"The Psycodelic Gallery"-by Electric-Updated April 19,2006-Please Comment.

Had a look at your gallery! Great stuff! So different! Love the cartoon + your comments in the pictures!

ps: have a look at me gallery if you like!
hey man i looked through the gallery and i must say the reddish CZ-3 Tarmac Rally pics are very cool. Your newest update is very cool aswell. my favorites are #!, #3, and #4. take a look at my gallery if you get some time.


An early morning update:
Various,and weird+style photoshops.

I bet in this pic,atleast 30 % of thosr all who take a look at the pic wont even take a look at the car :) (the drawing isn't mine work though)

Anime-ish Renault Avantime:

The Avantime Blurrrrr......

Going crazy with the filters again... at least check out the comments on the photo....


General Cool Guy
Haven't atualy come across you Gallery before. But I must say that it is definatly amazing. Love all of the pics. I can't say which is my fave really (apart from the Skylines:sly: )because they are all really good. Love that PsyKodelic R-tune pic:) :) :)