Was there a time when Gran Turismo 5 Prologue had a proper clutch?

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    Roaming around GTPlanet reveals that the launch version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue(Spec 2 version 2.0.0) had a fully working clutch, which was broken in the so-called August Update (Spec 2 version 2.2.0) due to complaints from gamepad players. I really wonder if there was any point in the game's lifetime when the clutch actually worked. Can anyone that has GT5 Prologue revert their game versions back to 2.0.0(launch version) and test the clutch there?

    I ask other members here since I do not have or played any GT title yet and has problems deciding what to play on my PS3: GT5 Prologue vs GT6. That problem can't get out of my head.

    I don't have a network connector so I won't update my console, don't worry about that :) Will be getting a wheel as soon as I get the game!

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    You can delete your Spec III game data, and it'll revert back to 2.0 on disk versions. I used to be on Spec III before I formated my PS3. But, I think you'd need a G25 or something similar back then to use that feature. I have a G27 so can't test it out myself.
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    The clutch definitely worked on GT5P, and it gave an unfair advantage on straight line speed. Rather than lose momentum during a shift (as you would in real life, and definitely did with paddle shifters) you just kept accelerating and didn't lose any speed at all.

    There was a driver who even developed a mod/hack to set up a logitech wheel's paddle shifters to emulate the clutch glitch so that he didn't lose any momentum at all when shifting. I remember racing him one time at Suzuka and he was nearly able to pull away from me on the straights, with me right on his tail, in the same spec car, in spite of the notoriously strong slipstream. That's how strong/effective the clutch glitch was in that game at one time.

    But not many people were able to take advantage of the clutch because it was very easy to miss a shift, due to the way the clutch was set up in the game. So it was always a very risky proposition to try and use the clutch in a race. A missed shift or two could be disastrous.

    I used it a few times in time trials to try and get 1st position from other drivers who had used it as well. I wasn't very good at using the clutch honestly, but did manage to get 1st place in the Honda NSX at Suzuka at one point by using the clutch on my G25. I don't know if that record stood up until they quit storing laptimes on their servers or not. I hope it did though :)

    The G25 was the only wheel that had the clutch option until Fanatec wheels became compatible with GT5P. There were a handful of drivers I remember using it in races, but I never had an issue with it because honestly it took a lot of skill to drive using the clutch in that game because your shifts had to perfect. Any slight misstep and you would miss a shift and lose at least half a second or more. The way Polyphony modeled the clutch in that game was really bad. I haven't tried it in GT Sport but would like to at some point.
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    Do you lose speed when you let off the gas(instead of keeping the gas, which is called flat shifting) when you shift like what you should be doing when you use the clutch? Because I don't want to learn bad practices.
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    But then again, maybe I should forget about it. Out of the GT5P versions out there, the one I crave for is the JDM Spec 3 disc(since my console is region-coded to NTSC-J: Lucky me!), which comes with all updates from Spec 2 including the broken clutch...
    [EDIT] Turned out the GT5 Prologue did not have the custom music feature from GT5. This, along with an incomplete car list(no S2000 for example) and a lack of rain effects resulted in me steering away from this game. Turned out that GT6 was the winner at the end.
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