Watch Live: 2020 FIA Certified Gran Turismo Online Championship Manufacturer Series Final [spoiler]


I will lead us to victory!
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Just finished watching the finals.

Congrats to Team Subaru but really to everyone who was racing tonight, very good show and great driving performances from everyone but it seemed Subaru showed their team strength tonight in Race 2 and 3, well deserved second to BMW and Mercedes though, I hope 2021 will be as exciting!
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Even though it was all online-based, the presentation for these events never ceases to impress me. Well done to everyone involved, both in the conducting of the presentation and of course the drivers competing for all the glory. Always some great entertainment to watch. 👍
So true. The broadcast is always top class. It's amazing to me how they are able to put it together.

No kidding. Going into that last race, I was expecting Mercedes to walk away with the title. Pretty sick team Subaru put together.
Yeah Subaru's team was strong for so. Solis did well but when I saw Miyazono with Hizal there I said to myself wow that's a real solid team. Miyazono has been on top of his game right through the tournaments getting better and better. Only thing I was wondering was since Hizal had taken a break whether he would still have been up to the task and he proved to be sure was. That is real class. Hope we'll see him in more events if he can find the time during his studies.
As for Fraga I always love seeing him in the mix, and with Hizal well that's always going to be a double-treat...those two masters. And now Miyazono has been added to my list of favs....such a great racer and humble fella too.


Amazing to see Subaru pull off the win, despite not having the fastest car. Though they had 2 of the best drivers in the field and a couple of good strokes of luck it seems. Toyota had to switch drivers at the last minute for the Sardegna race, the cars behind battled too much at RBR, and Interlagos is a fuel saving race which always help because the WRX can be short shifted without losing too much speed. Still, doesn't take away their accomplishment. Miyazono's last corner pass was amazing, as does the Hizal-Fraga battle. Can we have that cinematic replay in the game please PD? :D

If you have an hour to spare, here's the king himself explaining lap by lap of the race. Lots of interesting tidbits that you can learn here ;)
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