Volkswagen Partners With RaceRoom for ID. R Nurburgring Competition

Wonder how many in front of me use a gamepad.
This thing looks awesome! When I went to Goodwood last year, they had the Pikes Peak version of the ID.R but I never got to see it up close but I did see it go past up the hillclimb. Hopefully, I see the Nurburgring version there this year.
What is this B class license I must have to participate? I have R3E but haven't seen the license system.

They updated the division system last year to an alphabetical license.

From Georg (Ortner)

This rating is calculated from your performances in Time Attack competitions over the last 12 months.
You improve your Rating by standing higher up in any of the active competitions.
Ranks will be updated after every major series of competitions, for example the end of a championship or just before a new esport series begins.

There are 4 divisions, splitting the ranked players as follows:
  • A ( top 10% of ranked players )
  • B ( from top 10% to top 30% of ranked players )
  • C ( from top 30% to top 60% of ranked players )
  • D ( from 60% to 100% of ranked players )

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