride of place on the sides of the car and creates massive contrast to the blue and also pops against the stripy base pattern.



I decided to give the car a European GT4 feel, dropping on the number boards and relevant sponsors to make it sit right.
The number 68 relates to the year Hot Wheels was established (1968).


Download it here.
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