VRR Repsol Touring Car World Series Season 3--Santander 125 (Maggiore) on 21 March 2020

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It has returned! After a year on hiatus, VRR's sprint touring car series returns with a revitalized look and feel. Moving on from the Subaru/Mitsubishi war, the series will now use the 2008 Nissan and Lexus Super GT cars. We can't wait to get started!

Round 1: Ipiranga 125/Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace/47 laps/18 January 2020
Round 2:
FlyAmerica 125/WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca/55 laps/25 January 2020
Round 3:
Repsol 125/Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya/44 laps/15 February 2020
Round 4:
Deutsch Post 125/Nurburgring GP Strecke/40 laps/07 March 2020
Round 5:
Santander 125/Autodrome Lago Maggiore/35 laps/21 March 2020
Round 6:
Fujitsu 125/Suzuka International Race Course/35 laps/11 April 2020
2008 Lexus SC430 (8/8 full time entries)
Power: 100%/487 BHP
Weight: 81%/1,964 lbs

2008 Nissan GT-R (3/8 full time entries)
Power: 97%/479 BHP
Weight: 82%/1,989 lbs
VRR Repsol Touring Car World Series 2020 Sporting Regulations​
1.1. All drivers competing in the series must inform the series director of those intentions, detailing the car number they wish to use, team they are driving for, and a primary sponsor that is not already taken.
1.1.1. Car number 1 is reserved for the reigning series champion. Car numbers 2-999 are open to everyone.
1.1.2. Car numbers cannot have a 0 preceding them. Numbers 0, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 are prohibited.
1.1.3. Every driver must be a part of a team in some capacity to be allowed to participate.
1.1.4. Teams are restricted to two drivers per race. Teams can have a rotation of drivers if found necessary.
1.2. Teams new to VRR must use names that are friendly with GTPlanet's Acceptable Use Policy, and must not be an existing real life team name.
1.3. Both Nissan and Lexus are limited to 8 full time entries a piece, with substitutions being permitted based on the remaining space on a per race basis.
1.4. The following is a guide to help drivers and teams to register for the championship:
-Team Name:
-Car Number:
-Car Choice:
-Primary Sponsor:
2.1. Liveries featuring sponsorship from tobacco companies, or pornographic materials will be prohibited. Violations against this rule will be handled in accordance with VRR's Complete Guidelines.
2.2. Liveries promoting a political stance or agenda will be prohibited. VRR remains a political neutral ground, and will remain open to everyone as such. Violators will be given one warning to refrain from using political advertising. Those that ignore the warning will receive a suspension.
2.3. Liveries cannot be used to promote other organizations outside of VRR unless those organizations are affiliated with it.
2.4. All cars must use the official VRR Repsol Touring Car World Series number plate, which can be found here.
2.4.1. Number plates must be located on the sides of the car, either directly behind the front tires or directly in front of the rear tires. Number plates must be located in the same position on both sides of the car.
2.4.2. Number plates must also be located on the bonnet of the car.
2.5. All cars must use only the approved car number decals, with the numbers fitting inside of the number plate itself in all three required locations, as well as on the back of the car inside a white box. Number decals can be found for the following: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0.
2.6. The VRR logo decal must be present on all cars directly in front of the side mirrors.
2.7. Each driver is required to have their national flag on both rear wing end plates. The flag must take up the entire space of the end plates.
2.8. All drivers are limited to two liveries for the season. Exceptions may be granted for tribute or memorial purposes only.
2.9. Teams cannot use primary sponsors reserved by other teams.
2.10. All cars must be equipped with Hankook tires, with the Hankook tire option selected, and the Hankook decals on both sides of the front bumper between the headlights and the base of the bumper itself.
2.11. All cars must utilize the black Gran Turismo windshield banner.
3.1. VRR is a clean racing environment. Rough, but fair competition is expected. Accidents will be reviewed after each race and post race time penalties may be assessed.
3.2. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings at all times when competing in close proximity with other cars. Lack of awareness is not a valid excuse for avoidable contact.
3.3. Drivers attempting to lap cars will need to use flashing lights as well as patience in passing.
3.4. Drivers being lapped do not have to pull off of the racing line, but must maintain a constant and predictable line until after they have been cleared by the passing car.
3.5. Drivers that have been lapped cannot fight to regain that lap unless they are engaged in a battle for direct position on track.
3.5.1. Drivers lapped due to pit strategy, but being faster than the lead lap cars, may engage in on track battle to regain time.
3.6. The racing surface is determined to be the asphalt/concrete which contains the racing line, as well as the multi-colored curbstones lining the inside and outsides of most corners. Sausage curbing, and astroturf do not count as part of the racing surface unless specifically stated as sub-rule exemptions below.
3.7. Pit entry and exit lines are to be respected at all times. Drivers that are found to cross the solid lines entering or exiting pit lane will receive a post race time penalty.
3.8. Passing under yellow flag conditions is prohibited. Drivers that pass under a neutralized race condition will be penalized.
3.9. Ragequitting races are seen as a sign of disrespect for the series organizers, the other competitors, and the spirit of racing. Leaving races in such a fashion will be met with consequences.
3.10. Drivers vying to defend a position on track are allowed one defensive move as a proactive measure. Making a defensive move as a reactive measure will earn a warning/penalty.
3.10.1. Weaving across the racing surface in an effort to break slipstream is illegal under this ruling.
4.1. Post race time penalties are penalties assessed to drivers for infractions observed during a racing event. These type of penalties are the default method of punishing a driver's actions if the event in question finishes under racing conditions.
4.1.1. Crossing the pit entry line (solid white or yellow line leading to pit lane) will result in a 10 second post race time penalty.
4.1.2. Crossing the pit exit line (solid white or yellow line merging drivers back onto the racing surface exiting pit lane) will result in a 10 second post race time penalty.
4.1.3. Repeated corner cutting resulting in an advantage being gained over nearby competitors will result in a 15 second post race time penalty for every three infractions.
4.1.4. Deliberate corner cutting, or corner cutting that gives a multiple second advantage will result in a 20 second post race time penalty.
4.1.5. Causing avoidable contact that does not give another competitor mechanical damage, but forces a driver off track will result in a 20 second post race time penalty.
4.1.6. Causing an avoidable collision that gives another competitor mechanical damage or directly causes the need for a safety car deployment will result in a 30 second time penalty.
4.1.7. A blocking maneuver that gives a challenging competitor damage, forces the competitor off track, or otherwise causes unnecessary danger will result in a 30 second post race time penalty.
4.1.8. A driver making more than 1 reactive blocking maneuver will be given a 10 second post race time penalty per additional reactive blocking maneuver after the first.
4.1.9. Jumping the start of the race or a restart after a safety car period will result in a 20 second post race time penalty.
4.1.10. Overtaking a competitor under yellow flag conditions will result in a 20 second post race time penalty. Competitors on track with mechanical damage are permitted to be overtaken when safe to do so if the driver is unable to keep reasonable speed to catch the safety car queue.
4.1.11. Making contact with another car under safety car conditions or on the formation lap will result in a 30 second post race time penalty.
4.1.12. Rejoining the racing surface unsafely in front of oncoming traffic will result in a 20 second post race time penalty.
4.1.13. Overtaking a competitor for position while not having a minimum of two tires on the racing surface will result in a 10 second post race time penalty if the position is not returned to the original competitor within three laps.
4.1.14. Ignoring blue flags and impeding competitors attempting to get past in an effort to place the driver in question a lap down will result in a 15 second post race time penalty.
4.2. In the event that an event finishes under safety car conditions, infractions will be penalized in the form of a grid penalty for the next applicable event.
4.2.1. For every three seconds of time penalties, a starting grid position will be penalized from the driver in question.
4.2.2. If a driver cannot fully serve a grid penalty in one event, the remainder will be served in the next applicable event after.
4.3. A driver that receives 90 seconds worth of post race time penalties will be subject to disqualification from the event in question.
4.4. Some infractions cannot be penalized through post race time penalties, but can still be handled through other means of punishment.
4.4.1. For the first offense of leaving a race session prematurely, a reprimand will be given to the driver in question.
4.4.2. For the second offense of leaving a race session prematurely, a one race suspension will be awarded.
4.4.3. For the third offense of leaving a race session prematurely, a two race suspension will be awarded.
4.4.4. For the fourth offense of leaving a race session prematurely, a four race suspension will be awarded. Race suspensions apply only to the series the offense occurs. Appeals can be made with sound reason as to why the voluntary forfeit occurred.
4.4.5. Causing a deliberate collision with another car for any reason and with any end result will result in an minimum one race suspension. The exact length of the suspension is left to the race steward to finalize on a per case basis.
4.4.6. Insulting a driver through prejudice or unfounded malice will result in a one race suspension once evidence is brought forward. An appeal will not be granted.
4.4.7. Entries that violate any of the requirements for liveries will be excluded from the results of the race the violation occurs, awarding no championship points to the driver, team, or manufacturer if applicable.
NOTE: All times mentioned in this section are in Eastern U.S. time.
5.1. Event lobbies will open at 6:00 p.m, starting with 40 minutes of practice for all competitors in the event.
5.2. All competitors for the event must be in the event lobby by 6:30 p.m. to be permitted to participate.
5.2.1. Emergency exemptions may be permitted if the driver is able to join by 6:45 p.m. for the start of qualifying.
5.3. At 6:40 p.m. practice will conclude, with all drivers being directed to return to pit lane for a visibility check and a short driver's briefing.
5.3.1. In the instance that the visibility check shows that drivers cannot see all attending participants, all affected competitors must back out of the lobby, save their game, clear their temporary system data in game, and then reboot the game. This is a process that can be done while the driver's briefing takes place to prevent delays.
5.4. At approximately 6:45 p.m. the 20 minute qualifying session will begin. The qualifying format will be using the in game qualifying session, meaning that drivers that miss the start of qualifying will be unable to participate in the remainder of the event.
5.4.1. In the event that the drivers affected by a visibility check are still in the process of returning to the lobby, the start of the qualifying session will be postponed until all drivers have arrived for another visibility check.
5.5. The 125 mile race will begin immediately after the end of the qualifying session, and will be a grid start with a false start check.
5.5.1. In the instance that technical issues plague the initial start, all competitors will be directed to back out of the race for a second attempt.
5.6. At no point, once qualifying has begun, are competitors permitted to make adjustments to their cars.
5.7. Each competitor will have access to soft and medium compound tires during the weekend.
5.7.1. Each competitor can qualify on whatever tire compound they prefer, but they must run 5 consecutive laps on at least 1 set of each compound during each race.
5.8. Each competitor will start the race with 60 liters of fuel on board.
5.9. Pit stops for legal tire compound changes cannot take place before the end of lap 5, or after lap 30.
6.1. A safety car period, otherwise known as a full course yellow, or a caution, is a period of race neutralization due to a severe accident or severe technical issues. Safety car periods will be controlled by the race director to ensure a safe and fair restart to an event with as minimal delay as possible.
6.2. Safety car periods can be utilized following accidents that involve more than three cars, accidents that result in two cars receiving engine damage, or mass disconnections.
6.2.1. Safety car periods utilized for accidents involving four or more cars do not require a specific amount of damage received by any of the competitors. All involved cars could theoretically not receive mechanical damage at all. The requirement for a safety car to be deployed under these circumstances is having four or more cars come to a sudden or unsafe rest on or directly near the racing surface. Additionally, cars that venture away from the racing surface but sustain mechanical damage can still count towards the safety car period so long that the damage was obtained indirectly or directly by the other cars involved.
6.2.2. Safety car periods utilized for accidents where two cars sustain engine damage can only be issued if the drivers involved type out the letters "ED" to indicate that those involved have engine damage. Drivers that do not type out "ED" will not be counted towards the two car requirement for a safety car period of this kind. Drivers that falsify reports of engine damage to have a safety car period deployed will be disqualified from the event in question and suspended for the next applicable event.
6.2.3. Mass disconnections, under VRR definition, is three or more competitors being disconnected from the race lobby within 180 seconds. Safety car periods utilized for mass disconnection events will lead to a red flag period to regather the field and allow the disconnected drivers the ability to return to the event.
6.3. In the event that a safety car period is issued, the race director will type "SCD" for Safety Car Deployment. The entire track then becomes under yellow flag conditions, meaning overtaking is not permitted unless the cars being overtaken are off of the racing surface or hindered by mechanical damage. The field will continue at a reasonable pace until the overall race leader has passed the entrance of pit lane.
6.3.1. The overall race leader will hold a speed of 62 miles per hour/100 kilometers per hour once passed pit lane entrance when safe to do so, and all drivers are expected to leave two to three car lengths between each other while a part of the safety car queue.
6.3.2. If applicable, once the entire field has entered the safety car queue, cars that are not on the same lap as the race leader will be sorted to the rear of the queue without swapping positions with other drivers moving to the rear.
6.3.4. Once the field is properly ordered with lead lap cars in front of the queue, the race director will signal that racing may resume at the end of the lap. The race leader must return the field to racing at the beginning of the final corner of the lap.
6.4. The pit lane will remain open at all times of the race, with exception to red flag periods, in which the pit lane will close. Drivers are expected to pit prior to catching the safety car queue, and drivers that pit after catching the queue will start behind the entire queue on the restart.
6.5. In the event of a mass disconnection, the normal safety car procedure will be applied until the field has been sorted correctly. Instead of returning to racing conditions, the field will be stopped by the safety car in the final sector before reaching the entrance to pit lane. The race director will record the leaderboard, as well as obtain the laps completed by the class leaders before all cars vacate the track to allow the disconnected drivers back into the race.
6.5.1. Drivers involved in a mass disconnection event will be scored based on their last completed lap, and will restart the race at the rear of the field, regardless of overall position.
6.5.2. Drivers that disconnect separately without a mass disconnection event will be classified as failed to finish due to technical failures, and will not score points.
7.1. Points will be awarded to the top 8 finishers of each event in a 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 structure.
7.2. A bonus point will be awarded to the competitor that scores pole position for each event as well as the fastest lap of each event.
7.3. To score points, drivers must complete 90% of the completed race distance by the race winner.
7.4. Championships will be available drivers, teams, and manufacturers.
7.4.1. Teams will only have their top finishing entry score points for each event, in addition to any bonus points earned by either of that team's drivers.
7.4.2. The Manufacturer's Championship will have each event scored based on which manufacturer won the event. For this season, neither manufacturer can finish worse than 2nd each race as long as they have at least one entry finish.
7.5. Success ballast will be utilized to enforce a competitive championship in the instance that the strength of the racing field is not optimal.
7.5.1. For every 5 points a competitor earns towards the Driver's Championship, 1% success ballast will be applied. (1% accounts for approximately 10.1 kilograms of weight.)
7.5.2. Success ballast is locked to both entry and driver for the season under the following instances. In the instance that a car requires a substitute competitor for an event due to the original competitor being forced to miss the event, the substitute would be required to run the amount of ballast required based on points earned for that entry. In the instance that a competitor moves from one class to the other during the season, the success ballast they have accrued as a competitor scoring points towards the overall championship will remain with them in their new class.
7.5.3. Competitors that join the series after round 3 of the championship season will be required to run success ballast equal to the amount of the lowest scored competitor in that class for their first race. Subsequent races, they will run success ballast according to their own points scored. Competitors that fill in as reserve drivers for any race after the third race of the season will be required to run the success ballast of the last full time driver, regardless of how many prior starts they have made.
7.5.4. Success ballast remains active for all competitors until the final race, where all success ballast is removed from all competitors.
8.1. The room mode for VRR Repsol Touring Car World Series events will be set to "Practice/Qualifying/Race".
8.2. Lobbies will be clearly coded for understanding. Each lobby will include the round number and which lobby it is. For example, lobby one for the first round would have the room title "VRR Repsol Touring Car World Series Season 3 Race 1 - Ipiranga 125".
8.3. Laps will be specifically set to include the scheduled race distance publicly displayed in the official schedule
8.4. The starting procedure for each event will be a standing start with false start check.
8.5. Grid order will be initially set to "Fastest First", unless that lobby has to abandon an attempted start. From that point on, the lobby order will be determined via "Set by Host".
8.6. Boost will not be utilized in any formal VRR championships.
8.7. Slipstream Strength will always be set to weak for this Championship.
8.8. Visible Damage will be turned on.
8.9. Mechanical Damage will always be set to "Heavy" for VRR championships.
8.10. Tire wear will be set to normal wear, or x1.
8.11. Fuel Consumption will be set to normal, or x1.
8.12. Initial Fuel will be set to 60 liters.
8.13. Grip on Wet Track/Track Edge will always be set to "Real" for VRR championships.
8.14. Race Finish Delay will be set to try matching the amount of time needed to complete a lap.
8.15. Category of cars allowed in the lobby will be preset to no limit.
8.16. In game automatic Balance of Performance will be turned off due to VRR having its own set Balance of Performance.
8.17. Maximum Tire Rating will be be the soft racing compound.
8.18. Minimum Tire Rating will be set to the medium compound.
8.19. Ghosting During Race will be set to "None".
8.20. Shortcut Penalty will be set to "None".
8.21. Wall Collision Penalty will be set to "None".
8.22. Side Contact Penalty will be set to "None".
8.23. Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision will be turned off.
8.24. Replace Car at Course Out will be turned off.
8.25. Flag Rules will be turned off.
8.26. Countersteer Assist will not be allowed.
8.27. Active Stability Management will not be allowed.
8.28. Driving Line will not be allowed.
8.29. Traction Control will not be limited.
8.30. ABS will not be limited.
8.31. Auto Drive will not be allowed.

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Rulebook Version 3.01 (05 January 2020)
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Reserved for points standings.
PSN ID: MisakiMagikku
- Team Name: Above and Beyond Racing
- Car Number: 91
- Car Choice: Lexus SC430
- Primary Sponsor: PlayStation

PSN ID: Diesel9817
- Team Name: Above and Beyond Racing
- Car Number: 17
- Car Choice: Lexus SC430
- Primary Sponsor: PlayStation

PSN ID: Chocolata4Life
- Team Name: ABR Vita Academy
- Car Number: 22
- Car Choice: Lexus SC430
- Primary Sponsor: PS Vita

PSN ID: Rob-MUFC-1987
- Team Name: ABR Vita Academy
- Car Number: 87
- Car Choice: Lexus SC430
- Primary Sponsor: PS Vita



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United States
Heaven's Fence
Justin Jectlol
-PSN ID: WeatherSystems
-Team Name: RGO Speed Factory
-Car Number: #3
-Car Choice: Nissan
-Primary Sponsor: Tomica
-Full-Time/Part-Time: Full-Time
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United States
Texas, USA
-Team Name: New Union Race Club
-Car Number: 23
-Car Choice: Lexus SC430
-Primary Sponsor: Next Level Racing
-Full Time
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New Zealand
Wellington, NZ
-PSN ID: The-Flash05
-Team Name: Bitter Rivals Racing
-Car Number: #51
-Car Choice: Lexus
-Primary Sponsor: Schaeffler
-Full-Time/Part-Time: Full-Time (For now)
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
-PSN ID: kross_24
-Team Name: Team Azure
-Car Number: #24
-Car Choice: Nissan GT-R
-Primary Sponsor: Airbus
-Full-Time/Part-Time: Full-Time


Iron Cobra
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I should be able to do the races, as long as I only work 8 hours these days.

PSN ID: NURC_IronCobra
- Team Name: New Union Race Club
- Car Number: 45
- Car Choice: Lexus SC430
- Primary Sponsor: S&B Engineers and Constructors
Full-Time/Part-Time: Full-Time
-PSN ID: MRN3Drifter
-Team Name: Ax4x Starlight
-Car Number: 52
-Car Choice: Nissan GTR
-Primary Sponsor: Revue Starlight
-Full Time/Part Time - Full Time


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Entry List for the season has been updated. Lexus is now full.


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Season 3 roster has been updated to include the following changes:
-Black Rose Racing moving to Nissan.
-Allied Forces moving to Lexus, adding the #36 entry as a part time entry.
United States
Daytona Beach
-PSN ID: LilChickenNugget
-Team Name: Golden Nugget Racing
-Car Number: 97
-Car Choice: Nissan
-Primary Sponsor: Nissin


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Roster has been updated to include recent entries.
It's cold here
PSN ID: The_EH_Team_43
Team Name: Crown Autosport
Car Number: 35
Car Choice: Nissan
Primary Sponsor: Jupiter Logistics


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The new season is upon us! Season 3 of the Repsol Touring Car World Series starts this weekend at Interlagos. For those new to the series, or VRR in general, the beginning of each race week, I'll post the race information as well as the entry list for the series. As competitors, you all just have to confirm if you will be in attendance for each event, with confirmed drivers being in bold. This post, after this week, will be the same kind of post that will contain race reports and points standings. Now that's out of the way, here's how Interlagos will be.

Track Conditions
Practice: 08:30 Clear
Qualifying/Race: 09:15 Clear

Season 3 Entry List
1: #81: BlackRose_Atomic @Eva (Lobby Host)
2: #3: WeatherSystems @FireEmblem10
3: #17: Diesel9817 @Diesel98
4: #22: Chocolata4Life
5: #23: NURC_Damon @damonc84
6: #24: kross_24 @Kross24
7: #35: The_Eh_Team_43 @Eh Team
8: #36: DJProfessorK87
9: #45: NURC_IronCobra @TetsuKobura
10: #51: The-Flash05 @TheFlash05
11: #52: MRN3Drifter @MRN3Drifter
12: #87: Rob_MUFC_1987
13: #91: MisakiMagikku @MisakiMagikku
14: #97: LilChickenNugget @bigbeefytaco
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United States
Long beach California
-PSN ID: Mikhail24RD
-Team Name: PH Autosport
-Car Number: 63
-Car Choice: Nissan GT-R
-Primary Sponsor: TBA

(Part time)


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Car #97: Unsafe Track Reentry (Lap 1/47): 20 second post race time penalty.
Car #52: Pit Entry Violation (Lap 24/47): 10 second post race time penalty.
Pos.) Driver/Points (Ballast)
The-Flash05/11 pts. (2%)
2nd) NURC_Damon/8 pts. (1%)
3rd) kross_24/7 pts. (1%)
4th) Diesel9817/5 pts. (1%)
5th) WeatherSystems/4 pts.
6th) LilChickenNugget/3 pts.
7th) Chocolata4Life/2 pts.
8th) MRN3Drifter/1 pt.
9th) NURC_IronCobra/0 pts.
10th) The_Eh_Team_43/0 pts.
11th) MisakiMagikku/0 pts.
12th) BlackRose_Atomic/0 pts.

For the first time ever, VRR is visiting Laguna Seca this weekend. Last round was pretty nuts, so let's throw in some crazy sausage curbing and sand. Sound great? Good! Track Condition for the entire event is 12:00 Fine Weather

Season 3 Entry List
1: #81: BlackRose_Atomic @Eva (Lobby Host)
2: #3: WeatherSystems @FireEmblem10
3: #17: Diesel9817 @Diesel98
4: #22: Chocolata4Life
5: #23: NURC_Damon @damonc84
6: #24: kross_24 @Kross24
7: #35: The_Eh_Team_43 @Eh Team
8: #36: DJProfessorK87
9: #45: NURC_IronCobra @TetsuKobura
10: #51: The-Flash05 @TheFlash05
11: #52: MRN3Drifter @MRN3Drifter
12: #87: Rob_MUFC_1987
13: #97: LilChickenNugget @bigbeefytaco
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