Time Gap within DR Rankings

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Hong Kong
Hong Kong
I still never stay in top 10 at the end of day and I am hoping that day will come.

This day finally come :D
#7 qualify time for Gr1 Interlagos in Asia and oceania region at the end of day yesterday.
I believe the time do not even in top25 in EU region because of much larger user population.

For the original question of this post, not sure if the user population affect the DR distribution different between different regions. I guess not, but it might take longer time to reach the ‘equilibrium’ state for region with more users.
At my site, once you register, you'll be able to see that information. As proof,(I hope you don't mind me sharing this info) your time of 1:38.800 for the race at Dragon Trail was 1368th in the world, 937th in the region, and 152nd in the Deutschland.

Also, @PirovacBoy, it probably wouldn't take much for me to put something together that would breakdown qualifying times by DR, SR, and combined DR/SR for each track.
How do I access your site?