Open Tuned VS Super Cars (Testing & Interest Check) 8pm BST

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  1. Cu3e


    (under construction, will be cleaned up over time...)


    This will not be a weekly race. Instead races will be hosted periodically while other clubs have break or there is enough interest to host one.

    First session held July 27th
    First Test will be tonight 8pm BST while Zero Cup is having a break due to tooth issues :scared::crazy:

    To keep it short:

    Stock cars, TCS and ABS allowed and for some cars recommeded. Driving line is also allowed, other aids not allowed.

    Races will take place at midnight at Motegi Road and 5:30 at Suzuka 2014. Short Sprint Race and a 20 minute Endurance after that at both locations. Tyre wear will be normal. There might be rain but it is unlikely.

    There are 4 recommended cars, 2 Tuned cars, 2 super cars. Roughly same performance (tested at Cape Ring South)

    My test lap time and top speed (kmh) after tyre compound

    Ford GT '06 CS 01:22.917 241
    Ferrari Scuderia '07 CS 01:23.371 237

    HPA Motorsports FT565 twin turbo '07 CS 01:23.477 235
    AEM S2000 01:23.613 224 (Drift Tune / Racing brakes so TCS/ABS recommended)

    Other cars to consider:

    Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren '09 CS 1:24.364 237
    Lexus LFA Nurb Package '12 CS 1:23.963
    Aston Martin One-77 '11 CS 1:23.656 236
    Audi 5.2 FSI quattro Chrome Line CS 1:22.921 228
    Audi 5.2 FSI quattro CS 1:23.294 229

    Blitz Dunlop ER34 SKYLINE '07 CS 1:24.868 240 (Drift Tune / Racing brakes so TCS/ABS recommended)
    HKS CT230R '08 CS 1:20.945 248 (overpowered, reserved for slower driver)
    Stielow Red Devil CS 1:25.091 250 (Lots of torque, TCS recommended, heavy)
    Mine's BNR34 Skyline Base '06 CS 1:21.829 238

    Any of the following GT-Rs are also nice:

    Nissan GT-R NISMO '14
    CS 1:23.024 240
    Nissan GT-R SpecV '09 CS 1:23.003 231
    Nissan GT-R Black edition '12 1:22.680 230

    Other cars are allowed as well. Also Standard cars if they can handle CS tyres. Top speed is 250 kmh (155 mph) and lap time roughly between 1:23 and 1:24 at Cape Ring South.

    Edit: Car list will be reorganized before next test session!


    1. No cutting corners

    2. ...

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  2. hobbsy


    Hi mate, when do you plan to start the races? Is it at 8pm or when the room has enough activity?

    I very much doubt i'll be able to join tonight, but I will certainly watch this space for future events :cheers:
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  3. Cu3e


    Hi @hobbsy thanks for interest. I know it's bit early for you :(

    Opening lobby 7:30pm BST for testing and running until 10pm BST
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  4. Cu3e


    updated rules

    (oops, edited the texts. sorry about that)

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  5. Cu3e


    Room is up for testing. I might be afk at times...

    Races start in about 30 minutes if we have enough drivers...

    Title: Tuned VS Super Cars 1/4 CS
    Room ID: 1472-4711-0167-3380-8340
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  6. Cu3e


    For a while I thought I would be testing solo. I wouldn't minded that much. I have been testing these offline quite lot.

    Thanks for coming and making it more interesting. It was very early testing but still there was lots of great action. My favourite was the battle of Ford GT '06 against AEM S2000 :O That is exactly what I have tried to achieve for so long! Cars with complete opposite characteristics battling evenly. S2000 loosing ground on straights but gaining it back with better brakes and cornering speed. (edit: checked the replay, it is pretty much just the brakes...)

    Thanks @hobbsy @IfAndOr @Harsk100 and others :tup:
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  7. IfAndOr

    IfAndOr Premium

    Who needs supercars, I've been on a bit of a tuner spending spree. :p
    So I'll have a wider choice if/when you test again.

    Are your Cape Ring south lap times on or offline? (So I can try a few out)
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  8. Cu3e


    I agree. The tuners have character. Just remember it is not a shame to use TCS on a car with Comfort Softs. Especially if the car is a Drift Car :D -- *nudge at @hobbsy *

    All test done offline. My consistency pretty much sucks so there might be +/- .5 seconds between cars. I am no good with 4WD for example. So my 4WD times are not accurate for comparison. Someone might get way better times with those.
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