The Nissan Juke: We Talk About It

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    2011 Nissan Juke - It Rhymes With Puke.
    Lesson in Fuke'd Up Design 101





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    So, its smaller than the "actually rather good" Rogue? While being more like a "sports car?" Hmmmm. I wonder if they realized they made a rolling version of Trollface:


    Still, I like small AWD crossover thingies. I just wonder if it actually looks good in person. Probably not.
  2. Crooooooow

    United States MD

    Holy hell! This is too futuristic. If they are actually going to sell these, then that will get hardly no where. That model won't last long probably. If Nissan is going to stay up, they have to keep fighting to it.
  3. Eric.


    What's this for?
  4. Rykon Zero

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    This is retarded. Why did they even think this was a good idea to begin with?


    Wow, they actually found a way to make an uglier version of a Kia Soul. It's like they expanded the top half of a Soul body and recreated the headlights. Bleh!
  6. ...So I'm the only one who likes it?
  7. Rykon Zero

    United States Seattle, WA
    PSN:I wish...

    I sort of like it too, but in a sort of "LOL HURR DURR" style you get from the Mazda 3, but in much lower quantities.
  8. Imari

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    Australia Melbourne

    I kind of like it from the A pillars back. It's just it's face which is very, very wrong.
  9. waggles


    It's almost a Fiat Multipla gone wrong.
  10. That looks a lot better than the currant Murano.

    I'm going to stick my head out and say I like it, like I did with the Panamera.
  11. JacoJa

    United Kingdom England

    I'm glad car design is finally going somewhere. I love it... looks fantastic. :tup:

    Edit: I think though, they could have improved more on the interior. The rear lights might also appear better as clear LED's.
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  12. Adamgp

    United States Land of the smelly onion

    Are Nissan and Honda in a battle to see who can make the ugliest car?
  13. niky

    Philippines Philippines

    Apparently not. I think it's fantastic.

    +100000. The current Murano is a Dali-esque melted watch version of the original... this one has a sharp edge all its own.

    -100000000000. The Panamera is still an uninspired, soulless turd of a design. It's like Porsche went and said... can we ruin the corporate look even further than we did with the Cayenne? And then they went and did it.

    Yes... I've seen it in person. Yes, I still hate it.

    The Panamera design tries to adapt a look that works for a slim-hipped, low-slung, rear-engined car... which is only slim-hipped and low-slung because it's a rear-engined car and there are no meaty bits to push the bodywork up off the ground in the front... to a car that is anything but slim-hipped or low-slung, with an engine in the front.

    It's like trying to adapt Chevrolet Corvette styling to a Chevrolet Cobalt. You know it's not going to work... so why even try?
  14. Azure Flare

    Carthage, TN

    I like the interior, the rest is just :yuck:.
  15. Its two sets of seemingly dominant headlamps really reminded me of the Multipla. I don't know which ones to expect to come on as the primary headlights.

    I like it otherwise. It's a very youthfully crafted shape, quite progressive. Good stuff :tup:
  16. Philly


    The poor little guy doesn't have a face... Without any real headlights that stand out, the front end looks like the butt end just as much as the rear.

    If it had a front that didn't look like it belongs on the back of a car... Well, I can't say I'd like it either. The front distracts a lot from the rest of the body and interior which seems like a pretty meh mix of good and bad.
  17. Northstar

    United States Minnesota

    Looks like a Subaru Tribeca and a Nissan Murano had sex, than when this was born the doctor dropped it on the floor.:yuck:
  18. homeforsummer


    No. I quite like it too. I also like that it's being built nearby to where I live - secures thousands of local jobs.

    I disagree that it looks better than the Murano, but it certainly looks better than the Qashqai, which is the automotive equivalent of drizzle.
  19. Jondot

    United Kingdom Kent, UK

    I quite like it, but I've no idea why. Though I keep having to remind myself that Peugeot had nothing to do with the front end. And that side profile is going to take a while to grow on me.

    This is true. But by that logic I should like Emmerdale and Morrisons. Which I do not.
  20. homeforsummer


    Emmerdale secures a select few jobs for a select few distinctly average actors and actresses. On economic stability it's not exactly a big player...
  21. Jondot

    United Kingdom Kent, UK

    To be honest it's pretty hard coming up with Leeds based industries. It was either Emmerdale or Tetley's bitter, who I have little against. Or ASDA, but since 1999 they've been about as British as Pamela Anderson.
  22. Jim Prower


    This gonna be in Chicago? May be something for me to look into when I get up there this weekend. (I think)
  23. NotThePrez

    United States St.Pete, FL

    It looks like a VERY bad mix with the 370Z and Murano. It's just totally unnecessary.
  24. buickgnx88


    Oddly enough, the more I look at it, the more I like it. The bulging fenders and gray cladding give it a somewhat off-road feel, yet it still looks sporty. If it were to come with a decent engine and a manual (with the AWD), then I would certainly consider buying one!

    Re the front end: If it were up to me, I would dump the lights on top of the fenders, narrow the grille to fit between the two circular lights (which would then become the headlights), and move them up a couple inches.
  25. Keef

    United States OH! IO!

    This thing is sweet Brad, how dare you say it rhymes with puke. It looks like something they would campaign in the Dakar rally.
  26. Danoff

    United States Mile High City

  27. For some reason, I do kind of like it. Maybe it because it would be fun to make it a massive RC car and have a few mates around to go race them on a tract or something.

    The front end is really confusing to look at too, with the two sets of headlight.

    It reminds me of some sort of Japanese cartoon of a happy fat kid's face lol

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  28. hot_shoe


    Nissan's very own Aztec. Horribly ugly with those fog lights where a normal car would have the regular lights. Headlights have no bussiness being that far back or high up.
  29. Philly


    I think it's headed to a debut in Geneva.
  30. Jim Prower


    Aw. Cursed Swiss. *shakes fist. >X*

    I'm not sure, I kinda like it, but the first time I see one coming at me at night, my opinion will likely change to the "as bad as a Chevy Silverado" category
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