Turn One - A team for everyone


TURN ONE - Looking for drivers!
Turn One is a startup online league racing team founded in 2020. Based on Gran Turismo Sport (PS4), the goal is to provide its drivers with a platform to develop their skills, a group of supportive teammates that can help the drivers out and back them in whatever league they race in.

If you want to join, send me a DM or reply to this post!

Currently we are racing in one league - GT-MES - but we are organizing a league of our own, the Turn One GT500 Cup (more information soon). We are looking for new drivers interested in having backing from a team to participate in different leagues. We are also part of the Sim Racing Federation (or SRF for short), which is a large organization made up of different teams and leagues, with the goal of creating a large league racing governing body, similar to the real-life FIA.
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