TPC Pop-Up Special Event- The King of Japan | Japanese N300 Cars | 2nd May | Sign-ups OPEN

The King of Japan - Special Event


Who will triumph with the best cars from the land of the Rising Sun, specially tuned for the race track? Join TPC in two action packed races at Kyoto Driving Park, in this winner-takes-all special event!

Timings: 21:00 GMT/ 17:00 EST
20:30 GMT: Lobby opens
21:00 GMT: Qualifying: Kyoto Driving Park: Yamagiwa II- 5 Minutes
21:05 GMT: Race 1: Kyoto Driving Park: Miyabi- 20 laps
21:20 GMT(approx): Race 2: Kyoto Driving Park: Yamagiwa+Miyabi II- 11 laps
All cars will use a Custom BOP.

Nissan 180SX(145/103)[2/4]
Mazda RX-7 Spirit R(88/114)[3/4]
Honda NSX Type R(92/113)[2/4]
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34(81/110)[4/4]
Toyota Supra RZ(90/102)[1/4]
Honda S2000(110/105)[1/4]

There will be no tuning except to change the stock gearbox to a sequential one. No gear ratio modifications.
Differential tuning is OPEN.
Use of the stock paintjob is allowed.
There are no real livery regulations, but it is a street racing event, so asymmetric/overdesigned wraps may be approprate.
No 18+ liveries.
Race 1:
1st place-10 points
2nd place-8 points
3rd place-6 points
4th place-5 points
5th place-4 points
6th place-3 points
7th place-2 points
8th place-1 points
Race 2:
1st place-20 points
2nd place-16 points
3rd place-14 points
4th place-12 points
5th place-10 points
6th place-8 points
7th place-6 points
8th place-5 points
9th place-4 points
10th place-3 points
11th place-2 points
12th place-1 point
The driver with the highest score across both events will be the winner.
Mandatory Tire: Sports Medium
Tire Wear: 1x
Qualifying: 5 minutes
Boost: Off
Start Type: Grid Start
Balance of Performance: Off
Grid Order: R1-Reverse Qualifying Order, R2- Fastest First
Slipstream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: None
Grip Reduction: Real
Race Finish Delay: 90 Seconds
Tuning: Allowed(only for BOP reasons)
Ghosting: None
Track Limits Penalties: Weak
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Assists: Counter-steering Assistance, ASM, and Auto-Drive prohibited.
Even though this is a one-off race, we expect you to drive cleanly and avoid contact.
We advise all races to clear their cache before joining the lobby.
If you experience the Pit Glitch pre-race, exit the lobby and rejoin.
If anyone is stuck on the start, the race will be restarted only once.

@Pigems, @05XR8, @250Cal, @6BK, @Adam Barber, @AfraidRacer, @Ashthebash, @bdubclub, @Chevy Heavy, @CurbHog, @Dairyworker, @DarkSideNet, @Deadpool, @DelboyD, @dlshearon, @Drex124, @El_Beardo, @fastone371, @FloridaFanGT, @golfer07840, @GOTMAXPOWER, @Graham Cundy, @Granadier, @Groundfish, @GT5Apex, @GTP_Guido, @GTWolverine, @HammyMansell, @HaydenFan69, @Jason885, @JEverettL, @Jwptexas, @K1LLD0z3R, @Kermit_2142, @kevinddr, @Kevstah2004, @Killkennyxc4, @KosmoKazi, @kungtotte_, @Kuraudo, @Leftcurl, @LeightonAVS, @Master Weasel, @MaxAttack, @Michelin Man, @Mistah_MCA, @mohitraina91, @Natalie_GT, @nosoks, @NosOsH, @NoStopN, @O604, @Oshawa-Joe, @PaoloMX, @Philtaylor17, @PirovacBoy, @Qyn, @R_Goldstreiff, @RacingGrandpa, @Redneckchef, @roamingbard13, @RZQSPEED, @Satomiblood, @Stencedaddy, @sturk0167, @Supergtp, @suprajef, @Sven Jurgens, @Tea_Leaves, @The_Tullster, @Timm Sheehan, @ToddSalad, @Trone_Colby, @TurboTacho, @viper al, @watto79, @Winnie847, @x5abotagex86, @stpatty, @RX8 Racer, @KiepeYai, @Rods

Entry List:
1)AfraidRacer - AfraidRacer - RX-7 - 7
2)06O4 - Kaizen-Teian - RX-7 - 64
3)OJBrit - OJBrit - R34 - 6
4)GTP_Guido - TPC_Guido - NSX - 69
5)Michelin Man - TheSweeney_ - S2000 - 11
6)RX8 Racer - RX8Racer556 - R34 - 3
7)Rods - boitcon - 180 - 25
8)Pigems - TPC_Pigems - R34 - 420
9)barak181 - MonyB - R34 - 42
10)Non-GTP Entry - speed-140 - NSX - 064
11)MidnightRun85 - Z4E_Midnight85 - RX-7 - 85
12)Timm Sheehan - tmsheehan - Supra - 91
13)R_Goldstreiff -RufusGoldstryff - 180SX - 87


1)Kermit_2142 - TPC_Kermit_2142
2)Colin at DCC - Shakethecliche
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For anyone curious about Time of Day, Quali will be held in the Morning at Yamagiwa Reverse, Race 1 in the Afternoon at Miyabi, and Race 2 at Sunset at Y+M Reverse.

Keen for this as long as I can clear up my schedule enough to be there! I'll be in a 50/50 liveried RX-7 hanging out at the back of the field...
Awesome! I've got my livery ready, just added a number to one of my previous liveries.