TT003 Yellowbird @ Watkins Glen Short [PC/PS4/XB1] CRAP pCARS Event OPEN

Yes, it would be nice if we could get a few more. A few other friends have tried the trial but aren't ready to share their times yet ;) Some of them are in the 1:20's + but they shouldn't worry about that. Posting my initially fairly slow times and learning from some of the video sharing aliens at the top is what has allowed me to improve my own times hugely. Most of the dozen or so people who have entered these 3 time trials have been lead by the fastest times in the world in the game for that car. There's no shame in being considerably slower than them.
I'll have a proper go with the yellow bird sometime this week. Had a quick go recently and it looked a more like strictly come dancing.
In case you haven't done so change your tyres in the tune for that track before loading the time trial.
After spending most of the night tuning and then completely messing up my force feedback I eventually got the beast under what could loosely be called control. I managed a 1:17:071 before my t300 fan started telling me enoughs enough. I'm giving it a rest for now but I know I can get in the 16s, watch this space :)
Project CARS_20150929212137.jpg