Utes aka Coupe Utilities aka Car-based Pickups

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My first time here, so this reply is to an older post.
The Chevrolet El Camino and GMC Caballero are full on pickup trucks. I agree with the OP, they appear to be car based utility vehicles and was surprised to find out they're not.
OK physically they are similar to the Chevelle, the Vista Cruiser, etc., it's the classification that sets them apart. Legally they filled in the gap between the Luv and the S-10, and they did so with style. Everyone in the US has seen an El Camino, and probably a Ford Ranchero. I've seen the GMC variant once. When I was a boy, Daddy worked for GM. His crew built the first Citation and that car is still on display in Oklahoma City. Daddy got discounts on GM cars, so we had stuff like a couple Cutlasses, a Vista Cruiser, and a K-25 Sierra Classic. It was flat loaded, and I imagine the Caballero was also, just like any GMC truck is.
Sarah's voice: Thank you for that information, M. Parker, that was very interesting!
One more thing, Daddy bought one of his boys a Ford to learn to drive in. That was me, so I'm biased to Ford, but GM definitely has built some great cars and trucks! Maybe your El Camino is the best of both!
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I'm not sure whether we can consider this a true ute but it did have its roots in regular cars, so I take it as a ute. Back in 2005 I spent about 7 weeks in South Africa and saw a lot of the Nissan 1400 Bakkies, they were still produced as new back then. Never had the chance to even sit in one but it's certainly a good candidate for some fun mods.