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    upload_2015-6-18_20-16-41.png Straight Talk IndyCar Series Logo Type 2 II.png
    2016 saw Virtual Reality Racing open up a B-Spec series in unchartered waters, American open wheel racing. In 2017, it returns for a second season, the highlight being the 2017 VRR Indianapolis 500 Mile Race and the 2017 VRR IndyCar Championship. For those who are unaware of what a B-Spec series is, it is where you design (or persuade someone to design for you) a paint scheme that will be driven by an AI throughout the course of a season. It allows people the chance to race without being able to participate, it allows for active roleplaying without the influence of actual retaliation, and it provides racing better than 90% of real life racing series around today.
    Exhibition: 2017 Monster Shootout/Las Vegas Motor Speedway/100 laps/14-15 January 2017
    Test: Sebring Open Test/Sebring International Raceway/21-22 January 2017
    Round 01: Foster's Indy 250/Calder Park Thunderdome/208 laps/04 February 2017
    Round 02: San Miguel Indy Grand Prix of Mabalacat/Clark International Speedway/76 laps/11 February 2017
    Round 03: IBM Indy Grand Prix of Shanghai/Shanghai International Circuit/56 laps/25 February 2017
    Round 04: Panasonic Indy 300/Auto Club Speedway/150 laps/18 March 2017
    Round 05: Skype Indy 300/Homestead-Miami Speedway/200 laps/01 April 2017
    Round 06: Wal-Mart Indy Grand Prix of Lexington/Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course/90 laps/09 April 2017
    Round 07: Coca-Cola Indy 600/Kentucky Speedway/400 laps/23 April 2017
    Round 08: 2017 VRR Indianapolis 500/Indianapolis Motor Speedway/200 laps/14 May 2017
    Round 09: Molson Indy Vancouver/Vancouver International Speedway/500 laps/04 June 2017
    Round 10-11: Molson Indy Toronto/Exhibition Place/90 laps/10-11 June 2017
    Round 12: Cheez It Indy Grand Prix of the Glen/Watkins Glen International/58 laps/18 June 2017
    Round 13: Pepsi Indy 300/Kansas Speedway/200 laps/23 June 2017
    Round 14: Chevrolet Indy 500/Michigan International Speedway/250 laps/09 July 2017
    Round 15: Lipton Indy 250/Dover International Speedway/250 laps/16 July 2017
    Round 16: Hershey's Indy 500/Pocono Raceway/200 laps/30 July 2017
    Round 17: Ford Indy 300/Bristol Motor Speedway/562 laps/05 August 2017
    Round 18: Sunoco Indy Grand Prix of Pensacola/Pensacola International Speedway/37 laps/20 August 2017
    Round 19: Sargento Indy Grand Prix of Elkhart Lake/Road America/47 laps/27 August 2017
    Test: Fontana Closed Test/Auto Club Speedway/01-03 September 2017
    Round 20: Canon Indy Grand Prix of France/Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours/72 laps/10 September 2017
    Round 21: Audi Indy 300/EuroSpeedway Lausitzring/148 laps/24 September 2017
    Round 22: Vodafone Indy Grand Prix of Masaryk/Automotodrom Brno/60 laps/08 October 2017
    Round 23: Energopetrol Indy Grand Prix of Sarajevo/Sarajevo International Circuit/56 laps/22 October 2017
    Round 24: Spotify Indy 250/Phoenix International Raceway/250 laps/04 November 2017
    Round 25: Pennzoil Indy 300/Richmond International Raceway/300 laps/11 November 2017
    Round 26: 2017 VRR World Championship/Auto Club Speedway/250 laps/18 November 2017
    Races underlined are part of the Crown Jewel races.
    Races in italics are double points events.
    Guide: Car: Driver (Nation)/Primary Scheme Sponsor/Secondary Scheme Sponsor/Races

    Big Blue Motorsports-Chevrolet
    Mark Santos (R) (USA)/Bud Light/Not applicable/All
    Black Rose Racing-Ferrari
    Steven Gnash (CAN)/Mello Yello/Not applicable/8-9, 15, 17, 26
    #51: Alan Herrera (MEX)/Martini & Rossi/None/All
    #77: Andrew Draco (USA)/Coca-Cola Cherry/Ray Ban Sunglasses/All
    Cat Devil Racing-Honda
    Nii Aryeetey (R) (USA)/Pepsi/Not applicable/All
    #16: Kaylee Zappa (R) (ITA)/Blu Electronic Cigarettes/Not applicable/1-3, 6, 9
    #17: Jacob Birmingham (USA)/GoPro/Nikon/All
    #18: Kunimitsu Kino****a (JPN)/Sony/Mountain Dew Pitch Black/All
    #19: Camyron Jackson (USA)/GameStop/Mountain Dew Baja Blast/All
    Cherokee Motorsports-Audi
    Michael White (R) (USA)/Bambi/GT Sport/All
    #33: Behrris Windross (USA)/Petronas/Not applicable/3, 5, 14, 20, 21
    #96: Clayton Hardy (CHK)/Royal Crown Cola/Not applicable/5-9
    Ecurie Ecosse-Audi
    Gary Slater (CAN)/Johnnie Walker/Turn 10 Studios/All
    Eiffel Tower Racing Team-Honda
    Sebastian Devereux (FRA)/Intel/Bass Pro Shops/All
    #83: Pedro Harsk (POR)/The Home Depot/Not applicable/All
    Impulse Racing-Audi
    Sakura Ishibashi (JPN)/Panasonic/Dairy Queen/All
    #6: Tyler Parker (R) (USA)/Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals/Not applicable/2, 9, 20, 23, 26
    #26: Jerome Torres (R) (PHI)/Dragon War/Samsung/All
    Perl Speed GP-Aston Martin
    Ryan Perlstein (USA)/Amazon.com/USO/All
    Polaris Motorsports-Chevrolet
    Diego Jaramillo (ESP)/RUNUP Group/Alienware Red/All
    #48: Jamie Ngaire-Jardine (NZL)/Alienware Pink/Boost Mobile/All
    #66: Jacob Descoteau (USA)/Under Armour/Not applicable/All
    #84: Stephanie Porter-Kelley (BIH)/Alienware Blue/Bethesda Softworks/All
    Rainbow Road Racing-Honda
    Kevin Ritter (R) (AUS)/Mobil 1/None/All
    Scuderia Rabia Furiosa-Chevrolet
    Alex Rivera (LUX)/Target/T-Mobile/All
    #28: Stefan Montana (R) (USA)/Texaco Havoline/Miller Genuine Draft/All
    Sovereign Motorsports-Ford
    Adrian Ragus (R) (IRE)/Kicker Audio/Not applicable/All
    Starion Motorsports-Ford
    Ray Taylor (R) (CAN)/Lego/National Geographic/All
    #79: B.K. Glover (USA)/The Y Camp Grady Spruce/Dublin Bottling Works/All
    Swift Autosport-Aston Martin
    Thomas Rogers (USA)/Reese's Peanut Butter Cups/Dish Network/All
    #5: Mohammad Ahmed (PAK)/Pakistan International Airlines/Not applicable/8-9, 15, 17, 26
    #50: Matthew Evans (USA)/Bilstein Shocks/Logan's Roadhouse/All
    Team Christie Upton-Chevrolet
    Matheus Michelin (R) (BRA)/Superchips/None/All
    #76: Nico Costa-Monteiro (POR)/Burger King/Snack King/All
    Team Kate Upton-Chevrolet
    Simon Bell (R) (GBR)/Total S.A./None/All
    #20: Hugo Del Prete (USA)/Doritos/New York Giants/All
    #24: Jesus Cristobal (PER)/DuPont/New York Jets/All
    #37: William Manor (R) (GBR)/Shell/DHL Express/All
    Team Porter-Ferrari
    Patrick Marcelli (R) (ITA)/Google/Coca-Cola/All
    #23: E.C. Gadget (R) (GBR)/British Airways/Not applicable/5, 9, 15, 17, 26
    #81: Nicole Liechti (R) (SUI)/Rolex/Monster Energy/All
    All pole sitters earn $1,000 for each pole position and are locked into the 2018 Monster Energy Shootout at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
    Round 01: Andrew Draco
    Round 02: Nicole Liechti
    Round 03: Nicole Liechti
    Round 04: William Manor
    Round 05: Alex Rivera
    Round 06: Nicole Liechti
    Round 07:
    Round 08:
    Round 09:
    Round 10:
    Round 11:
    Round 12:
    Round 13:
    Round 14:
    Round 15:
    Round 16:
    Round 17:
    Round 18:
    Round 19:
    Round 20:
    Round 21:
    Round 22:
    Round 23:
    Round 24:
    Round 25:
    Round 26:
    All race winners are locked into the 2017 Monster Shootout at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    Round 01: Alex Rivera
    Round 02: Mark Santos
    Round 03: Andrew Draco
    Round 04: Ray Taylor
    Round 05: Stefan Montana
    Round 06: Andrew Draco
    Round 07:
    Round 08:
    Round 09:
    Round 10:
    Round 11:
    Round 12:
    Round 13:
    Round 14:
    Round 15:
    Round 16:
    Round 17:
    Round 18:
    Round 19:
    Round 20:
    Round 21:
    Round 22:
    Round 23:
    Round 24:
    Round 25:
    Round 26:

    1.1. All GTPlanet members have the ability to enter an AI driver eligible to compete in a VRR B-Spec Series. These AI drivers enable the ability for people to race when they otherwise cannot compete in an A-Spec series.
    1.2. AI drivers must enable creativity in VRR. Parodying or trying to use a real life racing driver, living or deceased will see that attempt immediately nullified and will not be acknowledged.
    1.2.1. Using celebrities, living or deceased, or fictional characters, currently being used or discontinued, will not be acknowledged or allowed by VRR.
    1.3. AI drivers must have a realistic first and last name. Drivers must also originate from a realistic location. For example, SpongeBob Squarepants from Bikini Bottom IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!
    1.4. AI drivers must have statistics entered for them to program how they behave on the race track. GTPlanet members can control how their drivers behave as well as what type of tracks they perform well at and the performance of their pit crew.
    1.4.1. A form available at the bottom of the original post for this series is available for anyone to enter one (1) AI driver.
    1.5. AI drivers can get injured in crashes in VRR. In the instance that a driver is injured, that AI driver's owner cannot make their own replacement. Another GTPlanet member can have their AI driver called in as a substitution until the original AI driver is fit enough to return to action.
    1.5.1. In the instance that an injury is deemed appropriate, VRR and the GTPlanet member in question will determine in advance of the race being broadcast what those injuries may be and the time they will miss in the season.
    1.5.2. In the instance that an AI driver is deemed to have suffered fatal injuries, the GTPlanet member may be given the opportunity to register a new AI driver which will become active the following season. This may be done up to twice.
    1.5.3. If a GTPlanet member retires their driver, they have forfeited their ability to compete in the VRR series of question and must wait 1 full racing seasons before being permitted to return with a new AI driver.
    2.1. Much of VRR's B-Spec competitions revolve around teams of AI drivers. GTPlanet members may register teams and hire other GTPlanet members' AI drivers to race for them throughout the season.
    2.2. Teams, like the drivers, must be unique and original. Using names of racing teams that exist in real life is prohibited. Using the names of racing teams that no longer exist is also prohibited.
    2.2.1. In the instance that a team carries over it's name from 2016, if it does not conform with rule 2.2., they may continue to use that name as long as it remains unaltered.
    2.2.2. Team names must be AUP friendly.
    2.3. Teams must first decide on which engine supplier they will use from and the tire company they want to supply their racing tires.
    2.4. Teams must adhere to a financial plan and stay afloat and out of large debt. (See Section 11)
    2.5. Teams have the ability of having 4 full time entries and 2 part time entries in a season.
    2.5.1. Part time entries can run up to two (2) AI drivers for up to 5 points paying races for each driver. That part time entry can also compete in exhibitions if they are eligible as well as tests.
    2.5.2. Full time entries can be filled by a single AI driver, and can have up to two different paint schemes.
    2.6. Teams will compete for a points championship, where the best driver from each race will score points for that team.
    3.1. All paint schemes must first and foremost be in complience with GTPlanet's AUP.
    3.2. GTPlanet IDs no longer need to be present on the car. This will allow for substitutions in the case of keyfabe injuries or a GTPlanet member being banned for however long.
    3.3. Numbers appearing within the rear wheel guards must be present on all cars. Rookies must have these numbers colored yellow. (The location of these numbers on the template are designated ?? for easy reference.)
    3.4. A primary sponsor and up to 6 associate sponsors can be present on the car. Primary sponsors are exclusive to that driver and their team, whereas associate sponsors can be shared by any driver in the field as a contingency. Each full time driver can have up to two main sponsors, one for each separate scheme, and those schemes must be submitted together at one time.
    3.5. Engine logos must appear on the nose of the car and on the engine cover.
    3.6. Tire manufacturer logo must appear on the nose of the car and on the sidepod facing the front wheels.
    3.7. On top of the numbers in the wheel guards, car numbers must appear on the nose of the car and the rear winglets. These two number placements must be identical to each other.
    3.8. The series contingency logo must appear on the nose of the car and the roll bar behind the driver's head.
    3.9. If possible, team logos must appear beside the cockpit on the sidepod.
    3.10. Tobacco sponsors are prohibited.
    3.11 Engine manufacturers cannot be sponsors of any kind. They already have contingencies on the car. Pick something else.
    3.12. Itashas, "MLG" cars, and any ludicrous designs also will be discarded.
    3.13. All sponsors on the cars must be real life companies.
    4.1. Each chassis used in the season will be the Dallara HV17, the designation a tribute to the late Henna Venalainen and the year 2017.
    4.2. Each chassis will be equipped with a twin turbocharged V6 engine mated with a 6 speed Hewland gearbox. These engines will produce 550 horsepower for road courses and 700 horsepower for ovals.
    4.2.1. Each engine manufacturer has to submit a base engine that can be used by all participants. Part time teams and teams in financial difficulty could be forced to use the base engine without any mid season upgrades as seen fit by the factory team owners.
    4.2.2. Rebadged engines for 2017 are the following, with the rebadged engine name in parentheses next to the regular name; Aston Martin (Laconda), Audi (Lamborghini), Chevrolet (Ilmor), Ferrari (Fiat), Ford (Cosworth), Honda (Acura).
    4.2.3. Rebadged engines will still be capable of scoring points for the parent company.
    4.2.4. Any upgrades the factory team makes to the aerodynamic package will be available to all cars once those upgrades are released.
    4.2.5. All engine specs and upgrade schedules will be released once the season starts. Once the season starts, no new team entries will be accepted and engine changes will not be allowed mid season.
    4.3. For races within the United States and Canada, each car will use E85 ethanol. For races outside of those two countries, E100 ethanol will be used. Both types of fuel will be supplied by Sunoco.
    4.4. Each chassis will weigh 1,610 pounds, or 730 kilograms.
    5.1. Tires will be provided to every entry at the beginning of each weekend. All four tire providers will have to manufacture three dry weather compounds, softer compound (alternate) tires, harder compound (primary) tires, and a hybrid tire designed to have the durability of the alternate tires but the grip of the primary tires.
    5.1.1. 2017 tire providers are Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli.
    5.2. VRR will determine which compound will be used for each race weekend, and the full calendar will be published before the season starts with the tire selection alongside each race.
    5.3. In the event that a tire compound proves to be unsafe, VRR may ask the tire providers to switch out the compound in question for the default primary tires.
    6.1. The VRR Straight Talk IndyCar Series will limit itself to 26 points paying weekends and 28 points paying races total throughout a calendar year.
    6.2. On top of the 26 points weekends, the series will only schedule two exhibitions, 1 before the season starts, and one during the season.
    6.3. The series has the ability to schedule up to 4 mid season tests, as well as up to two off season tests.
    6.4. The series must race in a minimum of 4 different countries including the United States.
    6.5. Oval events can range in distance from 225 miles to 600 miles.
    6.5.1. Short ovals under 1.25 miles in length can host races from 225 to 300 miles in length.
    6.5.2. Speedways measuring in 1.5 miles or greater can host events from 300 to 600 miles in length.
    6.5.3. Only one 600 mile race can be scheduled in the season.
    6.5.4. Up to five 500 mile events can be scheduled in the season including the Indianapolis 500.
    6.6. Road course events can range in distance between 180 and 210 miles in length.
    6.7. Each race type can accept a varying number of entries.
    6.7.1. Oval events outside of the 500 and 600 mile events can support up to 30 entries before requiring bump qualifying.
    6.7.2. For the large oval events except for Auto Club Speedway, up to 33 can race in an event. Auto Club Speedway has no upper limit.
    6.7.3. Road course races outside of Suzuka International Race Course and Yas Marina Circuit can support up to 28 entries before requiring bump qualifying. Suzuka can only support the 26 full time entries, while Yas Marina Circuit can support up to 33 entrants.
    7.1. Most races will follow a more standardized schedule for when practice, qualifying, and the race itself occurs. Races not following this procedure will have it's own section.
    7.2. Each event will have the opening day of the weekend devoted to practice, with two 90 minute sessions being run.
    7.2.1. For races being run on Sundays, the opening day will be Friday.
    7.2.2. For races being run on Saturdays, the opening day will be Thursday.
    7.3. The second day of the weekend will start out with a third 90 minute practice session before noon local time. This will be scheduled two hours before qualifying begins.
    7.4. Qualifying will take place beginning approximately 24 hours before the scheduled start of the race itself following the qualifying procedures posted below.
    7.4.1. For road courses, qualifying will consist of a 30 minute group session, where all entrants will aim to set the fastest lap they can.
    7.4.2. For oval events, the traditional qualifying method of having each entrant make a solo 4 lap run will be maintained, with qualifying order being set by the reverse order of the first practice session's results.
    7.5. Race day will begin with a 60 minute warmup session for all of the drivers. This is scheduled 4 hours before the scheduled start of the race.
    7.6. Following the warmup session, all drivers, teams, and officials will be called in for the driver's meeting to discuss race specific regulations.
    7.7. The race itself will begin with one pace lap to get the field running and in correct starting position before going green.
    8.1. The Indianapolis 500 Mile Race is to be treated with care and the series must be allowed two full weeks to prepare for the event.
    8.2. The first Sunday in May will kick off the preparations with a media day for drivers.
    8.3. Practice for the event will begin on the Monday after Media Day, and each work day of the first week will be dedicated to practice. Each day will host two 90 minute practice sessions.
    8.4. Pole Qualifying will be an all day event on Day 7 of the leadup to the race. All drivers will make one 4 lap attempt to determine the fast 9. Once that has been done, the fast 9 drivers from the first run will make a second 4 lap attempt to determine the starting lineup for the first 9 positions. Once the fast 9 qualifying session has ended, the other drivers will make a second qualifying attempt to secure themselves inside the top 24. Once they have run, the top 24 will be locked in and cannot be bumped out of the field.
    8.5. Bump Day will be on Day 8, and will consist of all of the drivers not locked into the field. Each driver can make up to 3 attempts to get into the field if they so choose. Bump Day is specifically for positions 25-33, so all bump day participants cannot jump beyond 25th on qualifying speed.
    8.6. The following Monday through Wednesday will follow 8.3. and have two 90 minute sessions per day.
    8.7. The Thursday before the race is an off day dedicated to any support races and practice for their events.
    8.8. Carb Day is the Friday before the race. The day will start off with a single 90 minute session before the track is taken by the support events.
    8.9. The Saturday before the race is an off day dedicated to the driver's parade, driver's meeting, and any media obligations.
    8.10. Race Day will open at 8:00 a.m. local time with a 30 minute session for the drivers to inspect their cars before the race start.
    8.11. All pre race festivities will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. local time.
    8.12. The formation lap for the race will begin at 12:05 p.m. local time. Pace speed will be 75 miles per hour.
    9.1. The VRR IndyCar driver's championship and team championship will run on the same points system, which is 50-40-35-32-30-28-26-24-22-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. All qualified participants that finish below 29th will earn 1 point.
    9.1.1. The series will use double points at Indianapolis and Yas Marina Circuit.
    9.1.2. Qualifying points will be used for the Indianapolis 500, with the pole sitter earning 33 points, and each position that follows earning a point less than the position before it, with 33rd earning 1 point. Drivers that fail to qualify will earn 0 points.
    9.1.3. Bonus points will be available in the following fashion; Lead a lap-1 point, lead the most laps-2 points, earn pole position-1 point.
    9.1.4. Drivers that fail to finish up to 90% of the event will only score any bonus points they have earned.
    9.2. The Engine Cup, Tire Cup, and Nations Cup will use the system used in 9.1. but will not have any bonus points.
    9.2.1. Each cup will see the engines listed based on best finish for that company and then assorted points based on the order. (Example: A Ferrari powered car finishes behind two Ford powered cars. Ferrari, being the second place engine finisher, will earn points for 2nd instead of 3rd which is where the actual car finished.)
    10.1. The VRR IndyCar World Championship is for the driver who finishes the season with the most points earned.
    10.2. The VRR IndyCar Team Championship is for the team that collects the most points in the season.
    10.3. The VRR IndyCar Tanya Porter Oval Cup is for the driver with the most points earned specifically from the oval events.
    10.4. The VRR IndyCar Henna Venalainen Road Course Trophy is for the driver with the most points earned specifically from the road and street course events.
    10.5. The VRR IndyCar Rookie of the Year is for the driver that qualified as being a rookie for the season and earned the most points.
    10.5.1. To be classified as a rookie, the driver must have started the season with fewer than 7 starts. The driver also must not have won a race in their previous starts.
    10.6. The VRR IndyCar Pole Award is for the driver with the most pole positions earned in the season.
    10.7. The VRR IndyCar Engine Cup is for the engine manufacturers of the series, with the highest scoring engine manufacturer earning the trophy.
    10.7.1. This cup also maintains a penalty point system which docks the engine manufacturers 10 points for each engine failure in the season. The penalty points are calculated into the final total point score.
    10.8. The VRR IndyCar Tire Cup is for the best of the tire suppliers in the series.
    10.9. The VRR IndyCar Nations Cup is for the represented nationalities in the series, with the best finisher per race of each nation bringing them points.
    Note: Payout Regulations since finance is becoming a larger influence. This is all to be recorded in house (ie. me), but teams can keep track of their figures individually.
    11.1. Primary sponsors will provide up to $71,500 per event based on that car's performance.
    11.1.1. For events finished, the primary sponsor will provide all $71,500 to that team.
    11.1.2. For events not finished, the primary sponsor will provide half of the maximum, or $35,750.
    11.1.3. For events where the car fails to qualify or is disqualified, the primary sponsor will only pay the team $10,000.
    11.1.4. For a team to receive any compensation, the sponsor must be a real life company capable of producing these figures.
    11.2. Each associate sponsor can provide up to $5,000 per event based on the car's performance.
    11.2.1. For events finished, each associate sponsor present on the car will pay all $5,000.
    11.2.2. For events not finished, each sponsor pays half of the maximum, or $2,500.
    11.2.3. For events where the car fails to qualify or is disqualified, each associate sponsor only pays out $1,000.
    11.2.4. For teams to receive compensation, the sponsors must be real life companies.
    11.3. Each event provides a purse as an award, and for races outside of the Indianapolis 500, Monster Shootout, and All Star Event, the purse is a stagnant sum.
    11.3.1. The VRR Indianapolis 500 follows a completely different purse system.
    11.3.2. The winners of the Monster Shootout and All Star Event each earn $500,000 instead of the normal purse for winning.
    11.3.3. Of that purse, 15% is guaranteed to go to the driver, and 15% is awarded to the pit crew.
    11.4. Per the Winner's Circle, each of the top 20 in the final drivers championship standings earn $375,000 for their team, and an extra $125,000 for the drivers.
    11.4.1. The Drivers Champion earns $1,000,000.
    11.4.2. The Team Champion earns $1,000,000.
    11.4.3. The Rookie of the Year earns $500,000.
    11.4.4. The Tanya Porter Oval Cup winner earns $500,000.
    11.4.5. The Henna Venalainen Road Course Trophy winner earns $500,000.
    11.4.6. The Pole Award winner earns $100,000.
    11.5. Each team has to calculate expenses for their operations based on the following figures:
    11.5.1. Each Dallara HV17 chassis costs $400,000. Aero kits are purchased separately for $70,000.
    11.5.2. Engines are capped at $200,000 and are all 2.2. liter V6 twin turbocharged homologated.
    11.5.3. Hewland 6 speed transmissions cost $20,000 a piece.
    11.5.4. Tires provided by all four tire providers in 2017 will be $70,000 per event. Beyond 2017, tires will be sold at various prices between providers.
    11.5.5. Sunoco will provide ethanol for all cars at $15,000 per car per event. E85 ethanol will be used at all North American events, and E100 ethanol will be used at all international events.
    11.6. At the end of each season, VRR will publish a public record of all teams earnings and expenses as a viability check for them to continue into the next season. If a team is viewed as being in slight (under $100,000) or moderate danger ($100,000-$250,000), VRR will help with up to $250,000 of aid to that team. If a team is in severe or critical danger, VRR will request that team to reconsider its operations and possibly merge with another team.
    12.1. The following race purse applies to every race that is not the Monster Shootout, the Indianapolis 500, and the All Star Race.
    1st: $500,000
    2nd: $475,000
    3rd: $450,000
    4th: $425,000
    5th: $400,000
    6th: $375,000
    7th: $350,000
    8th: $325,000
    9th: $300,000
    10th: $275,000
    11th: $210,000
    12th: $200,000
    13th: $190,000
    14th: $180,000
    15th: $170,000
    16th: $160,000
    17th: $150,000
    18th: $140,000
    19th: $130,000
    20th: $120,000
    21st: $110,000
    22nd: $100,000
    23rd: $90,000
    24th: $80,000
    25th: $70,000
    26th: $60,000
    27th and lower: $50,000
    NOTE: This does not feature in the split between the drivers, pit crews, and teams themselves.
    Race Winner: $1,000,000
    All other Shootout participants: $50,000
    All Showdown participants: $30,000
    1st: $3,000,000
    2nd: $2,000,000
    3rd: $1,000,000
    4th: $750,000
    5th: $700,000
    6th: $650,000
    7th: $600,000
    8th: $550,000
    9th: $500,000
    10th: $475,000
    11th: $450,000
    12th: $425,000
    13th: $400,000
    14th: $375,000
    15th: $350,000
    16th: $325,000
    17th: $300,000
    18th: $275,000
    19th: $250,000
    20th: $225,000
    21st: $200,000
    22nd: $190,000
    23rd: $180,000
    24th: $170,000
    25th: $160,000
    26th: $150,000
    27th: $140,000
    28th: $130,000
    29th: $120,000
    30th: $110,000
    31st: $100,000
    32nd: $90,000
    33rd: $80,000

    VRR Website is here.
    VRR Driver Form is here. People only need to use this once.
    VRR IndyCar template is here.
    VRR YouTube channel is here.
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  2. Jahgee

    Jahgee (Banned)

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    Wait, is this the thread? :lol: seems kinda pointless to post it now
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  3. swiftsmith


  4. Eva

    Eva Premium

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    I'd rather have a place to post 2017 stuff and keep track of it than crowd it in the 2016 thread.
  5. Jahgee

    Jahgee (Banned)

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    I just meant why post it when all there is is the countdown, may as well wait until the 4th to post it
  6. Eva

    Eva Premium

    United States
    Because reasons that you will see beginning tomorrow. I'm going to begin posting some of the 2017 changes here beginning tomorrow.
  7. Eva

    Eva Premium

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    That aforementioned list has been posted in the OP. Definitely more to be posted.
  8. Eva

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    Official tags for 2017 thread opening: @DCybertron @ECGadget @AJHG1000 @Kingofweasles @GranTurismo916 @quietgirl @KuniKino****a @Antares26 @RACECAR @Sakura @Whitetail @NearCptNitro @Clayton Hardy @AudiMan2011 @Harsk100 @catamount39 @Suzumiya @RedDragon @GTRacer22 @amaterasu @DcrRaikkonen @Luis Torres @GTracerEHTeam @BKGlover @tbwhhs @Smurfybug @swiftsmith @Michelin @Niku Driver HC @optiongamers @DurWinning @Jahgee @Pezzarinho17 @vetteman24 @trobes29 @ukfan758 @rcb929 @Formidable @SVX @YayoiGT2 @Earth

    Some things of note before things run rampant...
    1) This is specifically for 2017 stuff, like car reveals, team announcements, the such. The 2016 thread is still active and should be kept for 2016 things while this thread sets us up for next year.
    2) I have invited people that haven't signed up for 2017 for good reason. The driver sheet is accessible to everyone to fill out even if they do not have a drive for next season. You also don't have to fill it out beyond your first time so there's the option of just joining the free agent market now.
    3) Paint scheme template is available in the OP as well. The actual rules and regulations should be able to guide everyone through things, but if not, always feel free to ask for clarification. Most of the rules beyond the first few sections are more less for my benefit and so you all can understand how things sort of come together.
  9. catamount39


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    Much to do there is. :p
  10. Eva

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    2017 will be, in my opinion, a very exciting year for VRR and for the Straight Talk IndyCar Series. The calendar is a bit larger than 2016, and it's a lot more spread out. We have several new venues for next year, all of which should provide some amazing racing. There's also a lot of new faces in the field. Currently 10 rookies in the field for next year, which is exciting because we are seeing a lot of new talent and that's never a bad thing. There's been a lot of shuffling as the series has expanded, and I'm very excited to see what next year brings. We'll have a revamped broadcast crew for next year, between @nascarfan1400 @trobes29 and @Clayton Hardy and all three of them should bring a lot of insight and knowledge to the booth.
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  11. Clayton Hardy

    Clayton Hardy

    Audi is well underway developing its 2017 engines, with factory team Cherokee Motorsports engaging in a two day test at Gateway Motorsports Park. Clayton Hardy, Behrris Windross, and Michael White were all on hand to test the engines. Sakura Ishibashi was unavailable due to her existing contract with Cat Devil Racing. "We're really excited about the performance of the Audi engine for next year. Despite how bad the engines have reacted to Ecurie Ecosse, the 2016 engines as far as reliability have been way better than we expected at the beginning of the season, and reliability was a big focus on the 2017 engines. We're already taking the fight to Chevrolet and Honda this year, and we'll be ready to take on Ferrari, Ford, and Aston Martin next year." Hardy said following the test.
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  12. Eva

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  13. True-blue-8


    Looks interesting angel. Seems a lot of info but i'm sure it's pretty simple. I'll make sure to sit down and read through everything first though, as long as there isn't an immediate deadline?

    @Antares26 @Ash9414 could be something up your alley guys. :cheers:
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  14. JohnBM01

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    I appreciate the offer to join here, but I'll pass on the offer to join this series. Thanks, though.
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  15. Eva

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    @Antares26 is already racing in here as part of Cat Devil Racing lol. It's fairly straightforward. First 3 sections are really what's meant for everyone.
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  16. ukfan758


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    I would like to sign up.

    Driver- Mark Santos
    Team- Big Blue Motorsports
    Engine- Chevrolet
    Sponsor- Bud Light
    Tire- Goodyear
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  17. Eva

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    Might want to read the OP. Missing some things.
    EDIT: Or not. I'm an idiot.
  18. Eva

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    Updated the thread title. All paint schemes are due October 31st. Teams that fail to meet that deadline will miss the beginning of the season.
  19. KuniKinoshita


    Cat Devil Racing is proud to announce that it has signed Jacob Birmingham for the full 2017 season to race alongside Jerome Torres, Camyron Jackson, Kunimitsu Kino****a, Kaylee Zappa and Nii Aryeetey. Birmingham will be piloting the #16 car with sponsorship from GoPro and Nikon while Zappa and Aryeetey will share the #15 for five points races each. "He have to accept the fact that we lost a brilliant talent in Sakura Ishibashi but we also need to fill the gap left. Birmingham has had in general a spectacular season, and is very much in title contention. Seeing people high on the totem pole like him not with a ride next year does not help the series and we hope to be able to further facilitate his skillset next season." The team stated.
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  20. Sakura


    Sakura Ishibashi has become more aware that her only option is to race for Cherokee Motorsports next year, and although she refuses to stay within the team more than one year, she will press forward in 2017 for the sake of Audi Sport. "I'm slowly accepting that I have to drive for Cherokee Motorsports next year to remain within the Audi family. Beyond that, I have no idea. Next year will be crucial for me to perform and show what I can do in order to impress more people."
  21. BKGlover


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    Out not. Lots of changes for the team. Sponsors, a teammate, a new engine deal, and even a new team name. The NCTX-Audi is now Starion-Ford, and I'm so excited and ready to test with the 43 team the 79 already has it's liveries ready. We got word a time ago that Cliff Lagueux wasn't joining us as planned, but it should be fun bringing rookie Ray Taylor up to speed.

    Can we start now? :lol:
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  22. AudiMan2011

    AudiMan2011 Contributing Writer

    "We at Ecurie Ecosse will look to go into the 2017 season with 3 goals in mind: Redesign, Refocus and Rebuild. We are completely redesigning the whole car from the ground up so as not to have repeats of the bad luck we had in 2016. We will be refocusing heavily on reliability with the new 2017 spec Audi engines that we hope can give us more consistent performance.

    Finally, we will look to rebuild our reputation in the paddock after the offensive comments I made meant we fell out of favor with a lot of people. We will look at this season as a completely fresh start from all perspectives."
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  24. Eva

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    Big Black Rose Racing announcement coming at 1:00 p.m. Eastern.
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  25. KuniKinoshita


    Oh god, you're actually doing it. Awesome!


    Is it possible for me to join the series now, seems kind of full...
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  27. Eva

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    You'd be able to fill out the stat sheet and either look for a part time drive with a current team or start your own part time team for 2017. Or wait until CDR and BRR make their announcements. Either way, you need to fill out a form for your AI and read the first 3-4 sections of the OP.

    RACECAR Premium

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    You had my interest...
    ...Now you have my attention.
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  30. Eva

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    Beginning in 2017, the #7 for Black Rose Racing will have a different driver. At the end of 2016, Evangeline Porter will step down from full time competition, piloting only select races in a reemerging car from her history, #81. The team is actively pursuing different options for the #7 car next year. Only races Porter is confirmed to be entered in with the #81 is Yas Marina and Indianapolis next year at the moment. A full detailed statement from the team and Porter can be expected Monday.