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The entirety of Scapes and the upgraded Photo Mode is amazing. There is SO much you can mess around with, and not only that, it’s easy too! I use Photoshop a ton and I am loving this. Being provided with such powerful tools that are super responsive and snappy, well, it’s surpassed my expectations and I already had really high hopes.

My mind was filled with playing with the idea of using the Scapes since the moment I laid eyes on the preview images that were first teased. But I never knew just how deep the new Photo Mode was. Kaz said that he always wanted to upgrade it, and upgrade it he did.

I mean, look at this. I can have a Scape where the sun is setting (this one has a filter on it but it only boosted some highlights, for the most part it’s similar to the original).


And then in less than five minutes, I’m able to play around with the filters, the masks, the filter colour settings and make it look like the image was shot on a crisp morning. It’s unbelievable.


Polyphony, thank you so much for this. You’ve no idea how gracious and happy I am. This allows me so many new ideas and shots, I’m over the moon.

Give yourselves a pat on the back for making what I consider to the best Photo Mode currently on the market. God I love this.
My latest few Scapes, for the Demo I will post in both the main threads to keep them active ;) and keep my gallery up to date to save people looking everywhere but when the game drops I will more than likely just stick to my gallery and just add the odd few like GT6.

I am loving the Scapes

They look a bit confused "What is that doing in my Field" ^^^ :sly:

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