This Awesome Mouse-Driven Zonda R Nordschleife Lap is Inspiring


:lol: Couldn't resist.
Incredible, inspiring stuff. I hope to make it into a race with Mike sometime soon, as soon as I get set up again.
Mad skills. I find it impressive that he used manual gears when I first saw vid and that he pushes the car to the ragged edge while using minimal driving aids. Next time I play AC on laptop, I'm going to try and see if I can drive with touchpad. I'm used to driving with keyboard but didn't think to try with mouse input which looks to offer better control.
Nice driving and that it is done with a mouse is even better. Dude has skills I didn't notice him using a manual either till someone pointed it out. So cool.
Wow .you are amazing ,that was something out of this world skills you have there ,with no dought you would be a amazing race car driver and i saw your others videos with you playing the shooting game, you have some amazing skills and precision and accuracy ,would love to race with you but i dont own a pc hopefully near in the coming future i'll see you on the race track.:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
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I used Mouses and Trackballs a lot to control driving games on Amiga: that was the default driving method in EA's Ferrari F1, and my favorite method playing Indianapolis 500.

But i never considered using that method for the last 25 years...

Anyway, our brain is capable of amazing adaptation.
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I drive with my mouth + my mouse for menus, occasionally with only my mouse on GTA 5.

Respect for all handicapped racers!

More info on my mouthjoystick:

That is quite impressive! Unreal how smooth that is versus those who use the gamepads and don't have disabilities.

Amazing skill! I really like these type of story's.

Makes one think twice who they could be driving against online. Funny how one always takes it for granted you just assume you're up against someone like oneself but with fancier hardware.