What are you listening to? (V)Music 

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One of the most anticipated albums for me in 2024 (I pick up the record tomorrow)

Beth Gibbons - Lives Outgrown

As some may know Beth is the female singer from Portishead. A huge soundtrack to my 90s life.
Just listening to this live performance of Child in Time by Deep Purple gives me the chills. Looking at the video triggers so much more: The hair, their youth, but most of all the wtf from the audience.

I always took myself as a disco only dude, but this clip has stuck on me (I have played it quite a few times by now) Besides earlier remarks, the drummer reminds me of Animal from the Muppets, only one guy in the audience seems to like it (two by the end?) and the camera work is great (BBC?).

I'm curious about Black Betty by Ram Jam. Is it racist, misogynistic or maybe both/neither? Or am I being the racist, seeing the lead singer as a deep-south banjo battle playing redneck?

Trying modern Russian hip hop music, its my best find for now:

Crazy mix of north folk, great beat and charming flow.
Some good ol' chilled out, Contemporary Smooth Jazz. No lyrics, low BPM.

My Dad showed me this kind of music in my mid 20's as I was trucking as a passenger to Edmonton and the region around. At first I felt a bit sleepy when listening to this kind of music but now it's a daily listen. 👍
Brecker Brothers - Some Skunk Funk

Takes me back to my senior high and college years(late 80s-early 90s). First time I heard them was on CD 101.9(NYC Jazz station). Can't recall the piece, but their name stuck with me.

@Populuxe of course, it's my birth year. ;)
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It's World Goth Day. I'd suggest tuning in to KEXP.org as they're playing nothing but goth music all day long.
Dennis Brown - My Time b/w Niney The Observer - Version

Big Youth - 6 Dead 19 Gone A Jail


And I just have to post this comment I found:

Can't believe I've been listening to this band for at least 17 years now. I think I first discovered them on myspace way back in the day, lol.

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Zion Train - 5 Ring Dub

Mad Professor - Bengali Skank

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I’ve put it into a spoiler because while it’s a live modular hard techno set, the club is playing some gore/sex video clips which people may fine too much. Mods let me know if it’s too much and I’ll take it down. Otherwise the music hits hard and fast.

Pam Tillis - Killer Comfort.

Definitely not the Pam Tillis I am familiar with, but it doesn't even have to be because it's great! I already listened to it twice and I am seriously considering playing yet again.