Watch Live: Gran Turismo FIA Online Championships 2020 Asia-Oceania Regional Final [Spoilers]

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We have to assume that the stewards can see what the drivers can see, and that somehow Latkovski's totally normal steering was wrong and the totally abnormal position of his car and its lag jump was actually where the car was...

... but it looks exactly the other way around to me.
Yeah, I dont know if it was lag or anything like that, the small movement could have meant he was actually at the limit anyway. Just surprised that they are actually enforcing pit entry and exit there when some of the dailies could really benefit from that in normal play. I like the idea of enforcing those limits.
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Matt McEwen uploaded his replay today:

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New Zealand
Matty (McEwen) is a hard and clean racer, he'll find any advantage he can and push it to the limit without breaking any rules or pounding anyone off the track. He drops into our lobbies sometimes and he's always a good laugh and very knowledgeable. I hope PD sees his video and can make amends somehow, but I doubt it. He is right, it is unfair to give penalties out when the drivers are clearly not breaking the rules, it's only the network connection that creates a problem. Previously mentioned ideas like changing the entry so it's not full throttle or just getting rid of the rule would have helped, although I guess lag can throw a curveball in at anytime. A few times people have been pounded off the track, not because that person who hit them actually hit them, but because lag did things like the above. Virtual Racing downsides. A LAN'ed race would help helped but clearly not viable in the current climate


Matt McEwen uploaded his replay today:

The second penalty I agree is unjust. The first one though I think is justified. If this is real life and he made contact with the wall like that, best case scenario he would lose the front right canards and lose a lot of aero performance for the remainder of the race. Worst case scenario he would damage the front right suspension necessitating length repairs in the pits. So a 2 second penalty is getting off lightly compared to that. I'm friends with McEwen so this is in no way a criticism against him, it's a tight race and I know everyone is pushing the limits. Just my objective opinion on the video.

My main beef is still with PD for being inconsistent with the rules. If the pit entry line rule has been enforced all this time and we have a proper realistic damage model, these things will be second nature and we won't question it. But they decided to bring a new rule for a high stakes online final with no previous testing, and of course the end result is farcical.

Has anyone tweeted Kaz directly about this? Though given past history, he would probably stay mute and sweep it all under the rug as usual.
For the most part that was a good event to watch to be honest.

Regarding the Fuji race I have probably said too much already, as the results weren't changed anyway. But it's unfortunate as all of the guys/girl from Oceania drove very well and showed that they are able to match it with the top drivers from Asia.

McEwen in particular was momentarily in a position where he may have progressed to the World Final, when he started accruing penalties. I can't blame him for being angry about it but unfortunately it can't be changed now.

That takes absolutely nothing away from the 4 drivers who qualified (who regardless of anything else that happened, would very likely have qualified anyway) - Yamanaka, Miyazono and Kokubun could all have been DOTD. Cody did what Cody does - even when it doesn't go to plan he was still good enough to get the job done and qualify for the world final.

Will probably be waking up at some absurd hour of the morning to tune in for the World Finals when they are broadcasted in a few weeks.
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