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What type of cars would you like to see more of in the OCD?

  1. LMP, Group C etc.

    746 vote(s)
  2. Supercars

    640 vote(s)
  3. Classic Muscle

    363 vote(s)
  4. Concept, Prototypes

    504 vote(s)
  5. Family Cars

    145 vote(s)
  6. Trucks, Utes

    104 vote(s)
  7. Historic, Iconic

    633 vote(s)
  8. Touring

    371 vote(s)
  9. Skylines, NSXs, GTOs, 3000 GTs

    150 vote(s)
  10. Miatas, MX5s, RX7s etc.

    88 vote(s)
  11. Mitsubitshi Evolutions

    84 vote(s)
  12. Tuners

    395 vote(s)
  13. Cup Cars

    262 vote(s)
  14. Small Cars (Fiat 500s, Daihatsu Midgets etc.)

    102 vote(s)
  15. Not really bothered

    185 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    This thread is where all the new and updated OCDs will be posted for easy access. This thread can be used for discussion. If you have a refreshed OCD list, please post it here using this great tool created by @Milouse and I'll update the OP as soon as possible. :tup:

    (For those who don't know, the Online Collector's Dealership usually updates at around 03:00 UTC on a Thursday, every fortnight.)

    Lastest Online Collector's Dealership
    14 Cars - 21/11/13

    (S) Plymouth Superbird '70 - 42,440 CR

    (S) Mercury Cougar XR-7 '67 - 47,280 CR

    (S) Pontiac Tempest Le Mans GTO '64 - 52,600 CR

    (S) Plymouth Cuda 440 Six Pack '71 - 58,360 CR

    (S) Chevrolet Camaro SS '69 - 60,000 CR

    (S) Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 '70 - 70,000 CR

    (S) Chevrolet Corvette Stingray L46 350 (C3) '69 - 71,500 CR

    (S) Chevrolet Corvette Coupe (C2) '63 - 84,890 CR

    (S) Shelby GT350R '65 - 106,110 CR

    (S) Audi R8 LMS Race Car (Team PlayStation) '09 - 5,250,000 CR

    (S) Audi R8 LMS Race Car '09 - 5,250,000 CR

    (S) Chevrolet Silverado SST Concept '02 - 95,000 CR

    (S) Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II Touring Car '92 - 1,500,000 CR

    (S) Gran Turismo Formula Gran Turismo - 5,000,000 CR

    (Special thanks to @ThrasherDBS for providing the list and to @Milouse for the useful tool!)​
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  2. kattjeveln


    The the the, the Sauber? Wow!:bowdown:
  3. TonyLomas


    Thanks for posting the list. :)
  4. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    No problem. ;)
  5. SkierPS3

    United States Connecticut

    I literally just traded for the genki.


    The OCD list on my game hasn't updated yet:(
  7. silentshadow777


    finally :) and its decent cars, have no idea what last update was all about
  8. slower than bob


    Was really hoping for a Daihatsu Sirion X4, but oh well...
  9. Joao71

    Portugal Braga

    Great OCD :D

    EDIT: Thanks for posting the list by the way ;)
  10. opelman


    finally 0/0/0 190 evolution 2 i get. :) also new tt and drift . :tup:
  11. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    Modified thread name and OP.
  12. GrandGTM


    Finally got the Sauber.
  13. Every freaking time I buy a car, it ends up in the OCD a few days later. I just bought the Sauber on Sunday, and the two R129s on Monday!
  14. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    That's what I've been experiencing as well. :banghead:
  15. The Sauber? Holy crap! :drool:

    Pity I only bought it the other week from the UCD. Oh well, at least I get to keep one of them mint.
  16. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    I got my Sauber from a Level 23 ticket on my first shot. But, I still bought this one so I could keep one mint as well. ;)
  17. R1ch85


    Unbelievable! I just spent nearly 5m on a C9 for it to turn up in the OCD! :@
  18. ImprezaAddict

    Colombia Bogotá
    PSN:GTP_Suitan (w/ an i), SultanRS4

    Guess you gotta settle for the crappy Sauber... :sly: :dopey:
  19. R1ch85


    Whats the deal with the CLK-LM Race car? I've already got a CLK-GTR Race car which looks exactly the same but has less power and more PP. Both cars have 0 miles.
  20. Blitz24

    United States NJ/USA

    Its the same exact car.
  21. R1ch85


    Well yes, but why the different names and horsepower figures? Seems a bit dumb to me. I've got both now anyway so it doesn't really matter I guess.
  22. gtnoobie


    My guess is the lower power is because u have not done a recent oil change or it had been driven more than 5000km without engine overhaul. The pp is higher because u tune up the downforce which increases pp significantly. Sounds like u shld get this new car as engine overhaul and chassis reinforcement cost a lot anyway. clk is a good drive anyway.
  23. Rit

    Canada Purgatory

    Has anyone else noticed that the OCD only contains 22 cars now as compared to 30 awhile ago?...When did that happen?...My UCD still has 30.
  24. Timminz


    And I just got one from the UCD yesterday....
  25. Buttering up Mercedes after the special event, but I love that they couldn't resist sneaking one BMW in there! :)
  26. Lambob

    Canada Montreal, Canada

    yep, and it's my favorite car in the list.
  27. Tompie913

    United States Pittsburgh, PA

    What color is the FGT?

    Also, I wonder if the aerodynamics for the CLK-LM are true to real life?


    Note: I think that's Mark Webber driving.
  28. Jubby

    United States Maine

    Any idea how they choose what to put in the OCD? It usually corresponds with cars you need to buy for the seasonals and some of the higher-end cars that people really want. I can imagine that the Mercs are in response to the special event, but why did they have the Classics last round?
  29. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    It's random for everyone.
  30. CLK-LM is the proper name for the car. PD fixed that problem in version (I think) 1.06), but I think you need to switch to the car for the name change to take.

    In regards to the power, did your CLK-"GTR" come from a ticket?

    It is Mark Webber driving, but that isn't a CLK-LM.
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