The Problems of GTPlanet

Discussion in 'The Rumble Strip' started by JMoney, Apr 12, 2015.

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  1. Pseudopod


    Now I'm just very curious about how old he actually is.

    My experience with GTPlanet is that it's a place where someone can be in as big a disagreement with some of your posts as it is possible to be, and then that person will still like half your posts in a different thread.

    Idk about others but I actually like arguing, even when I lose.
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  2. Joel

    Joel Premium

    Next time there's a post about introversion, check the comments. "See this makes sense, I like to hang out with my friends, but sometimes I just need to be alone, I must be an introvert". As if that's an amazing insight. Wow, you must be a special introvert because you like to be alone sometimes but also like to hang out with friends! Then there'll be some big discussion about "energy" and pseudoscience about needing to recharge alone or gain energy from socializing.

    Of course, for our misunderstood genius on reddit there's the need to always be contrarian, in real life they're the guy who starts every sentence with "Well, actually...". No need for anyone to trust the experts in any field, reddit's team of crack experts already knows the actual truth in every subject, and it's always the opposite of the consensus. Hitler? He did great things for the German economy. Gandhi was actually a child molester! Edison was an idiot and stole everything from Tesla!

    Reddit hates Tumblr special snowflakes but there's a reddit special snowflake. The Reddit special snowflake is a 20 something white guy from America, Canada, or Europe, who's an atheist, a "nice guy", studying in a STEM field, and believes he's very intelligent but just can't apply himself. He also has vague ideas about how feminism, capitalism, rich people, and "reverse racism" are holding him back from having a girlfriend and a fulfilling career.
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  3. tankuroded


    You also have people of imageboards (4chan and suchlike) which will throws not only accusations of introvert/autism/suchlike, but also slurs and anti-Semitic crap. And they both hate (the userbase of) Reddit and Tumblr. :rolleyes:


  4. Terronium-12

    Terronium-12 Moderator

    United States
    And I'm damn proud to be an asshole, too. The funny thing is I didn't even know who you were until you made that ridiculous ruckus after becoming a Premium member here.

    I will never, and I mean never, understand just what this argument is intended to dissect, insult, or even imply. Oh, he's using custom font and colors supplied by the forum code - what an absolute attention whore that person is. Did you ever once think that maybe, just maybe, it's an attempt to actually make the text easier to read?

    Yes, they're called razzies. Oh, sorry, did I immediately diffuse this entire ridiculous argument?

    It's an award. On an internet forum. Keyword there is "internet" meaning it only has as much value as one wishes to attribute to it. If you're having that much of an issue with something that, for all intents and purposes, means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things then perhaps the problem isn't the award. Perhaps the problem is you.

    I've thrown less of a fit when I was almost banned from here. Ask @niky (if he even remembers that infraction) and he'll tell you that racing related incident that got me a talking was joked about at the end of the day.

    I don't even understand why you would go to such a length to make a fool of yourself. This thread was enough, I assure you.

    I could only hope that someone wouldn't end their life over something as nonsensical as a forum award.

    That must explain why you immediately made an ass out of yourself when acknowledging the gift then, right? Or are we going to pretend that you didn't do that?

    So one person = GTP's opinion?

    You've done it again. You have this victim complex where everyone is out to get you or whatever the case may be when you've done absolutely nothing on your end to endear yourself to other people. Again, I refer you to the premium ruckus that you created. I've come across many people like you in my entire time here and they never last long because they're always asking more of others and never wanting to improve themselves.
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  5. daan

    daan Moderator

    A GTP mods meeting...

  6. CinnamonOD


    I'll give him one month to come back saying he had this site as his home page and that this is his internet home.

    It's a bigger problem, and it won't go away unless GT ceases to exist or the users in that "circlejerk" get bored of the site and leave.

    If you think that's worth a thread, you might go and create it.
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  7. niky

    niky Moderator

    The who? The what? :p


    Let's be honest. This isn't the most gentle of places on the internet. For that, you want a Buddhist page. Preferably with comments disabled.

    But to be brutally honest, if you can't survive here, of all places, good luck out in the real world. The rest of the internet is full of asshattery, racism, misogyny, petty squabbles over nothing, cyber-bullying, spam, porn spam, athlete's foot spam, gigantic flame wars and death threats and the like.

    On GTPlanet, the worst that will happen to you is that someone will call you an idiot for arguing a case without solid evidence, or that they will tease you for past events. Otherwise, this is as close as you can get to a mature discussion online without signing up for a MENSA mailing list.

    And even those mailing lists have their bad days.
  8. Omnis

    Omnis Staff Emeritus

    United States
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  9. Pupik

    Pupik Staff Emeritus

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    This post has been validated and approved by Asshole Mod #4274 for re-distribution because it's 100% true.

    If you don't want to be here, leave. Or take a vacation. With comments like these, @JMoney, I only suggest not allowing the door to hit you on the way out.
  10. Ken

    Ken Premium

    United States
    Aren't we all assholes in our own way?
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  11. FoRiZon


    Nobodies pure in this world.
  12. Jet Badger

    Jet Badger

    The way that typo ties in with the above post is glorious. :lol:
  13. ImaRobot


    United States
    I really genuinely think you were interested in a turn around, and you did work towards that but I have to say, if you're going to turn around and blame everyone else, then I don't really think you've learned anything since you've come back.

    The only reason it is too late is because you're making it that way, not anyone else. This post, is doing exactly that. you need to focus on yourself, not others. Because your so fixated on everyone else being wrong, and not you( what a coincidence, you used to come off this way in your debates as well) you're going to be stuck in this loop.

    Sad to see that really, and this is exactly why you get the flak you do. You are bothered by the fact that @Famine is supporting and advertising a website that he works for? He's put time, and money(I'm sure), and effort into his passion but that bothers you so much that he wants to advertise it?

    Being a member of the staff means you are no longer able to have your own opinion, but more rather you are supposed to be a robot and give an automated response every time a request comes through? Are they supposed to sit staring at a screen and wait for a notification to come in to tell them that there is a job to be done? Are they supposed to wait for MasterMold to issue the command?

    Thats the problem with that kind of job. You do it, and even with no ill intent, you'll get flak for it.

    And this is why you don't accuse people of things, when you have no idea how these things actually work. You're throwing these accusations around when its impossible for him to even do the things he is accused of, and not only that, but you insult him? This is why people feel the way they do about you. You throw around these thoughts with little to no understanding. This is something that could be worked on, but you've seemed to have made up your mind, again.

    Because its ment to show you how much of an a-hole you were. If it bothers you so much that you got the award, then why not change? You started off decent, but it was all for nothing apparently.

    You think improving one's self is a waste of time? That's a shame. This is the exact thinking that got you into this situation in the first place, and comes as a swift kick in the balls for those that supported you, and stood up for you. I agree, that there are parts of the community that can use some improving, but why would you pretend that you've been the most upstanding?

    Still, you are part of GTP as a whole, so you are correct in saying that GTP needs improvement.

    This site is great, and it has been around for over a decade because of that. If the boat has sailed, then this thread is irrelevant.

    I'm sad that you chose this as your next course of action. I had support for you, and was rooting for you to get through this. The fact that you seem fixated on the past, more then anyone is the reason that you have this train of thought. You seem to think that everyone is out to get you, because they reply to a post you made, on a part of a forum, in some thread.

    I wish you the best, and hopefully you sort out your problems, because these instances aren't something that is restricted to the virtual world.
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  14. Grandea GTR

    Grandea GTR

    United States
    I had to re-read the OP because something struck my eye:

    So, err, nothing wrong with @Terronium-12 's (no offense if it comes out like that) boldfaced grey text, or any other people's differently coloured, italicized or boldfaced whatever font?

    okay then.
  15. Cano

    Cano Premium

    Dear god this thread :lol:

    Bye, I hope this time for good. But if you do come back, plase bring some maturity with you. Because if not, we'll be seeing goodbye version 4 soon enough, and frankly, not even with popcorn can something like that be bearable for a fourth time.
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  16. Naveek Darkroom

    Naveek Darkroom

    Goodbye person. I do not know you, and I will not miss you. Have a nice life outside of GTP. Unless you decide to come back, which apparently wouldn't be the first time. I think some popcorn is necessary.
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  17. AnthonyD1993


    United States
    If the mods were truly the assholes that you proclaim them to be, they would have instabanned you for that comment. I personally have had no issues with you, but your problems here are more on your end than anyone else. I've made my fair share of stupid, boneheaded posts over the years on a multitude of sites (including here in my very early days), and I still have no qualms with people. That might be because I, unlike you, can accept criticism and realize I am not perfect and am not always right.

    Yes, you still get a ton of flak that maybe you should not get (in some instances). But when you get argumentative and refuse to accept other opinions, you will get called out. But even then, it's the internet, and nothing on the internet should be taken personally.

    You will continue to get the flak once you return (if you do come back, which is probably going to happen), but if you prove that you have changed, it might go away. But that's a big if, so if you come back, you'll have to prove that you have changed before you get taken seriously. Otherwise, we will be right back here when you leave again.
  18. Famine

    Famine Administrator

    United Kingdom
    I think we're reaching saturation point of the same sort of message, so rather than browbeat @JMoney yet further I think we'll call time on this thread.
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