What button layout do you guys use?

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Hi :)

Thought this would be an interesting one, I'm old school and still use x and square to accelerate as break , weirdly enough only on GT games as it's the only game where I use manual gears and it's quite handy to use L2 & R2 to change gears.

What do you guys prefer x and square or L2 and R2?
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I’ve experimented with all of the 3 main layouts and prefer the triggers for acceleration/braking. I have a brand new crystal DS4 so I’m not terribly worried about a less sensitive or faulty R2.

I liked the face buttons too, but IIRC, the DS4 does not have analogue face buttons so it might be more difficult to feather throttle/braking with X and square (assuming you could do it before and it wasn’t just a giant hallucination from my childhood).

Right stick for acceleration/braking felt too awkward, but at least I gave it an hour or so before moving on.


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Still use my right foot for gas, left foot for brake. Got this big round thing in my face to turn.

Seriously though, how does the DS4 feel with it? I usually default to it for drifting.
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Still use my right foot for gas, left foot for brake. Got this big round thing in my face to turn.

Seriously though, how does the DS4 feel with it? I usually default to it for drifting.

It’s been fine for me, but there’s a thread here with a ton of people that take issue with it.

I also don’t drift (did it once in an arcade race and somehow didn’t embarrass myself), so YMMV.
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X to accelerate and square to brake, the way I’ve always used as anything else just feels alien to me, finding the game quite a joy to drive with the DS4 although I realise I’m in a minority
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D-pad w/ X and square. I tap the buttons for steering so I use sensitivity 6. I really liked the layout I had in GT6. I need to configure my L1 and R1 for left and right view cause I use that a lot. Maybe I should try swapping that function on right stick for the left. I hope the final version lets us manipulate what we see on the screen. Enjoying the game a lot. Nice to finally see a GT on PS4.

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I use X and □ for acceleration and braking like I always have. I use L2/R2 for shifting.


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For easy access to all essential functions, this is my button layout.
L2 Brake, R2 Gas
L1 shift down, R1 shift up.
Square change view, Triangle reverse.
X show/hide ghost, Circle e-brake
L3 button toggle lights, R3 Button rearview

I like keeping my right thumb free so that I can use the analog sticks to look into my turns when I play from the interior view.

At first I wasn't sure I liked the fact that there is a dead zone on the right analog stick when looking left or right where the camera goes into a locked fix view, but after using it for a bit it completely makes sense and works a lot better that GT6 where the camera was completely free. It gives you a much better idea of how your car is reacting in the turn and gradually builds up much better muscle memory if you want to look into the turn. Even if they decide to patch the game to give you the option to make it turn gradually, I wouldn't go back.
Twin sticks for me. I do that wih every racegame since I got the first dual shock controller on the psx. Left stick for steering and right stick for accelaration and braking.
Default setup with analogue controls.

Made changes for easier MFD access during racing so

Left Touch Pad - MFD Down

Right Touch Pad - MFD Up

Left Stick L3 - MFD-

Right Stick R3 - MFD+

Center Touch - Hazard Lights

Up Button - Toggle Low/High Beam

Down Button - Flash the lights