The Nurburgring Comes to rFactor 2 (Plus a Porsche 911 GT3)

Look more natural than GT. The track is in front of you rather than narrowing off into the distance. Some great road side scenery that make the barriers and trees etc feel right next to you.
Just put 2 hours in. It's the best Nordschliefe available, get on board and see yourself. The shadows and lighting are incredible.
That looks fantastic. I am still thinking about moving to PC for racing. I really wish GT Sport had the 911 GT3 Cup Car. Every other racing game seems to have it and it would be terrific for close racing.
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It’s hard to describe but easy to see. I guess the reason it is so immersive beyond the incredible shadow and lighting is rFactor 2 renders depth in a more realistic way.
The way the trees, grass, roadside objects come at and move past you. I’m very impressed Marcel and team great job!

Not the Cup car but here's the R in our league race tonight. I placed 3rd after 7 laps Nurb combined, awesome workout.
Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (9).png
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