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    I'm buying FH3 in may as a self birthday present, what are some tips for a newbie?
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    1) Longer races are your friend. I usually aim for races around 10 minutes.

    2) In relation to the first one, keep point-to-point races to a minimum in championships.

    3) Go after XP boards right away.

    4) Forzathon can earn you some decent prizes for a fairly small amount of effort.

    5) Use point-to-point races for traveling from race to race. Obviously this doesn't always work out, but if there is a route that takes you in the same direction you were heading anyways, take it.
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    There are four Horizon outposts, and you get to upgrade them as you progress through the game. Try to upgrade them evenly, instead of concentrating on only one at at time. You are offered cars as you upgrade, and the higher you upgrade, the more expensive the cars are. If you upgrade evenly, you should be able to afford every car. If you concentrate on just one outpost at at time, you will probably be offered a car you can't afford and have to pass on it.
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    Invest in the skill perks as soon as possible, it gives you cars, xp bonuses, free car upgrades. Etc

    Buy your cars from the auction house, when possible

    BTW don't feel bad about waiting to get the game. I just bought fh2 last night, ftw