Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing Arrives This Month on Console and PC

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    One would hope it's better here, although I just don't find the footage available so far to look very promising. I haven't played a sprint car game that has done any aspect of it as well as WoO 2002 from back in the PS2 days though, so maybe I'm just jaded but I find it hard to be too optimistic.

    All of the Ratbag titles I played have been better than any other attempts at dirt track racing from other studios I've tried... Although I'm sure iRacing is a step above.

    I still have my copy of WoO 2002, signed by a handful of drivers in the game... Even though my PS2 died a number of years ago.
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    Got it wrong, although both Big Ant and Ratbag are Australian studios so, you know, maybe they're somewhat related... Big Ant did the best dirt track racing career mode I've ever seen in Sprint Cars 2 Showdown at Eldora (7 vehicle classes, each with 3 or 4 series, with you having to buy each individual spare part and all that). It's a shame that Big Ant never got a bigger budget because those 2 games have very good concepts (first games with dirt roadcourses, something 704 used in their NASCAR games) and I gotta admit I don't expect anything positive from this game because 704's dirt physics are still based on the Street Stock-oriented ones from Dirt2Daytona and these small open-wheelers are NOTHING like that!
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    I like this. Look a wheelie

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    You can't buy the game in Canada. How dumb is that.