TPC Presents: Ferrari vs Mclaren - 25th September

United Kingdom
Derby, UK

The lobby will open at 14:00PST - 17:00EST - 22:00BST with qualifying starting 15 minutes later
Date for the event is 25th September 2021​

Circuit: Nurburgring GP 17:00 Clear
49 laps +1 Formation lap
x1 Fuel usage, x2 Tyre wear
Tyres: Racing Mediums
Start: Manual Rolling Start
Grid Order: Fastest First
Boost: Off
Slipstream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: OFF
Tire Wear: x2
Fuel Depletion: 1x
Initial Fuel level: 100L
Grip Reduction: Real
Race Finish Delay: 180 Seconds
Tuning: ON
Ghost: Off
Penalties: Weak
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Assists: Counter-steering Assistance, ASM, and Auto-Drive prohibited.
The session will last 10 minutes
Both Classes will be qualifying simultaneously
Fuel usage will be off
x2 Tyre wear
19:30 Sunny Track time
Cars are to follow pole position who will lead the cars around at a maximum speed of 62mph/100kph
Lead cars will start the race at the Start/Finish line
Car usage will be limited to 8 of each to ensure a balanced grid.

Mclaren: 111%(563bhp)/101%(1252kg)

Ferrari: 102%(553bhp)/103%(1251kg)
Stock Livery is prohibited
Nothing that breaks either GTSport or GTPlanet TOS
Heretical/Blasphemous liveries are banned, eg putting liveries from other manufacturers on a car
Please use stock/centre lock wheels (can be re coloured)
Pirelli Tyre decals are to be used
"Black" Window banner to be used
As series champion @Spinerkopin can use car #1
Tyre and number boards to be placed in the following areas

Board links:
Try and race cleanly and fairly, for example if you get a pass done with a bit of a shove it's the right thing to do to give this place back and pass again in a clean manor,

When exiting the pit lane please stay within the white lines as this will avoid any contact

If/when being lapped, do not yield position, or move off line unless safe to do so. It is the responsibility of the faster driver to make a safe pass,

Don't abuse the track limits, some of the tracks really bite back

Have fun!

If interested please sign up with the following:

GTP name -
PSN name -
Race number -
Car choice -

Have fun and good luck!
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United Kingdom
Derby, UK
Entry List:

Ferrari: 7/8

GTP name - Adam Barber
PSN name - GTP_Abarber95
Race number - 95

GTP name - El_Beardo
PSN name - El_Beardo_Grande
Race number - 41

GTP name - AfraidRacer
PSN name - AfraidRacer
Race number - TBD(Most likely 7)

GTP name - GTP_Guido
PSN name - TPC_Guido
Race number - 69

GTP name - R_Goldstreiff
PSN name - RufusGoldstryff
Race number - 13

GTP name - FaustoAriz
PSN name - GTC-FaustoAriz_
Race number - 5

GTP name - ILLEAGLE_34
PSN name - ILLEAGLE_34
Race number - 340

Mclaren: 8/8

GTP name - Spinerkopin
PSN name - spiner-kopin
Race number - 1

GTP redneckchef
PSN phreelickz
Car number 33

GTP name - TPC_Pigems
PSN name - Pigems
Race number - 420

GTP name - BY_ALEX_S
PSN name - BY_ALEX_22
Race number - 222

GTP name - Racerx_34
PSN name - RacerX_34
Race number - 34

GTP name - fastone371
PSN name - fastone371
Race number -

GTP name - DelboyD
PSN name - DelboyD
Race number - 5

GTP name - Philtaylor17
PSN name - V1_Evo
Race number - 17

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