Turn 3 at Brands Hatch

I recently bought the F3 car on iRacing and am planning on racing in a league in the coming weeks. I've been adapting to the new car really well except for one corner at Brands Hatch. Every time I enter the corner I either have really big under steer or spin. Does anyone have any advice that could help me with this corner?
@betilebra85 ... Without seeing what you're doing its hard to say, but for me it's one of those corners where you have to turn in a bit earlier than what it appears, maybe keeping a little bit of throttle too as it can help keep the rear a bit more planted ? ... Haven't driven the F3 for a little while, from memory it doesn't handle the kerbs too well, so maybe an early turn in wont work here.

Maybe post some vids so those that are better than me can give some input.
As above. Hard to know without being able to see what you are doing wrong. Graham Hill Bend is not too difficult though. However lots of people run wide onto the grass which is the most common mistake I'd say. You can run fairly wide at this corner however without getting a 1x and so you should certainly look run as wide as is practical without losing right rear grip and spinning out.

Understeer tells me you are not loading the front before you turn in or are carrying too much speed and maybe trailbraking a little too much perhaps? As for spinning - is that as you are getting on the throttle?

Anyway for spinning out (particularly in the downforce cars) iRacing is terrible at providing good force feedback in terms of feeling the loss of rear grip. This can be fixed however with two tools. Have a google about something called irFFB. It is an enhanced feedback filter for iRacing that can be used to amplify the missing "seat of your pants" feeling in iRacing. It works alonside a programe called vJoy. Have a look on Youtube for a video from GamerMuscle about irFFB.
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