Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter Thread

Which mode do you mostly use with your TH8A?

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Hi, wondering what the latest reccomendation for mods is for my new TH8a.
I'm wanting to get close as possible to an MX5 ND shift. So I'm thinking of a decent quality tactile mod and a slightly shorter stick.
Is a different plate or a 7th gear blocker a good idea?
The gear knob looks ok as it is, but maybe a leather type one would be good too.
I've used a bunch of different mods and currently use the one from Nox3D for increased resistance. So far I'm very pleased with it and it's pretty cheap too.

I've had them with ballbearing bolts in it but they were noise and would need adjustment regularly. Personally I dont recommend them.

I would also recommend a short throw plate as the throw is originally a bit long. Even with the short throw plate it could be shorter imo.