Toyota GT-One or Mazda 787B best?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4: Prologue' started by dont-shoot-me, Dec 16, 2005.

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    First off, I did FAQ and I have searched around a bit but I am still not shure what the fastest car in the game is.

    All the questions I have been able to find only resulted in them getting flamed for asking the question and then getting the thread locked.

    The FAQ lists the fastest 1/4 mile, 0-60, top speed etc. but that does not mean those cars have the best lap times.

    First, are Toyota GT-One and Mazda 787B F1 cars?

    Is there an overall fastest car, or do different cars have better lap times on different tracks?

    I have heard all the F1 cars are the same, is this true?

    I am working on the endurance races, this thread gives info about the "Formula GT car settings" but I am not sure what car is meant by that, is it the "BMW MacLaren F1 GTR Race Car"

    Maybe this would be a good question to put in the FAQ.
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    This sub-forum is for Gran Turismo 4 Prologue
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    I don't know which laps in a faster time, but I'd imagine it'd be the GT-One.

    No, neither of them are F1 cars. They're Le Mans cars.

    In GT4, there are no F1 cars, only the FGT (which is sort of an F1 car but not really).

    The Formula Gran Turismo (FGT) car is the F1 clone in GT4, it is not the BMW McLaren.
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    im loving the toyota GT1....loved it ever since gt2 and to this day think its the best...dont care if its not the fastest :D