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    i was bored of playin tt with the d pad, so i made this, complete with twist throttle, turned the paddle shifters in to brake levers, also u change gears with your foot... up is up gear down is down a gear. its quite hard to see in vid cause its dark and im playin on a projector. thought yoos might want too see..
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    Awesome stuff. :tup:

    If you're really ambitious, you could put together a bike chassis to sit on, with fixed handlebars/controls and a hinge for the chassis to lean back and forth (the steering potentiometer would go near the hinge). If you weighted the whole unit sufficiently, the fixed handlebar setup would allow you to keep your feet off of the floor and just lean with the bike. :)

    Sega's Manx TT was like this, but there was only the front brake lever, and you shifted with two buttons on the handlebars.
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    Wow... It's niceeee.. <ok>