Watch the First 15 Minutes of Forza 7's Revamped Career Mode

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 7' started by GTPNewsWire, Sep 19, 2017.

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    Will Turn10 introduce rules and penalties that work for the online section of the game or will we be subject to tirewalls in places they shouldn't be once again? I enjoy playing the game but I still find it annoying that my sight lines for the course have to deal with tirewalls obstructing the view. I doubt they'll have anything worth it, but won't stop my purchase but still a let down since they dropped the time penalty they used to figure out positions by the end of the race. Come on Turn10, we need it for online, it's a lawless zone.
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    It seems odd to complain about being made to race in a racing game, but is that 3 forced races? The 1 forced race is annoying enough. It's great for newcomers but I don't enjoy them anymore.
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    As someone who hasn't played a Forza Game since FM2 I have a general question. How do the physics compare to GT6, PC, AC? I'm afraid GT Sport will be the first GT that I will not be interested in. No ordinary road cars, no buy for me.
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    And just like that, they've gone an ruined the mystery of M. Rossi.

    No problem with M. Rossi being a woman. That would have made Rossi even more mysterious, but they had to let "us" assume her role. Is there nothing Turn 10 finds sacred?

    Anyways... I'm downloading the demo, and I hope it breathes some life into my steering wheel. FM5 & FM6 were a bit numb. If they actually fixed the FFB and physics in this demo, I'll put the game on my "to get" list. If not, then it's going to take a friend telling me Turn 10 fixed the FFB, physics, online play and, that the career doesn't stink.

    [Edited to add Demo impressions]

    NOTE: I need to wait before I shoot my mouth off. The following was an initial impression. After a deeper dive, I changed my mind on a lot of this. All of my updates are in bold text. Each Bold text is about the italicised paragraph directly above it.

    After a brief time with the Demo, Turn 10 has made many improvements to the FFB. A lot of attention has been paid to transmitting what your tires are doing. You can feel when you are at the limit of grip, and you can feel when you hit a kerb, or put a wheel off. The wheel responds convincingly when another driver decides to update your paint job, but most importantly, the wheel doesn't go completely limp when you are sliding or push beyond the lateral grip of the tires. Thank goodness! Those are the good points...

    Please ignore much of the previous paragraph. After getting more seat time with the demo, Turn 10 merely turned the strength of what you'd normally feel in FM5 & FM6 to 11. All I felt was a strong center spring. Once I turned past the grip limit, I just got a dampened wheel, but it was still numb and told me nothing. I went into the demo expecting something to be fixed, that why I thought things were better.

    However; while the wheel feels better, the road surfaces still gave me little to go on. Sure an abrupt bump will come through the wheel, but I felt none of the little bumps and undulations when I was on Mugello. I didn't feel the tires losing traction on many of the puddles on Nurburgring, and I didn't feel where to stop turning while trying to catch a slide in the 911GT2.
    This made Sim steering tricky, but way more bearable than any of the preceding Forza Motorsport games. But still an attempt to correct oversteer will result in a slapper, and that will most likely have you pointed in the wrong direction, off into the weeds or worse. In this area, it's the same Forza. Perhaps there's more that needs to be addressed in the physics?

    Sim steering is still broken. As I noted, there is no road feel. Just gobs and gobs of spring. It's not real FFB.

    Aside from feel, Turn 10 addressed the brakes. While it's not perfect, it's a hundred times better than any Forza. To put this simply, you no longer lock up within the first half inch of pedal travel. It almost felt natural when I pressed the brakes. When I reminded myself that I am playing a Forza title and tepidly applied the brakes. I plowed straight into the cars ahead of me. After that, I treated the demo like any other non-Forza sim, and had little problems with braking.

    The brakes are better. I still locked up earlier than other sims, but it's better than any Forza.

    I didn't try manual with clutch, because none of the vehicles in the demo have a H pattern, and I didn't have time to really get into the demo.

    It's pretty. It looks a lot better than I was expecting. I kind of wonder why I would want an Xbox One X behind how great FM7 looks on my XB1. And yes, I don't have a Xbox One S, I have the VCR. So no HDR, or slight bump in performance, but the game is still great looking.
    Don't get me wrong, there's jaggies everywhere, and there are very few blades of grass trackside, but really... Does any of that matter? The game played at a solid framerate, the lighting although scripted was impressive, and there wasn't a hiccup anywhere. All the pre-race stuff was at 30FPS though, and sported better Anti Aliasing, but once the action started it was all 60FPS. I don't need much more than that, but that's just me.

    The steering wheel animation, while better and less hyperactive doesn't turn past 90º in either direction. BUT the dash view quickly became my favorite view, making the better hands a moot improvement.
    Thanks to the dash view I felt more connected to the cars and less feeling like a child sitting on my parents lap as they drove a car. Brighter interior lights helped me pay more attention to the track, while still being able to see the rev lights and shift when needed. This new view is much better than the older Cockpit view, and will be my default view in the main game.

    Overall, I like the changes enough to consider buying the game on release, but not enough to pre-order it, or get one of the higher editions. I'll make a decision once I see DLC prices, and the Season Pass price. But I will get the game. Now to order an expansion HDD for the XB1.

    I'm going to wait and see if the FFB gets fixed. I wanted to believe Turn 10 fixed this, but now I am no longer taking their word for it. I will have to get confirmation from the staunchest of critics to get this game. Such a shame. It certainly is pretty.

    I used Itallics because I don't know how to do a strike out.
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    Intro was very Gran-Turismo'ish for the first few seconds before the voice came on. Genuine GT4 flashbacks up to that point.

    Beyond the Super GT vs. GTE debacle, I'm curious what sanctioning-body is cool with deliberate smashing of vehicles?, let alone racing in red-flag conditions...

    Do that with the FIA and they'd have a heart-attack, and your license. :lol:
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    Hello everyone, this is my very first time posting into a Forza :gtpflag: forum. But wow oh wow they really updated the engine sound of the GTR GT500 it sounds awesome :drool:.

    Old build:


    Real life


    Now if only they could add those gunfire backfires :sly:
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    What did I just watch? :confused: Is that retail release or demo? Looked like demo to me. So I create my driver/avatar, but then I don't drive as myself. :odd:
    As a potential newcomer (now that Forza will be on PC platform), I don't think this is great. I haven't played any Forza, and I find this annoying already.
    I thought the same. And it continued on and on.... If T10 is aiming to usurp PD as (sales) leader in the market, are they trying to surpass PD in the area of self-boasting as well?
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    That's a very tedious looking introduction. Is it even really needed? Seems like pointless "fluff" to me.
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    Seems the exaggerated wiper shaking is gone too.
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    After playing the demo more, I have changed my mind about much of what I originally wrote. I am not liking the FFB. Things are still numb and uncommunicative. Just way stronger center spring and the same forces one would feel in Forza 5 and Forza 6. This is not what I would call "fixed".
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    I wouldn't compare it to Pcars or AC. Those games are in a league of their own (I'm sorry... simulators). Compared to Gran Turismo, I'd say it's just another Forza. Kind of in-between FM4 and FM6. There is a bit more weight to the car, but not quite what GT6 accomplished when speaking of Simcades. IT's predictable and fun. That's all. A well-made game, with well-made physics for everyone to enjoy without a hassle.

    That's speaking of controller, which I barely tried and not even with a configuration I like. As for the wheel... Yeah... Neither GT or FM get it right. With defaults, you feel as if your wheel will explode, or your wrists shatter. It's awful, but fixable to make it more tolerable. Although you have to throw "realism" out of the window to make it a nice, fun, yet relaxing experience. There is no refinement at all as you will find in AC and Pcars, which are a delight to play with a wheel.
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    Last time I took the GT-R for a spin, the drum solo was definitely there... But backfire's like cowbell, we could always use more. :lol:
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