Track Tune: Subaru Impreza WRX Spec C '09

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    Hi my name is MJTbreww,
    This is a tune I made for the Subaru Impreza and I must say the handling on this tune is amazing, I was expecting a lot of understeer and not enough power but it was perfect


    PP: 518
    BHP: 405
    Weight: 1,261kg

    Tires used: Sports soft F (Front) & R (Rear)

    Suspension: Fully Customizable
    Ride Height
    F: 85 R 90
    Spring Rate
    F: 8.90 R 8.00
    Dampers + Anti roll Bar
    All is on default 3
    F: 1.3 R 0.2
    All set to 0

    Brakes: Racing Break Kit
    F: 5 R: 3

    Transmission: Optional stock or standard

    If you would like to change the transmission it is up to you but I didn't and it all worked out well

    Drive train: Standard Limited Slip, Triple Plate Clutch, Stock Propeller Shaft, Driver controlled Centre
    Front/Rear Torque Distribution 41:59

    Power Parts: Engine Tuning Stage 1
    Sports Computer
    Standard exhaust
    Isometric Exhaust Manifold
    Catalytic Converter Sports
    Intake Tuning
    stock turbo
    (Nitro Optional)

    Body: Weight Reduction stage 2

    Tested on DS3, Please say your feedback :) Thanks
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