To tune or not to tune?

Discussion in 'GT6 Tuning' started by RAZRr1275, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. RAZRr1275


    I can't decide if I want to experiment with tunes in this game. On one hand I want to go faster and get more out of the cars but on the other I just feel like cars in this game have enough character stock that I enjoy driving them as is and having to adapt to them. What do you think? Worth it to tune or enjoying cars stock?
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  2. LeadFootLiam


    I don't tune most of my cars, but when I do I really enjoy it. So go ahead TUNE!
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    How do you tune so that you maintain the handling characteristics of the car? I'm a bit different than some people here in that I don't exactly want to tune out imperfections but I do want to increase speed.
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    All RL cars have camber and toe. Standard cars don't, as well as not having any damping. You need to add full custom suspension, even to an otherwise unmodified car to get some realistic settings on it.
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    Hey RAZRr!

    I prefer my cars how nature intended but if you don't tune, you're really missing out on a massive & in a way more challenging part of the game than the racing is self.

    You've still got that Honda Fit right? Go have a play =)

    Don't forget you can have 3 different pages of setups per car, so you can leave one as stock.
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    Transmission tuning, my friend. Tuning depends on the car, of course, but if you stretch gears you can minimize shift lag in the last 3 which are what will improve your lap times. Crash course in stretching/flipping your transmission:

    Car with a minimum top speed slider of 99~110 - set final ratio to 1.500 above minimum, slide top speed all the way left, slide final ratio all the way left. Slide 4th, 5th, 6th gears all the way right, 1st gear all the way left, leave 2nd where it is(unless its a 5spd, then move it .050-.075 right of starting position), and move 3rd to 3/4 of the way to the right(this is the tricky one to get right, try to line up the gears so they make an upward line evenly). If you do this, each gear will start out within 1000 RPMs of peak horsepower, depending where you shift, and severely reduces shift lag.

    Car with minimum top speed slider of 120~149 - set final ratio to .700-1.00 above minimum(higher top speed, slide it less), and repeat steps above.

    It's not a foolproof system, you will have to tweak the final ratio you start with for certain tracks or horsepower limits, so you're not redlining in the straights or bogging in the low gears. AWDs also don't like 1st all the way left, they prefer starting position or further right, depending on horsepower.

    This type of tuning doesn't affect the way your car handles on the track, but it does maximize your output of power.