Things that confuse/annoy you

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When people pull up and park at the gas pump and then go inside the convenience store for 15+ min before coming back out to pump the gas, all while you're outside waiting patiently, just to have someone else pull into the gas station from the other direction and cut you in line. IF YOU KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO BE INSIDE THAT LONG, PARK SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!
My sister does this, but after fueling. I tell her to pull into a parking spot and her opinion about it is "why should I? I'm already parked."
My sister does this, but after fueling. I tell her to pull into a parking spot and her opinion about it is "why should I? I'm already parked."

Yeah, that's just wrong. The only exception is if I need a receipt and the pump didn't give me one, but I'll try to move it immediately afterwards.

Some small gas stations have jokers that pull this stunt, almost always right near the airport on a Friday afternoon and there's a special circle of Zoolander for those people.
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I don't know the proper term of this but I'm just going to call it the "Digimon/Pokemon anime style virtue debate".

To use the name as example, there are many times when I hear an argument that the Digimon anime is better because "its a continuous narrative where Pokemon just filler". Which isnt actually a virtue for either show, you literally just said the shows writing style. Digimon is a serialized adventure show while Pokemon is an episodic adventure show with continuity in the mix. A show isnt inherently better just because its serialized, you just prefer one writing style over the other

Can you compare Digimon and Pokemon? Absolutely, characters, themes (to an extent), music can all be comparable but its a little tricky to discuss the virtues of both shows when you only compare them on whether or not they are serialized.

This came about in my mind after discussing our favourite shows that been on Cartoon Network. Someone said Steven Universe, I said Sonic Boom. I said I couldnt get into Steven Universe because I really didnt like the Diamond story and how that story encompasses the series and its characters so it was hard for me to not look passed. His reason for why Steven Universe is better than Boom is because "nothing goes on and doesnt have super intense moments", which Boom is a Slice of Life self aware comedy, how is it a bad thing it doesnt have it when it isnt trying to have that in the first place, youre just talking about the different writing styles, not how they applied it?
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Things that annoy me, though don't confuse me:
  • Call center scammers
  • Bot spam accounts
  • Telemarketers
  • Youtube's glitchy chapter system. It used to work when I typed timestamps and followed the correct steps. But now my time-stamps are gone.
  • People that reply to comments that are years old.

Things that confuse and annoy me:
  • Youtube comments that are just emojis with no other context.
  • People that feel the need to shut down opinions and reply to every single opinion. Something I've noticed a lot.
I have realised why I try to avoid any tradesmen as much as possible and do any mechanical or house related work myself.

Had one this morning where my car was being trailered off to get repaired - and because I was curious about my car (34 year old, very low MX5, that I have had for nearly a decade, invested time, money, etc) by looking to see the ground clearance as its lifted onto the ramp, the driver throws the "let me do my job, I know what I am doing, yeah?"

Why do some tradesmen who are client facing, feel so insecure or paranoid all the time?