Watch Live: Gran Turismo World Finals - Nations Cup Final

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Overall an awesome event, a bit controversial finish, a new champion, both at 30 points.. What a race! Congrats to Coque!

Once again here are viewing statistic for today's event:

  • 17.5K peak
  • 5.8K main feed peak
  • 12.5K to 13K qualifying peak *
  • 14K race start

  • Over 850 people were there 15 minutes before the event started
  • Five minutes before the start the figure was at 2.6K
  • When the show began there were 4.2K people with 4 feeds over 500 viewers
  • Over 8K watched the revealing of Ferrari Vision GT
  • All feeds over 900, with 3 over 2K
  • Surprisingly Japanese peaked at just below 1.9K
  • Spanish feed proved popular with a peak of nearly 3K
  • French feed was just 26 viewers from reaching 1K

* Missed the Japanese feed, made an approximation
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Trial Mountain Reverse didn’t seem like the best pick for the final race, the cars seem too fast for it and there’s no room for mistakes when contact happens.

I wonder if a race at Spa or similar would have worked out better here, but despite that the race finally got interesting in the closing laps as strategies converged.
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I think that was a fair result in the end. Inostroza hit Miyazono whether accidental or not it never works out well being the meat in the sandwich. Lopez then went for the gap into the tunnel. All had to go for it and went for the gaps they saw. Sometimes it doesn't work. Congrats to Lopez. Nice seeing a new champion.
A lot of incidents in last laps which is unfortunate for such high level of racing.

Lopez Miyazono. The snap below is when Miyazono tries to turn left. Lopez is not even on Miyazono's back wheel but tries the move. I would give the pass he OK though, Miyazono should have closed this gap.

3 cars incident. While the camera is the worst they could have shown us, from the below snap it seems like a racing incident. All of them got sandwiched, almost like Singapore Ferraris-Max incident in F1. However, Inostroza does not leave a lot of space to the other 2, but again he does not know where Lopez is from his cockpit view. I would leave it as a racing incident.

And then the final collision. I cannot understand how Lopez got away with it though... He clearly divebombs Inostroza because he is losing the race. In the snap below it is clear he is behind him but still tries to go for a gap that does not exist.
He even made the mistake in the press conference to say "Sorry to Angel, but I had to try last lap, last corner". Why say sorry if you did not do anything wrong? He knows exactly what he did...

The race itself was magnificent though. 3 different strategies battling for the win in the last lap. Nail biting!
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Cudos to PD. Fun "bonus". I had Sube for Manufacturers and Miyazono for the Nations Cup. Fun to have skin in the game, as it were, even if it didn't totally work out this time.
There was little to no options they could take that wouldn't be controversial but it still stinks.
Maybe they saw Inastroza wiping out Myiazono and didn't punish Coque to balance it out?
I have strange reasons for having favourite players from each region. One example is that I like Beauvois because of his incredible race in the Virtual Olympics. I think Miyazona's face has shown many times just how much fun he has while racing in these high stakes events, so he is my favourite Oceania driver. So it was brutal to see his heart break in real time like that. I still can't see exactly what happened but I do know Miyazona was blameless.
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Eh, I wouldn't say that. They actually showed an onboard, finally, during the "coming up" screen after the awards, and I think it shows a lot.

Looks like Miyazono goes for a move, runs a little wide, and takes Lopez into the wall. Inostroza tries to go inside of both of them but has a slide on his worn rear tires, overcorrects, and takes Miyazono out. He then gets damage on his car, which has him slow in the final corner, where Lopez shoves him wide and goes through. Honestly, I think all three drivers share some responsibility for that last lap, which is probably why the stewards didn't give out any penalties.