Tight, Challenging Races

Discussion in 'GT3 Race Reports' started by ZZII, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. GT3-Ownage


    endos are the exact opposite of close, i just did seattle and laped them 3 or 4 times
  2. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer

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    @ GT3-Ownage :
    :D Try Seattle Enduro in a VITZ!!!...UB57 :D
  3. ZZII


    lol: That is the definition of torture.:

    Anyway, I came across another good match-up:

    Pro GT All-Stars (one of the hardest series in the game).
    Car: Toyota GT-ONE Race Car
    Mods: ONLY Stage 1 Turbo Kit, 714 HP
    Tires: ONLY Medium Tires

    This is, I think, a very close setup to the GT-ONE that you might be matched against in this series. The other car to watch out for is the R390 race car. It is faster, but also has more of a tendency to spin out. With medium tires you have to invent some interesting pit strategy to win. Right now, I am in the middle of this exact series. The first few races are not THAT hard (both won by <10 seconds though)...but as the oil dwindles I'm sure they will get harder. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer

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    @ ZZII : Not Really !!!
    :D I love the way my Vitz handles & it's a "Gas" blowing away an entire V-8 powered field w/a little "4-Banger." Haven't gotten around to it yet but am also going to give Kodiak's winning Suzuki Alto Works w/only 242 Horsepower a try!!!...UB57

    BTW: Have also used the Vitz to win Rome Enduro!!! :tup:
  5. nitro_2003

    nitro_2003 (Banned)

    isnt it wierd that on the italian avant garde races, the zonda race cars all follow eache other in a line!! they even pit together!!!
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    Sorry i saw Tight and got confused
  7. Speedy Samurai

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    I've done the Mistral Endurance race in the Tickford Falcon. What? It has 600hp. It was interesting.
  8. 1989therat


    I won the NA championship Proffesional with a Lupo cup car..there was a Viper, Tuscan,Zonda C12S and I forgot the others it was funny..I won by like 4 seconds:D oh it only had 252 hp//I think its 252...the turbo's got 287 so It was lower than that
  9. driftingking13


    i found a close race for you

    get the mines skyline and fix it up all the way with slick tires and race laguna seca in amateur leage american championship

    make sure you race against the corvette C5R

    have fun
  10. graveltrap


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    Tried this last night to see if it was possible. It results in a fun and reasonable tight race.

    Aquire a car along the lines of a tuscan, RGT or the Lotus 350 add in a set of Sim tyres. Head to the PD Cup and pick a track, Actually do the qualifying session so that the quicker cars are at the front of the pack, and then race..

    At RomeII using the Lotus I managed to win the race by around 10 seconds :lol: but had some real battles along the way :D

    BTW when using sims in tyre wear races you don't need to pit even when they are fully red. There is no real performance drop off ;)
  11. supra229


  12. Sleek Stratos

    Sleek Stratos

    Costa Rica
    Whether it's because of my skill level or not, I've had amazing races with:

    S2000 LM Race Car with the stage 2 turbo kit.
    FTO LM Race Car with stage 3 turbo kit.
    Vertigo Race Car with the highest kit available, it's either 2 or 3, can't remember. Do watch out for oversteer, if you don't want to mess around with the settings that is.
    And lastly with the Altezza LM Race Car with the stage 2 turbo kit.
    All cars fitted with T5s of course.

    These go fairly even against the R390 LM Race Car, or the 787B too if it appears on the grid by some odd chance. In arcade, professional races.

    Now, I've had only a couple tight ones with the Altezza, personally I find it very 'stiff' around the corners, I haven't dealt with the settings though.

    Thing is... I don't have the feeling anymore.
    I've been practicing drifting (I somewhat have it down by now) and now my driving style has been contaminated by it. I just can't grip race anymore. :confused: This along with hearing Famine say the ASM should be scrapped, my cars are really sliding all over the place.
    I can still win the races, but it's just way too sketchy sometimes. :eek:
  13. NitrousOxide308


    (Im not new i used to be TristanReid5657 or something)
    Okay, I just started the american cup in amature leage. I was racing trial mountain, Does anyone try to jump that last chicane on the straight. I tried on the last lap and did a 360. I was only 3 secs in front of the 5CR which pushed me over the line to a win by 0.017 seconds:D
  14. supra229


    That was close:D
  15. Basstrombone


    Here's a good one I just found.....

    Take a totally stock with mediums Autobacs MR-S into the German Touring car series. You'll have to set it up for each track and qualify.... but it can be done.
  16. Captain Coffee

    Captain Coffee

    Hmmm! I'm just in that series now driving a stock CLK touring car so I can win the Astra. Without qualifying I'm posting 2-5 second wins. I will try that next in the Autobacs and win the Calibra.
  17. RVDNuT374


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    2 days ago i started the Pro All Stars series in my black Mazda RX-7 LM Race Car. At Laguna Seca, my final margin of victory *after losing the lead to the R390 at the beginning of the last lap and repassing him in turn 10* was 0.077 sec after very aggressive blocking.:D
  18. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer

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  19. 1989therat


    I won the NA championship Proffesional Apricot hill with a Lupo cup car..there was a Viper, Tuscan,Zonda C12S and I forgot the others it was funny..I won by like 4 seconds oh it only had 252 hp//I think its 252...the turbo's got 287 so It was lower than that
  20. Darin

    Darin (Banned)

    F1's suck.
    A Vitz in the Amateur Japanese Series is quite tough.
  21. Luxy


    Had a close race the other day in the Rome Enduro. My in a pretty loose Trueno AE86 with a stage 2 turbo and T5's against a Griffith 500. The margin at the end of 2 hours was about 10 seconds :D it was fun! We were both on a 5 lap pit schedule, and very evenly matched. I took me the first 10 laps to get within striking distance, and I didn't pass him for good until after my second pit stop.
  22. MasterGT


    I just won the Trial Mountain course in this challenge, after a number of losses.

    The Clio Race Car is such a rock-solid handling car that I wanted to give it a go. Unfortunately, I had to get a bit rough with a GT40 to do it. (Hey, my thumb still HURTS!)

    I don't know if it can win the next two races, though. I haven't won at Laguna yet and Midfield looks improbable.

    Has anyone won this series in a Clio?


  23. Duke

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    Good run, GT! I haven't tried the Clio there (I used a 3400S) But I did run a Clio Cupper in the Amateur DTC series, which was a hard-fought battle.
  24. Smallhorses

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    I love the tight challenging enduros, they certainly get the heart pumping. Has seen something on here about a Trial Mtn 2hr in the S2000 vs NSX. Had to give it a go!
    Just got done on about the 3rd attempt, and after 2hrs, 73laps I beat NSX by just 2.3s! That Rocks!

    Am I the only one who has done Rome 2hr Endurance in the Mini Cooper? That's so much fun! I've done it a few times now, although you have to make sure the Clio and Griffith aren't present in the race as you'll never keep up with them! BMW & S4 are stiff competition though.

    I'll post details & settings for the Mini if anyone is interested.

    Winning by huge margins & lotsa laps is just way to boring.

    Give me smaller horsepower & more fun anyday!

    PD cup in S2000 is also fun.
  25. Uncle Harry

    Uncle Harry

    Another way of making races closer is to run the same car as the AI but use really bad settings. You can set really tall gears for slow acceleration, set down force to minimum and softer tyres.
    Makes you work a lot harder to beat the AI cars.
  26. phattboy


    Speaking of setups...Here is a tough race in a tough car to setup:

    Am All Japanese GT Super Speedway with a Ruf CTR2. Med tires, muffler, chip, turbo 1, full tranny, Brakes, semi-racing tranny and VCD.

    Make sure the competition is both Supras, Castrol and Rabrig NSX and I don't remember the other car... didn't matter.

    That particular race was almost impossible for me to win. More than enough power... less than enough handling with that gear/setup.

    Just happened to find myself there running the series with the CTR2. It is a very competitive run through the whole series if you don't use all the HP you have available. Although you might want to take it along when you start just in case. You also might want to take along an LSD. I didn't and wished I would have at several points. I guarantee you will come out a better driver of AWD vehicles.

  27. accordcoupe2004


    challenging races i've encountered so far:

    1) was using a fully tuned mini in amateur league Japanese championship (including racing against the nsx). the post of my narrow victory can be seen here


    *** note, i also tried using the mini in the amateur league american and european championships, but found the american was too inconsistent as most of the times it would have a corvette C5R, which i didn't not even want to bother with, and the european seemed doable, but the tracks are harder (i'm less familiar with the euro tracks, plus there is no super speedway freebie) and the zonda and lotus seemed to zoom by on straightaways moreso than the cars in japanese championship. it took too much timing and precision to block off those eurocars from passing you on the last straight.

    2) fully modded acura integra type R in the amateur stars & stripes race. 2 of the 3 races weren't bad at all, but one of them, either the seattle or seattle reverse was a challenge. chasing that black shelby cobra and overtaking him at the end of the last lap was thrilling.

    3) this is something i just finished, and didn't finish doing, which are doing all of the Amateur league FF, FR, MR, and 4WD on supersoft tires. once my all my tires went red (around the beginning of 2nd lap), it was all about discipline to stay in the lead (its a 5 lap race and i didn't pit). i felt i learned alot from driving on those red tires, as it required even earlier breaking, more smoothness, and learning throttle control to prevent from spinning out/losing control. i recommend everyone giving it a try. before i did this i used to use traction control level 1 on my really powerful cars or FF cars that spun tires easily. after winning on busted tires, i now no longer use traction control, ASM, YAW, or any other one of those gimmicks =P. it was definitely a challenge. i got through all of them except the MR. i'm using a fully modded honda nsx type r, but i'm just a lil short. i'm not gonna sleep til i get that done =).
  28. Super Jamie

    Super Jamie

    here's something different

    Beginner - FR Cup - Apricot Hill Reverse - Stock Nissan Silvia S13 Ks (1800cc)

    start from the rear of the pack, try and beat the 200SX and SLK230 Kompressor without cheating (grass runs or swapping paint). and you only have two laps :crazy: so it makes for a nice short race if you're just killing time, or home for lunch like me

    varying degrees of challenge:
    easier - weight reduction, brake upgrade, sports tyres
    harder - sim tyres, no oil change
    i suspect it would also be harder with an LSD tuned all the way up (ie: almost a locked diff)
  29. tool0101


    formula gt with a maxed out gt-one and super-slicks was fun, except for monaco... that was a little too difficult for me. it's a little different in formula gt because the ai turns faster than you for once and you have to win using faster speeds on the straights and less pitstops. my closest wins were on grand valley and laguna seca, both were less than 1.5 second leads..... quite exciting
  30. MarshyTVR2


    I experienced 2 or 3 challenging races today.

    #1 was with the Skyline R32 V-Spec II on Midfield, in Arcade, on Proffesional( :crazy: ). Also to notify that this was my first ever race with manual transmission , so it was very interesting indeedy. It ended up with me and the RX-7 on a 1on1 battle on laps 9 and 10, I won by about 2 or 3 seconds, simply because he tried too hard to get me on the hairpin, and went wide :dopey: .

    #2 (back to auto transmission) was the same car, same difficulty, but this time on Tokyo. I tell you, this was hard, I came 3rd, around 7 seconds behind the 2nd place RX-8, and only 1.5 seconds ahead of the Camaro. Would you call it challenging? Or (what seems to be) impossible?. The NSX came 1st, followed closely by the RX-8, then me, the Camaro, and then the other skyline and the CK55 were miles back. Mind you, I'm not the best driver in the world, I do make mistakes. :crazy:

    #3. I had just won my brand new Miata Hardtop (blue) so I thought I'd give its first race on Pro mode on midfield. I came 2nd, after the other Miata (1.8). It was a weird race, my Miata was completely stock, and I was racing against a 156 and the other Miata (I beat the rest of the cars easily). The amazing thing was that I didn't pit, but the 156 and the other Miata did, and I still managed to lose.