Transmission Gear Variance Solved

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    You start setting up your transmission gears for someone's tune, but one of the gear settings they have is not in the available range. It happens, and I don't know the reasons why, but this will allow you to fix it. I'm going to use one of Praiano63's tunes. He's one of my most respected Tuners, but sometimes, for whatever reason, the gear numbers don't work out. This fix will set the transmission gears correctly every time, but it requires patience.

    Example: Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R '99 (New)

    Stock Transmission Final = 4.312
    Stock Max Speed = 162 mph (260 kph)
    1st-3.070, 2nd-2.132, 3rd-1.585, 4th-1.234, 5th-1.005, 6th-0.856

    Praiano's instruction:
    1. Set Final Gear to 4.500
    2. Set Initial Max Speed to 112 mph (180 kph)
    3. Set gears to: 1st-3.353, 2nd-2.618, 3rd-2.101, 4th-1.734, 5th-1.472, 6th-1.286
    4. Re-set Final Gear to 2.600

    Now, Set Final Gear to 4.500
    Set Max Speed to 112 mph (180 kph) - move slider up to 261 mph (420ish kph), and then back down to 112 mph (180 kph).
    Set Gears. But there's a problem. 1st thru 5th are all within range, but 6th gear's range is 0.962 to 1.256, and I need a setting of 1.286. I need to raise the high end of the range by 0.030.

    To INCREASE the range, LOWER the final gear. Let's try 4.400.

    1. Set Final Gear = 4.400
    2. Move the Top Speed slider up to 261 mph (420ish kph), and then back down to 112 mph (180 kph).
    3. Now, 1st through 5th gear settings all fit within the range, and the 6th gear range is 0.984 to 1.285. Close enough to the setting of 1.286 that we're looking for. But let's be precise. We need to raise the top of 6th's gear range by 1, so...

    1. LOWER the setting of Final Gear to 4.396.
    2. Move the Top Speed slider up to 261 mph (420ish kph), and then back down to 112 mph (180 kph).
    3. Now we have the following ranges:
    1st: 3.353-4.466
    2nd: 2.485-3.150
    3rd: 1.950-2.357
    4th: 1.565-1.856
    5th: 1.323-1.509
    6th: 0.985-1.286!

    All the settings fit the ranges, so set them. But after you do, don't forget to RESET FINAL GEAR to 2.600!

    From this point on, adjust the top speed for your car for whatever track you're going to use it on by changing the FINAL GEAR. LOWER final gear for a higher top speed and RAISE final gear for a lower top speed. Don't change the displayed Max Speed (Auto Set) of 112 mph (180 kph).

    I apologise for the caps - I used them for emphasis.
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    Thanks for this fix! I've been wondering why some of Praiano's numbers aren't in least now I have a fix!
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    Thank you for this valuable information on tuning gears that don't line up with the tuners specs. Bought the FTO so I could follow your instructions to the letter. FTO not a usual pick of mine but with Praiano's tune it is very good. Once again excellent work. :bowdown:
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    thank you very much
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    Top work. Nice and clear. Exactly the sort of thing that people can use effectively.