Underground: Bonus Page - A Drive With The Periscopa

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Hello again, guys! This is my 8th book and it's the sequel of Chicane. This is about an underground racing organization that aims to conquer the motorsports world by eliminating the top racing drivers and the FIA organization. The organization's members want a no-holds-barred racing and they want that to happen by abolishing the FIA and its racing drivers since they think that racing nowadays are "no fun".

Expect to see violence here. And another main character will die (he's also one of my favorites; but he'll not be "resurrected" like what happened to Takuma).

A new character will also show up. And this person has a connection with the Kanonji family. You'll find out who that is, and what is that character's role as the story progresses.

Enjoy reading!

If this is the first book you'll be reading, then I suggest reading first my other books here:



Page 1 - New World

A year has passed, and life for the Kanonjis seem normal. Takanori and Makoto have a baby boy, while Takuma has changed for the better and starts to warm up to other people. Tomoko's mochi shop has attracted more customers than ever.

On the weekend, Takanori heads to JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) to have his R34 finally registered under his name. He comes out from the building with a very happy mood.

Takanori: "All right! Thank you once again, Ben-san, for truly giving the R34 to me!"

Then Makoto calls him up.

Takanori: "Hey honey, what's up?"

Makoto: "I'm at the Cornes & Co. (Japan's sole importer of Ferrari & Maserati) showroom in Minato Shiba. I'm picking up my new Ferrari!"

Takanori: "What!? A new Ferrari!? That's great to hear! You didn't tell me about it."

Makoto: "Well, you kept our baby's name a secret until he was born. In retaliation, I kept the purchase a secret as well. Hah!"

Takanori: "Fair enough. Wait, so where's Takuharu?"

Makoto: "Your mother takes care of him for a short notice. It's actually embarrassing to ask such favor especially that she runs her store. But she insisted, anyway."

Takanori: "Nah, don't worry. I'll head there and take care of Takuharu. Anyhow, I want to see that new Ferrari you bought!"

Makoto: "Oh, you'll like it."


At the mountains, Takuma once again tests out the Evora's potential.


Takuma: "I'll check if this car's handling can conquer the touge."


Takuma: "Even in these hairpins, the car steers so sharply!"


Takuma: "I asked Alessandro to lighten the car. With the reduced weight, it accelerates and corners better."


Takuma: "Damn, this car just turns!"

After that brief run, he returns to Ben's mansion.

Ben: "So, how's the Evora?"

Takuma: "It has improved significantly just be reducing its weight. Power is just increased to 300 horsepower, but the suspension is a fully-adjustable aftermarket unit."

Ben: "Evoras are docile. Yet they can get serious on the track. No wonder it has been Lotus' weapon in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring."

Takuma: "Yeah."

Ben: "Anyways, I was thinking this deeply for over a year..."

Takuma: "What is it?"

Ben: "I will give this mansion to you. You can start a new life here when you have settled down."

Takuma: "What? No. This is yours. You have put in all of your life's efforts to this house."

Ben: "I'm old now, and I have prepared everything just in case my time has come."

Takuma: "Don't say such things, Otoosan. You will live longer, and you will get to see me settling down. And 59 years old? Is that what you call "old"? You still have the skills!"

Ben: "You imbecile. Finding a house in Tokyo now can be totally difficult."

Takuma: "Whatever. Just keep this house for yourself, okay? I'll be fine."


In Italy, Sander McCarthy tears up the Autodromo Nazionale with his orange McLaren MP4-12C


While at the main straight, he sees a group of people at the pits.

Sander: "The gang's here. Let me just finish a lap."



Sander: "This car is f:censored:king quick."


The 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 that generates 600 horsepower provides torque as low as 2000 rpm. Thus, it can rocket out of corners in an instant.

He returns to the pits and he joins the group.

Sander: "What brings you here?"

The leader of the group is a German national named Karl.

Karl: "Sander McCarthy, not all of us are here. As usual, the others are preoccupied. But we have an important meeting right now, and we're here to call you out."

Sander: "I see. Well, shall we get going?"

Karl: "We're only here in this track, I think it's better to just stay here. After all, it'll only be for a while."

Sander: "What's the agenda now?"

Karl: "We're not going to be in hiding now. We will initiate our plan to create a new world of motorsports! One that is always fun and not bound by restrictions! Then that will demonstrate the true skill of the drivers! We, the Grim Reapers, will be respected all throughout the world soon enough."

Sander: "Then what about the kidnappings?"

Karl: "I have disposed all of the drivers we captured so far and even some FIA executives. The Kanonjis are turning to be a problem, though."

Sander: "Don't worry, I'll take care of them. I know how to lure them out and crush their spirits."

Karl: "Then I'll leave that you, Sander."

Sander: "You can count me on that."

End of Page 1
Page 2 - Their Fated Reunion

Outside the Kanonji Mochi Shop, a silver Toyota Prius arrives.


Coming out of the car is a young woman wearing a brown turtleneck under a white trench coat. She also wears a miniskirt and black boots as her footwear. And then has a black long hair and a very white complexion. The woman enters the shop, and Tomoko welcomes her.

Tomoko: "Oh, it's you again, Sayuki-san!"

Sayuki: "Konbanwa!"

Tomoko: "Up for another Green Tea Mochi?"

Sayuki: "I'll try a different flavor this time. Hmmmm.... how about the Red Bean mochi?"

Tomoko: "Coming right up! Oh, you have a loyalty discount card coming right up too! You'll be able to pick it up tomorrow."

Sayuki: "Really!? Thank you very much!"

Tomoko: "That is for your continued patronage for our shop. You are one of our most loyal customers!"

Sayuki: "I even blog about this shop! This is the best mochi place ever!"

The cashier hands over the box filled with red bean mochi. Sayuki takes it and pays the amount. After the transaction, she leaves the shop with her hand waving goodbye.

Tomoko: "That girl. She makes this shop boom."

An hour later, Makoto's brand new, Rosso Scuderia Ferrari 458 Italia arrives.


Upon entering the house, she sees Tomoko carrying the infant Takuharu. The infant is very happy upon seeing his mother.

Makoto: "Oh hello there, my little Takuharu! Did you have fun?"

So she carries Takuharu and walks around the living room while doing some baby talk.

Half an hour later, Takanori is just walking towards Tomoko's home when he sees his wife's brand new Ferrari.

Takanori: "A 458, eh?"

When he enters, he joins Makoto and Tomoko at the dining table.

Makoto: "Hey, it's you."

Takanori: "Nice 458, babe!"

Makoto: "Can you test her out tomorrow? After all, you're also a car reviewer, right?"

Takanori: "No problem!"

Tomoko: "Oh, I have to look if the dinner is ready to be served, okay?"

Tomoko stands up and heads to the kitchen to look if the dinner is ready.

Moments later, Takuma arrives.


He enters the house, and then takes off his shoes.

Takuma: "Tadaima."

Takanori hears that voice. He looks around.

Takanori: "Aniki?"

Makoto: "Yeah... it does sound like Takuma-san."

He stands up and goes to the living room. He finally sees Takuma. He clenches his fist and tears start to flow out from his eyes. He rushes towards him and punches Takuma's gut. After that, Takanori hugs Takuma still in tears.

Takuma: "Owwwww! That hurts a lot!"

Takanori: "You fool!!! I've been looking everywhere for you!!! Everyone thinks I'm crazy!!!"

Takuma: "I'm sorry, Takanori. I wasn't ready to face you. I wanted to change... I know how devastated you were."

Takanori continues to cry while still hugging Takuma.

Takuma: "Stop crying, it's..."

Takuma also sheds a tear.

Takuma: "...contagious. Shall we head outside?"

Takanori: "Sure."

The two head outside as Makoto looks on happily.

Makoto: "Finally... the twins are together once again."

The infant Takuharu shows a small smile on his face.

The twins stroll around the neighborhood.

Takanori: "So, what were you doing back then?"

Takuma: "I had experienced death. Until I hear a voice. That voice told me that I still had a lot of things to do. That I am your role model. I just found out that you really looked up to me."

Takanori: "That's right. Ever since you moved in with the family, I always idolize you. I wanted to be like you."

Takuma: "I traveled all over the world, discovering myself. And then I have to change for the better, knowing that you are always looking up to me. And who's my inspiration?

Takanori: "Who?"

Takuma: "It's you. I am your number 1 fan, you know? I wanted to be like you. I want to be the person that makes friends easily, that he'll be relied on, and that he makes everyone smile. I wanted to have a twin like you."

Takanori: "Really? Am I that of a good person? I mean, I even have to resort to violence just to give justice to you."

Takuma: "You are. Look, you are a family man. And if you're not a good person, then your wife could have left you easily and you won't have a cute child to carry. You are the most gentle person I've ever known. Yet you are so loud, that you're not afraid to speak out your mind. I can't do that, you know? How'd you do it?"

Takanori: "Just release it. That's the way."

The twins sit on a bench and look at the starry sky. They see a shooting star pass by. Takuma closes his eyes.

Takanori: "Huh? Why?"

Takuma opens his eyes after.

Takuma: "It is said that once you see a shooting star, you have to close your eyes and make a wish. But don't say it out loud, or else it won't come true. I just made a wish."

Takanori: "I see."

Takuma: "So, ready for another bickering?"

Takanori: "Absolutely."

Takuma: "But first..."

Takuma grabs Takanori by the neck and gives the latter a noogie. Takuma rubs his knuckle vigorously on Takanori's head.

Takanori: "Hey! My hair!"

Takuma: "That's what you get for being such a crybaby. Be a man!"

Then Takuma laughs as he continues the noogie.

End of Page 2
Page 3 - An Invitation

As planned, Takanori and Makoto take the brand-new Ferrari 458 Italia at the Twin Ring Motegi Road Course the next morning while Takuma voluntarily babysits Takuharu in the couple's condominium room.

Takuma: "Isn't this such a nice place? It's big and luxurious."

Takuharu punches Takuma's chest and then giggles.

Takuma: "Aren't you really adorable?"

Then Takuma looks at a piece of paper of the list of things to do posted by Takanori posted on the refrigerator.

Takuma: "Hmmmmm.... it's 12 pm, so I must feed Takuharu."

He opens the refrigerator while a smiling Takuharu is sitting on the baby chair at the dining table. He looks back at the infant.

Takuma: "Aha! I'll whip up something special for you. Give me 20 minutes, okay?"

Takuharu: "Ta.... Ta.... Tata!"

Takuma smiles and gives the baby a thumbs up.

Takuma: "Tata ojisan will cook for you, okay?"

(Ojisan means uncle)


At the Twin Ring Motegi Road Course, Takanori straps in and sits behind the wheel of Makoto's 458. Makoto also gets in.

Takanori: "Don't you mind if I turn off the traction control? Where is it?"

Makoto: "There's a Manettino switch on the lower right part of the steering wheel. Put it to CST OFF."

He locates the switch and toggles it all the way to the right. They hear beeps.

Takanori: "Beeping?"

Makoto: "It signifies that all aids are off. Shall we go?"

The 458 leaves the pit lane.


He puts his right foot all the way down on the accelerator. The 570 horsepower, 4.5 liter normally-aspirated V8 instantly accelerates to 9000 rpm and Takanori shifts up a gear via the right paddle behind the steering wheel.

Takanori: "Immense acceleration!"


Makoto: "It has a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, that's why."

He applies the brakes upon reaching 100 meters before the next corner. The car slows down to the ideal entry speed. The sharpness of the steering amazed Takanori.


Takanori: "Wow. I just like the turn-in of this car. I have all the aids off, but the chassis is well-sorted. I can still control this. Also, braking is top notch."

Makoto: "I bought the carbon-ceramic brake option for this car."

Takanori: "And the sound is just lovely!"

Makoto: "I also asked the factory to fit this car with the optional Tubi exhaust system."

Takanori: "Won't that void the warranty?"

Makoto: "It won't. Ferrari can fit them for you at a cost."


Takanori: "The nose just darts in!"

Makoto: "The car's multi-link suspension is what makes this car handle so well. Current Ferraris are equipped with it too."

Takanori: "I see."


The car completes another lap. It clocked in at 1 minute and 58 seconds.

They return to the pits.

Takanori: "It's excellent! The car is well-balanced, and I think the performance is friendlier than the past Ferraris. Even novices can handle this car."

Makoto: "Good observation, then."

Suddenly, they hear a loud exhaust sound. Takanori is familiar with it.

Takanori: "Is that a...?"

He goes out to look at the main straight. The purple R33 GT-R blitzes by.



Takanori: "Hah! I think I found a kindred spirit here!"

Makoto puts her palm on her face.

Makoto: "Oh dear."




The R33 has immense power, having 720 HP at its disposal.

And its wide, slick tires provide unrelenting grip through the corners plus the rear biased 4WD system.



It sets a lap time of 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Takanori: "Woah...."

Makoto: "Well, Takanori is so excited when he sees a GT-R. Oh well."

The two head back inside the pit garage and inspect the 458. After a while, Sayuki comes up to them.

Sayuki: "Hello there. Are you Takanori Kanonji?"

Takanori: "Yes I am."

Sayuki: "Would you like to work with me as my driver?"

Takanori: "Wait. You just came out from nowhere."

Sayuki: "I am also a crew chief. And Mr. Gan Kurosawa had recommended me to look after you."

Takanori: "What's the catch?"

Sayuki: "Am I that suspicious? There's no catch, really. Just race and win, that's all. A big, fat paycheck awaits you if you do. Plus, there is a signing bonus."

Takanori: "All right. So far, I wasn't called on for races. So I guess this will fill the void."

Sayuki: "I'll give you 24 hours to think about this, okay? It was nice meeting you."

She leaves. The couple is bewildered.

Makoto: "Who's that girl?"

Takanori: "I haven't known her. But I guess she is a credible crew chief. She would not come here if she isn't."

Makoto: "Well, my father has known a lot of crew chiefs, so probably he sent her here. Besides, he has a new contract with another driver."

Takanori: "I see. Well, then I have no other choice but to accept it."

Makoto: "Yeah. Anyway, shall we go?"

Takanori: "All right. I wonder what Aniki had fed to Takuharu?"

Makoto: "I'm sure Takuharu will also love Takuma-san's cooking."

They get in the car and leave the track. Takanori is still bewildered with Sayuki's origins...

End of Page 3
Page 4 - The Agent

At the evening, Sayuki is in her home busy typing the contract that she will give to Takanori in her personal computer. She is proofreading the file, and she deletes some words and corrects some grammar errors. After everything is all set, she stands up and sets up the printer.

Sayuki: "All set."

The contract is printed. She takes the paper and puts it on the desk with a paperweight. After that, she turns off the computer and heads outside.

Then she gets in her midnight purple R33, in which she owns it all along.


She starts it up, and the 720 HP RB26DETT loudly roars to life.

Once again, she heads to the CIA headquarters.



Agent Clinton is waiting for her at his office at the top floor. Once she gets in, he lights up a cigarette and starts to smoke.

Sayuki: "Good evening."

Agent Clinton: "Good evening. Please, have a seat."

Sayuki: "I have something to report."

Agent Clinton: "What is it?"

Sayuki: "Takanori Kanonji is now under my wing. Is that what you want all along, isn't it?"

Agent Clinton: "What about Takuma?"

Sayuki: "Well, he is still working under Ben McCarthy's contract."

Agent Clinton: "I see. Anyway, our fact-finding team made a horrible discovery."

Sayuki: "What is it?"

Agent Clinton: "They found a mass grave in a secluded area in France. It's confirmed that the disappeared racers are killed. The proof? Well, we recognized them through their race suits."

Sayuki: "But I have good news."

Agent Clinton: "Then what is it?"

Sayuki: "The Grim Reapers will arrive here. Probably to abduct the Kanonji twins. They will also make this country their base of operations."

Agent Clinton: "It seems that they are out in the open, huh? I wonder why put all the effort abducting those twins? Well, we cannot allow our years of effort on investigation on this case disappear into thin air. We must act."

Sayuki: "For starters, I will distract Takanori by putting him into some races so that he won't know what's really going on. There is an upcoming one-make race this weekend. I have acquired a car for him to use and I instructed him to test it out tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, I have a contact to Karl. I will distract him too."

Agent Clinton: "Then are you sure of Takanori's safety?"

Sayuki: "Like I said, they can fend off for themselves. All I can do is to distract them so that they are unaware of what's going on. I'll deal with the Kanonji twins while you focus on how you capture those Grim Reapers."

Agent Clinton: "All right. Then I'll leave the Kanonji twins to you."

Sayuki: "You can count me on that."


The next morning, Takanori heads to the touge with a blue VW Scirocco R as instructed by Sayuki.


Takanori: "It's been a long time since I last drove a front wheel drive car."


Takanori: "I feel some understeer and torque steer. This is what you get if a front wheel drive car has lots of horsepower."


Takanori: "Crap! Understeer!"


Takanori: "The steering of this car is sharp, but if I'm not careful with the throttle, the car will punish me with understeer!"


Takanori: "I think it will take me a while to understand the basics of driving a front wheel drive car again."

End of Page 4
Page 5 - Distracted

At early morning at Tsukuba Circuit, a Formula 1-like exhaust sound shatters the silence...


...as the 4-rotor engined, Mazda 787B tears up the track.




Some onlookers quickly grab their mobile phones and cameras to take pictures of the legendary race machine in action.


Meanwhile, in the Twin Ring Motegi East Course, Sayuki's crew is busy setting up the Scirocco R while Takanori puts on his race suit. Sayuki then checks on him.

Sayuki: "So, are you ready, Takanori-san?"

Takanori: "Locked and loaded!"

Sayuki: "Very good! No wonder a lot of racing teams want a shot of you. They literally race on who gets you first."

Takanori: "Hahahaha! I don't know why, but I'm delighted to hear that."

Sayuki: "Oh by the way, after the race, you will bring that home."

She points at her R33.

Takanori: "Woah! So you drive that all along? I saw that one the other day!"

Sayuki: "Yep, and I want you to test it out for me. After all, you are the so-called "The Godzilla Trainer" in the racing and online community as well."

Takanori: "Ehehehehehe..... Well, okay. I'll give my feedback soon."

Sayuki: "It looks like the race is about to start. Get in there!"

The race has started.



Takanori: "Oh my... Maybe the spectators will be confused on who to cheer on especially that there are three of us in blue Sciroccos!"

Meanwhile, Karl arrives at the bleachers along with his henchmen.

Karl: "You know what to do..."

Suddenly, his phone rings, Sayuki is on the other line.

Karl: "Oh hello there, babe! Where are you?"

Sayuki: "I'm heading to the bleachers."

Karl: "I saved a seat for you."

Sayuki finally joins Karl in watching the race. The two kiss, and Karl gives her a can of soda.

Sayuki: "Oh thank you!"

Karl: "I know your favorite. And it's our special day together."

Sayuki: "Aren't you sweet. Awwww...."

After a few laps, Takanori is now at the 3rd place.


The Scirocco R instantly picks up speed at the corner exits. Coupled with the 6-speed dual clutch gearbox and short gearing, the acceleration is on par with most sports cars.



Takanori: "All right! The real battle begins here!"


Meanwhile, Sander visits Ben's mansion. Upon hearing the doorbell, Ben gets out and sees his little brother waving his hand at him.

Ben: "Oh, what a pleasant surprise."

Sander: "Hello there, my big brother."

Ben: "Come in."

Sander: "This house is always neat. Reminds me on how your room back home always was when we were kids."

Ben: "I do cleaning on my own."

Sander: "Okay. So, what are your plans today?"

Ben: "Just staying here, I guess."

Little does Ben know that Sander's henchmen are at the gates, waiting for Sander's orders.


After the race, Karl and Sayuki go down the bleachers and part ways. He and his henchmen now run to the pit lane to look for Takanori. However, they failed to locate him.

Karl: "Shoot! Where did he go?"

While walking to the van, Sayuki puts up a grin.

Sayuki: "Too late now, Reapers. Pretty soon, you're going down..."

Takanori now drives Sayuki's R33 on the way home.



Takanori: "So, I get to drive this? Well, let's go, Godzilla!"

His right foot steps harder on the accelerator pedal. The turbo boost goes up to 1.7 bar in an instant, and the car rockets away with a loud exhaust note that can be heard on the horizon.

End of Page 5
Page 6 - A Loving Father

Takuma is heading to Ben's mansion. He came from helping his mother do grocery shopping. He picks up his smartphone while driving to contact Ben through the land line number. However, there is no one answering the call after a few rings.

Takuma: "Huh... Otoosan might be sleeping this time of day. Oh right, he takes a nap usually at 2 pm.

When he arrived, however, he notices the gates of the mansion are open.

He steps out of his car, and sees that the caretaker of the house has been beaten up. He rushes on that man's side.

Takuma: "Are you okay? What happened?"

Caretaker: "Please.... save Ben-sama."

Takuma: "What!?"

Then some maids come out, crying.

Maid: "Ben-sama is taken away. Please save him!"

Takuma: "Who took him!?"

Maid: "Some men in black suits."

Takuma: "S:censored:it!!!"

He gets back in his car. Suddenly, his smartphone rings and he picks it up. It's Sander calling him.

Takuma: "Hello?"

Sander: "You remember who this is, chap."

Takuma: "Oh, it's you. What do you want?"

Sander: "You're looking for your "father", right? He's here with me in an empty house in Shinjuku. I am calling you out. You want to save him, right? Then get your arse here! Oh, come alone. No police, or else more will suffer."

Takuma: "Otoosan wo itandara, omae wo korosu da!!"
(If you hurt my father, I will kill you!)

Sander: "Stop blabbering. Just go here..."

The call ends. Feeling distressed and worried, Takuma shifts down to 2nd gear and begins to cut through Tokyo's traffic with speed.

The FD drifts at the intersection. Some pedestrians back off in fear.


And continues on drifting on corners...


Takuma: "I won't allow anything bad happen to you."




Takuma: "Hang on, Otoosan..."


At an empty house. Ben is sitting on a chair with his hands tied. He is also drugged asleep. However, he manages to wake up.

Ben: "Where am I?"

Sander enters the room.

Sander: "Did you have a nice dream, my big brother?"

Ben: "Heh, I didn't know that my little brother would sink so low that he would resort doing this."

Sander: "I wish not to take your life. I intended to do this to lure Takuma out and..."

Ben: "And what!?"

Sander: "Kill him. Kill him for treason. After all I had done for him, he's gonna leave me just like that!?"

Ben: "Takuma told me about that. Heh, you're not gonna please people and get what you desire with your greedy attitude."

Sander: "If only our parents gave me some attention when we were kids, then none of these things will happen. But no! You always were the star!"

Ben: "My poor little brother... You are not so happy inside."

Sander points a gun at Ben.

Sander: "Shut your bloody mouth! What do you know about happiness!? Your happiness is the suffering of others, like what happened to me!"

Then they hear screaming downstairs. It turns out that Takuma is beating Sander's henchmen one-by-one. Takuma makes his way upstairs and manages to find Ben and Sander.

Takuma: "Otoosan!"

Ben: "You blithering idiot! Why do you have to go here?"

Takuma: "I'm here to save you."

Sander: "You took the bait, huh?"

Takuma: "You..."

Sander gets a 2x2 wood block.

Sander: "Big brother, I shall demonstrate to you on how traitors should be punished. Slow and painful! A gun would be rather too quick to kill."

He hits Takuma's knees. Takuma crouches down. Then Sander hits him at the back, totally knocking down Takuma on the floor.

Ben: "Takuma!!! Sander, stop this atrocity!"

Takuma stands up, and then Sander hits him once again at the back of his head, knocking him down once again.

Ben: "Takuma!! I did not teach you martial arts for nothing!"

Takuma slowly stands up once again.

Takuma: "I... will be the one taking all the hatred that your little brother has on you. It's not your fault, Otoosan."

Sander: "Shut up!"

The wooden block hits on Takuma's cheek so hard that blood came out from his mouth.

Takuma: "Zannen da na... Itsumo omae wa ureshikunai da. Omae no kao wa kowai da yo. Dare mo omae no koto ga suki janai!"
(What a shame... You're always not happy. Your face is scary. No one likes you!)

Sander: "Enough of your Japanese! As if I understand! I shall end your life here and now!"

Sander aims the gun at Takuma. However, Ben manages to untie himself. Just as Sander pulls the trigger, Ben shields Takuma and takes the shot at his heart. Takuma is devastated.

Sander: "Then go together to hell!"

Sander pulls the trigger again, but the gun has ran out of bullets. With all his might, Takuma stands up and rushes to Sander.

Takuma: "YAROU!!!!!"

He punches Sander and the latter falls down. Then Takuma unleashes a series of punches on Sander's face.

Takuma: "Omae wo korose! Zettaini!"
(I will kill you! Definitely!)

While repeatedly punching Sander's face, Takuma reminisces the moments that he and Ben had spent ever since he was born. Tears start to flow on his face. Then he is about to unleash a last, very strong punch; however, it stopped short of hitting Sander's nose. Takuma stands up and hyperventilates.

Takuma: "Shikashi, otoosan wa ore ni hitotsu taisetsu na koto wo oshieta. Fukushuu wa muda da!"
(But, father taught me one important thing. Revenge is futile!)

He kicks the brutally beaten up Sander instead. Takuma then goes back to Ben, who is dying.

Takuma: "Otoosan..."

Ben: "I guess this is it."

Takuma: "Don't say that! You will live! You will live!"

Ben: "I have done everything that I need to do in my life. And I ask for nothing more. I'm sorry for being so harsh on you in your entire life."

Takuma: "That's nothing! I learned a lot from you!"

Ben: "Keep loving and caring for other people. Especially to your family... Love them like I always do to you. You are the most precious gift I had. You know what your name means, right?"

Takuma: "Polish..."

Ben: "Then keep on polishing your loved ones. They should always be glowing with the love you give to them."

Ben slowly closes his eyes and takes his last breath. He had now become lifeless, and Takuma shakes Ben's body.

Takuma: "Otoosan! Otoosan! OTOOSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!"

Takuma cries out loud and weeps on Ben's lifeless body. Moments later, the police and Agent Clinton rush towards the room. They take Sander away.

Agent Clinton: "Takuma..."

Takuma continues to cry out loud.

End of Page 6
Oh, so both of Takuma's mentors are dead. Shuichiro (Shiro's father), and now Ben. Damn...
Page 7 - A Legendary Machine

At sunset, Sayuki is in the CIA, waiting for Agent Clinton to return. When he arrived, the two go up to his office.

Sayuki: "Where have you been?"

Agent Clinton: "I got a distress report from Ben's residence. He has been abducted by Sander McCarthy."

Sayuki: "And the outcome?"

Agent Clinton: "Ben died... Takuma was originally supposed to be eliminated by Sander, but Ben sacrificed his life protecting his adopted son."

Sayuki: "Huh, so Sander McCarthy was working with the Grim Reapers all along. That explains his "missing" status. And Ben.... he is such a loving father, isn't he? Despite being known for being harsh on his racers, he is a good person, after all."

Agent Clinton: "We also apprehended Sander, albeit he's been brutally beaten by none other than Takuma. We'll interrogate him as soon as he finished recovering."

Sayuki: "As for me, I prevented Karl from abducting Takanori."

Agent Clinton: "Well, it's time to apprehend your boyfriend too."

Sayuki: "I will spend a night with him. I'll be the one doing it. I'll do it with a woman's touch."

Agent Clinton: "Also, we have to be on a lookout for a South Korean race car driver named Lee Hyun Jae. He's also a member, but he does not have any history of violence whatsoever. However, he is a ruthless race car driver and actually causes accidents in races. Whenever he sees that target, he'll keep hitting that target's car until it spins out and crashes. And his targets are dead too."

Sayuki: "Noted. Well, time for me to go. Also, you need to rest. It's such a rough day."

Agent Clinton: "Indeed, especially for Takuma."

At the evening, Takuma arrives home. Upon getting out of his car, he walks slowly, limping. The servants go to him.

Maid: "Is Ben-sama okay?"

Takuma: "He's..."

Takuma then loses consciousness. The servants bring him to his room and tend to his wounds.

At the condominium, Takanori and Makoto are playing with the infant Takuharu. Then his smartphone receives a call from Ben's household.

Takanori: "Hello?"

Maid: "Please come over here. I think Takuma-sama needs you on his side."

Takanori: "Understood."

The call ends and Takanori puts on his jacket.

Makoto: "Where are you going?"

Takanori: "To Ben-san's house. Aniki needs me."

Makoto: "Okay, take care."

Takanori: "Ittekimasu."

Upon arriving, the maids lead him to Takuma's room. Takanori is shocked to see Takuma crying out loud while lying on the bed.

Takanori: "What's wrong, Aniki?"

The maid leaves them alone.

Takuma rises up and hugs Takanori while still on tears.

Takuma: "Takanori..."

Takanori: "I'm here. Tell me what's wrong."

Takuma lets go of him and wipes his tears.

Takuma: "Otoosan.... is gone."

Takanori: "What!? Seriously!?"

Takuma: "He sacrificed his life protecting me. In the end, he is still the loving father I used to know from when I was a kid until growing up."

Takanori: "I understand what you're going through. I went through that when our father died."

Takuma: "Tell me, why all of these things are happening? Why? Have we done something wrong? Has Otoosan done something wrong?"

Takanori: "It's not our fault, nor it's Ben-san's fault. Ben-san was a great mentor to me. Everything happens for a reason."

Takuma: "Is our father as loving as Ben-san was?"

Takanori: "Yes. He was one of my inspirations, you know? He's also a great father. You know, our fathers are talking to each other in heaven right now. I think they'll be happy if they see you happy."

Takuma: "Otoosan told me that I should "polish" the most important people in my life with love."

Takanori: "Then that's what you should do. You have to do it for Ben-san. And to everyone."

Takuma: "I'm sorry, Takanori. You should not see your role model like this."

Takanori: "It's okay. It's normal for people to show their weak side. You have to blurt out all the hard feelings pent up inside you. It's okay if I see my idol crying. We're human beings, and we're bound to feel happy and to feel hurt."

Takuma: "I see."

Takanori: "If it feels any better..."

Takanori then lies down with his face flat on the bed.

Takanori: "....you can give me a noogie if you want to."

Takuma smiles and wraps his arm around Takanori's neck and starts to do the noogie.

Takanori: "I think it will be a hard noogie this time."

Takuma then rubs his fist very vigorously on Takanori's head.

Takuma: ("Takanori.... Thank you for being here. You will always be my precious little brother. I can't afford to lose you... again.")


A few days later, Ben's remains are buried just beside Michiharu's grave in the mausoleum. Silence dominates the mausoleum as everyone silently prays.

Tomoko heads out, looking up at the sunny sky.

Tomoko: "Oh, why does my racing partner have to go? Sigh... we could talk a bit more, you know?"

After the rest goes out, Takuma looks up at the sky too.

Takuma: "Mom... He's mentoring in heaven right now."

Tomoko: "I guess so."

When they arrived home, Kaido calls up Takuma.

Takuma: "It's you, Kaido-san."

Kaido: "I can't go to the cemetery for one reason."

Takuma: "Why?"

Kaido: "I can't see my best friend now buried... I can't believe that he's gone."

Takuma: "Me too. I'm feeling the same way."

Kaido: "You know, there's one car that you should drive. Something that Ben is also attached to."

Takuma: "What is it?"

Kaido: "Come over here to my shop. I'll show it to you."

After having a snack, Takuma leaves the house and heads over to Kaido's tuning shop in Shinjuku. When he entered, Kaido leads him to a covered car.

Kaido: "Mind if you do the unveiling?"

Takuma: "Okay."

Takuma pulls off the cover. It unveils a Mazda 787B.

Takuma: "Whoa..."

Kaido: "Ben raced that machine before he retired. He bought this from Mazda and have it rebuilt from the very last bolt. I missed those days and Ben and I were rebuilding this thing for days."

Takuma: "This is amazing."

Kaido: "You drive a rotary-engined car, right? Then I suppose you will be familiar with this thing too."

The next day, Takuma, Takanori, and Kaido head to Fuji Speedway to put the 787B to the test. The three are busy setting up the car. Takanori is just amazed at the car's engine.

Takanori: "Whoa.... A 4-rotor unit. I now want to hear this thing roar. Before, I just play with this in GT5, you know?"

Takuma: "Everyone wants to see this legendary Group C racing car. Driving it now is a dream come true."

He gets inside the car and starts it up. The very loud 4-rotor engine pleases Takanori a lot.

Takanori: "Amazing soundtrack!"

Takuma: "Much better than "Baby baby baby oooh", huh?"

Takanori: "Of course, this shatters that song to pieces!"

Kaido: "All right, you're all set, Takuma!"

Takuma: "Roger that!"

Kaido and Takanori put the engine cover back on to the car and Takuma closes the door.

After warming up the tires, Takuma goes for the time attack. Takanori closes his eyes and listens to the 4-rotor engine roar as the 787B blitzes on the main straightaway.

Takanori: "Damn... that's the best sounding car in the whole world."

Takuma feathers the throttle as the car hits the first corner.


Takuma: "I think accelerator control is needed in this car.


Takuma: "Impressive high speed cornering! Also the 49:51 weight distribution is impressive, which is just what you get from a rotary engined car! Considering that this is a mid-engined layout!"


Takuma: "The sound.... It's just addicting to rev the engine."


Takuma: "I can't believe that Otoosan got to drive this thing before retirement."


Takuma: "Easy on the accelerator. Don't be a leadfoot, Takuma!"

The 787B, however, burns out its rear tires which resulted to oversteer, but Takuma catches it.

Takuma: "I think I have to tame this wild beast."


It manages to set a lap time of 1 minute and 26.5 seconds.


The 787B hits 350 km/h on the main straight.


Takuma: "Otoosan, you've bought one hell of a car!"

End of Page 7
Hello again, guys!

It really saddened me to write Ben's death scene. He is also one of my favorite characters. His harshness is a reflection of some of the greatest mentors I've known in life. It also made me realize that you could learn a lot from your "terror teacher". After all, these teachers aren't really wishing you the worst, but they are making you push harder to excel not only in academics, but also in life as well.

And another sad thing is that this is really the last book. Not only I could not come up with a new story for the Kanonjis, but a lot of work will make me busy for this upcoming days.

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Page 8 - Nana-Hachi-Nana-B
Page 8 - Nana-Hachi-Nana-B

At the evening, Karl and Sayuki are at a hotel room, lying down naked but with the blanket covering them on the king-size bed while drinking some alcoholic drinks.

Sayuki: "So, what are the plans tomorrow? There is a race in Suzuka; and Takuma Kanonji will race."

Karl: "Baby, you deserve to know. I'll send Lee Hyun Jae to finish Takuma off."

Sayuki: "Oh, that emotionless Korean racer? Oh well... I'm sure he will drive a very fast car too."

Karl: "Of course he has to. And it's perfect for the job."

Karl gulps the last of his drink while Sayuki smiles at him.

Sayuki: "Come on, let's have some fun... To world domination!"

Karl: "To world domination..."

The two kiss each other and Karl turns off the lamp.


The next morning, Takuma and the crew along with Takanori and Makoto carrying the baby are the first to arrive at the Suzuka Circuit. The crew have immediately started to work on the 787B.

Takanori: "There, I can talk to you via the radio during the race, Aniki."

Takuma: "I'm not sure if your voice can motivate me to win."

Takanori: "Hey, it can! I might as well sing your song while you're driving."

Takuma: "Then I'll just fall asleep and lose."

Takanori: "You're mean."

Then Takuma puts his palm on Takanori's hair and messes with it.

Takuma: "Oh, my silly twin. You just brighten up my morning and you made me awake."

Takanori: "Well, I'll annoy you to no end later on!"

Takuma: "Let's see if you can."

Makoto: "Oh well, they're bickering again. Right, Takuharu?"

Then Lee's crew arrive, with the Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car. Lee stares at Takuma coldly from a distance.

Takuma: "I saw a South Korea flag on his race suit."

Takanori: "Oh, a Korean eh? For a moment, he looked like a Japanese."

Takuma: "Not that I'm against Koreans, but something's not good with that guy."

Makoto approaches the twins. Takanori smiles at the infant and tickles the infant's belly.

Makoto: "Takuma-san, the crew says that the car is ready for your inspection. You might as well finalize the settings."

Takuma: "I'm on it."

So he proceeds to help the crew out set up the 787B.

3 hours later, the race has started.


Takuma: "All right. Let's get this show on the road!"

Takanori then opens up the communication system.

Takanori: "Okay... check... 1..2..3..."

Takuma: "I can't hear you!"

Takanori: "OKAY... CHECK...1...2...3!!! CAN YOU NOW HEAR ME!?"

Takuma: "Ahahahahaha!"


Takuma: "Ugh... it's that Trollmobile again. Might as well overtake it before it trolls everyone."



Takuma: "All right, such a good start."

At the hairpin, Takuma feathers the throttle inch by inch with his right foot.


Takuma: "This car has a lot of power. If I just bury my foot down, it'll induce excessive wheelspin and oversteer! This car... is even my enemy! I have to tame it!"

At the Spoon Corner, the 787B overtakes an Audi R8 Race Car.


Takuma: "Hello there. Good thing your face isn't all ruined with all the wind coming at you. That's a nice helmet there..."


Takanori: "Status of the engine?"

Takuma: "Oil and water temperature readings are normal. Why ask that, if the race has just started?"

Takanori: "Just making sure. Hey, I've seen some racing accidents just at the start, you know?"

Takuma: "All right, all right."

Approaching the last corner, Takuma performs heel-and-toe downshifts and his hand moves around rapidly on the Porsche-sourced 5-speed manual transmission.


The next lap has started.


Takuma: "Oh, a Toyota 7, huh? Nice to see that thing here."


Taking advantage of the Toyota 7's slow pick up at the corner exits, Takuma makes his move.

And now, he sets his eyes on Lee's Toyota 88C-V.



Takuma: "I'm gonna put our cultural differences aside and enjoy racing with you."

Takuma slightly eases on the accelerator at the hairpin.


Takuma: "If I'm gonna make a move at this hairpin, the car will just spin out. It's hard to overtake on the outside using a high-powered rear wheel drive car!"

Approaching the Spoon Curves, however, Lee intentionally brakes early. Takuma is taken by surprise, and reflexively hits the brakes. As a result, the 787B loses some traction.


Takuma: "Dammit!"

Takuma then makes his move. However, as the 787B overtakes the 88C-V, Lee abruptly steers to the left and drags the 787B off the course.


Takuma: "Is he taking me out?"

Takuma applies the brakes to avoid Lee's attack.

At the straight, the two cars are equal in speed. Then the 88C-V once again brakes hard to block the 787B's overtaking attempt and lose its rhythm at the high speed corner.


Takuma: "Nice trick, Kimchi boy."

End of Page 8